Advanced Guide in Dueling

Here are a few more things you need to know to become a better duelist.
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update 07/03/2017

This is the part 2 of the guide/tips for newer players, check the starter guide if you want to see the first part.

Have a better dueling experience

When you are in a duel, check the settings to see the available options which can help you with your duel.

Increase Power Usage

By increasing your power usage, your game's frames per second (FPS) will be higher and more stable. While this will quickly drain your battery, it also helps to speed up duels.

Enable Self-Chain during a duel

Self-chaining is important in some aspects of this game. You can build up chains to conveniently activate cards such as - Chain Healing, Vanity's Call, Accumulated Fortune and Trap Reclamation.

You can also activate multiple cards in one swoop. Let's say, we have 3 Enchanted Javelins set on the field and your opponent controls 2 monsters, monster A having 2200 ATK and monster B having 1700 ATK. When he attacks you with monster A, you can activate all 3 Enchanted Javelins you control to restore 2700 LP overall. If Self-Chain is not switched on, you can only activate the second Enchanted Javelin when your opponent starts attacking with monster B. This also means that you cannot activate your third Enchanted Javelin on the same turn, thus not gaining nor losing any LP.

Set your Activation Confirmation to 'Toggle Button' or 'Tap'

Have you ever been in a situation where you were annoyed by the constant activation confirmation messages and accidentally activated something that was not meant to be activated in that particular situation? We have been there, and we have good news for you! By setting your activation confirmation to the following, you will be able to activate effects at the right time, whether it be during the Standby Phase or during damage calculation. However, this setting is risky for some players as the game might skip every activation confirmation if you do not toggle it on or constantly tapping.

Using the Toggle Button allows you to switch it to off, which can hide your cards whenever you have something that you can activate. Example: If your opponent attacks your monster and you have no set spell/trap card on your field but you have a Kuriboh in hand, there is a pause where the game asks you if you want to use it. This will essentially tell your opponent that you have a Kuriboh in your hand, which will make them play more carefully. By turning it to off, you can use it as a surprise for later in the duel.

Disable character dialogue and 3D animations

This setting depends on your own preference(s). By disabling character dialogue and 3D animations, your duels will run quickly and smoothly. This saves your time when you are farming Legendary Duelists and Standard Duelists. If you plan on farming for a while, you can turn them off and set power usage to max so that it will go much faster than usual.

1 hand challenge for most exp

Upon reaching a certain stage, you will start to encounter Vagabond. After the duel against him, you are sometimes given the option to send him to the people on your friend list, along with being able to choose what challenge to send it with. While there are many challenges, the "Opening Hand: 1 Card" is the most ideal one to give. This is because even if they lose, they will still earn 2250 character exp, which is higher than winning the duel in another challenge.
Read More about the Vagabond

Timing the activation of your cards.

It's important to know which cards can be activated during which phase. The most notable example is when people use the card Mirror Wall. During Damage Step, only cards that can increase or decrease a monster's attack/def can be activated. This means that Mirror Wall can be used during the damage step and can't be countered by spell cards like Twister.

Quick-Play spells

Quick-Play spells are spells with a thunder-like icon on the top right of the spell cards. These spell cards can be activated from your hand during your turn, or activated during both you and your opponent's turn if they are set, but they can't be activated the turn it is set.

Example: You have a monster with 1500 attack and attacks a 1400 monster your opponent controls and they have a face down card. If your opponent activates cards like Metalmorph or Mirror Wall outside of battle step, you can still use Twister or Order to Charge from your hand as a chain to retaliate, but you can't use them if you set the cards on that turn.


anoymous 1/1/1970
Wait let me get this straight any spell/trap that increases atk or def can be activated during damage step right like mirror, metalmorph, half shut, reinforcement. Cards like twister, econ, order to charge cant be activated during damage step, only declared phase/battle phase right? But sometime i have no monster on the field and my opp atk me directly theres no battle phase though only declared phase. Sometime i wait after declared phase for battle phase but it wont show up for certain cards.

Also i have a question when relinquishrd does his recoil attack does it count as a draw if we both have low lp. For ex my opp has 250 lp i have 300 and reliq, my opp atk my reliq i lose all my lp so does he cuz of the recoil. Is it a draw? Theres another scenerio i was in forgot how it went but it similar situation.
Lordiego 1/1/1970
If your life points become zero the effect of reliq will not activate, so you will lose the duel. A draw game only occurs if a burn effect that leave both players with zero lp at the same time ir used (for example: ring of destruction). a draw also occur if both players reach exodia in hand at the same time (cards like hand destruction can make it, but its extremely rare)
anoymous 1/1/1970
Ic Btw can i use skull lair in damage phase and will the effect go off? Twister always destroy my skull lair and cancel the effect.
Tsunaki 1/1/1970
If your life points become 0 with recoil, it will end up as a draw.
Hey 1/1/1970
Guys if you could make another guide

What i want to know is:

Why sometimes i can't use twister or enemy controller in Battle Phase

You know, after we enter the BP and attack, then our opponent activate a Mirror wall..

I already did succesfull activation ... but in many times, we can't.

And the worst, i already seen people activating it from the hand...
What i know is: if we set Twister or EC, we can activate it in BP the next of our turns... but again, i always used the toggle button, i tried it to "AUTO" and tried it to "ON" but never get the pop-up of Twister on BPhase.... so what is going on...

AH, and othe thing:

I faced some PvP duels where a pop-up shows up for me, but it's a " 1 second pop-up" then it disapeared before i could tap on the screen... and was a normal pop-up ( i don't remember, but i think it was a trap lke Mirror wall)

So, based on all this

Could you make a thread to us never missplay the activations?

Why people can activate it from hand, from field, from SET next turn, in battle phase... damage step, damage calc, wherever and we can't ???


And people: HELP ON IT!

Messi 1/1/1970
In their Battle Phase/Damage Calc. Step, they can activate EC or Twister from their hand bc these cards are "QuickPlay-Spells"
duelistvn 1/1/1970
you should watch this seri to know them.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Quick play spells are like pseudo-traps you can activate it immediately from your hand during your turn as speed spell 2 (you can chain it to things), or you can set it to act like as a trap (you can no longer activate it this turn but you can use it in subsequent turns)
anoymous 1/1/1970
You can only activate twister and enemy controller during the battle step & attack declaration. If they activate mirror wall too early you can twister it. BUT if they activate mirror wall during the DAMAGE STEP, you CANNOT activate anything except a counter trap or something that adjusts attack and defense values. THATS IT. Those are the rules for the damage step
Lordiego 1/1/1970
It's because your oponent probably have activated their mirror wall (same for reinforcements and metalmorph) during the damage step, so you can't chain your econ or twister in response because only atk changing cards end counterplay traps can bem used on damage step. for more details read the card rullings at yugioh.wikia.

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