How to beat/farm Tea Gardner (DSOD) Lvl 50

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Tea Gardner (DSOD) Lvl 50 Decklist

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Can use Gravekeepers Deck to farm her, expensive enough though, would recommend 3 Necrovalleys for this
D/D/D deck
<< Anonymous(Kennedy)
Kennedy Reply
I tried farming this one, but she gets out Madame Verre and Dark Magician Girl, I was forced to just go for twin Slash Dragon and just wipe her out. Had to sacrifice Vassal to protect my LP, and only managed to win because I used an Extra Life.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I won with this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I just used a standard DMG deck, sans her Legendary Dragon counterpart. No need to farm the level 50 version, if you got the level 40 version of her at the gate.

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Gia on duel links meta live stream sucks.
Oohhh, a Chaos style deck? Interesting idea.
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