Archfiend's Call

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Selection Box Vol.03
update 12/10/2019

Archfiend's Call

Archfiend's Call
TypeFiend, Synchro, Effect


1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monsters
This card's name becomes "Summoned Skull" on the field, but is still treated as an "Archfiend" card. Your opponent cannot target any "Summoned Skull" you control with card effects. If this Synchro Summoned card you control is sent to your GY by an opponent's card: You can Special Summon 1 "Summoned Skull" from your hand, Deck, or GY.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRaid Duel - The Flame of Vengeance: Ccapac Apu! [SR]




  • Self protection.
  • Protects all Summoned Skull you control.
  • Floats into Summoned Skull.


  • Can be costly to summon.
  • Low defense stat.
  • Effect only protects monsters specifically named Summoned Skull.


Summoned Skull

Both of Archfiend’s Call’s effects only with monsters specifically named Summoned Skull, monsters of the same archetype like Toon Summoned Skull do not count. Luckily he changes his name to Summoned Skull while on the field, so at the very least he has self-protection.

Changing his name to Summoned Skull will give him access to specific support such as Makiu, the Magical Mist.


A well supported Fiend archetype. In particular Archfiend decks have a lot of revival options for you to revive your Archfiend’s Call. You can use Archfiend Palabyrinth while Archfiend’s Call is treated as Summoned Skull to summon a Summoned Skull from your deck.


Hot New Top
Shi En can climb over it supper fast with TTTB, desperado can destroy it easily as well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This card is just fine, not broken
A mod, probably a six sam noob, deleted my comment
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Awww look at the salty spammer. Upset that his useless whinney spam got deleted again :D
Doesn't look back at all, immune to destruction is always powerfl
Just beat a six sam player with it, using Tracker for 3100 atk
I just pulled a prismatic one !!!
<< Anonymous(HellSpawnX)
Eatmychism Reply
I have been getting blasted by Desperado Dragon. Shouldn't the card prevent that from happening?
<< Anonymous(Eatmychism)
Anonymous Reply
Desperado doesn't target
Synchros ruined Yugioh. The 1 tuner 1 non tuner means that players can just splash multiple over powered synchros in their extra deck that has nothing to do with the archetype they are running. If all synchro monsters had to be specific to a card type and/or attribute I could understand.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's why all Synchro decks are top tier! Right?
<< Anonymous(BWC)
Anonymous Reply
Synchro is actually one of the worst summoning mechanic due to the restriction lmao (needs both a tuner and non-tuner whose total level match the synchro monster's level).

Compare it with Xyz that can use any monster with the same level, or Link that can use any monster period.

Pendulum's power level would have been as low as Synchro had they not release cards that search other Pendulum....
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Synchro deck can easily brick, unlike other summoning mechanic. With Synchro decks, if you happen to draw only Tuners or only non-Tuners, you're basically already dead.

That's why even in OCG/TCG no one play pure Synchro anymore, thanks to Xyz and Link existing. Xyz and Link means if the deck bricks at least it still can summon something else from the extra deck.
<< Anonymous(BWC)
Anonymous Reply
Current top tier deck is Darklord, Desperado and Invoked Neos, which are not synchro deck. Six Sams is still good but they might fall down if Konami decide to hit World Legacy Clash
This has to be a new record, Archfiend's Call just entered TCG roughly two weeks ago.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah but is out on the OCG almost a year
<< Anonymous
Puki Reply
Wow didn't know ocg take so long to convert to english this days. Use to be at least 3 month apart.
<< Anonymous(Puki)
Anonymous Reply
And sometimes we don’t even get the cards at all- we’re still anxiously waiting for Crystron Needlefiber going on almost 2 years now
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah we're never getting needlefiber, konami ocg learnt the hard way that the card shouldn't have existed in the first place
wha duh hek, noice :)))))
<< Anonymous(Syllabusy)
Anonymous Reply
Nice, now you gotta get 3 summoned skull and support cards to make a deck out of it
Evil Rick
Let me guess... this doesn't work with the Red-Eyes Summoned Skull, right?
<< Anonymous(Evil Rick)
Anonymous Reply
Yep, it doesn't. Target protection only works with itself and the original vanilla Summoned Skull, while the special summon effect only works with the original vanilla Summoned Skull.
Spell ICUP
Does this work for Toon Summon Skull?
<< Anonymous(Spell ICUP)
Anonymous Reply
Unfortunately no, just the original
the art for this card is god like
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Fusion version and Xyz version of this card also have great artwork.
Infernity Knight
This card is exactly what Infernity players have been waiting for. With this you can use Infernity Beetle properly with it's effect (sack one and get two more) and a level 4 monster to tune into Archfiend's Call (lv.6) to synchro climb into Hundred Eyes Dragon!
<< Anonymous(Infernity Knight)
Anonymous Reply
Cool, I didn't notice. Thanks a lot
<< Anonymous
Infernity Knight Reply
You could then either use Hundred Eyes effect to banish Call to gain targeting protection (if you think there's a threat) for the turn or have a King's Consonance ready to banish Call and a Beetle to summon another Dragon should things go south

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