KC GT Main Tournament 1st Stage

KC GT Main Tournament 1st Stage decks, the top meta of Duel Links in August 2020.
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update 31/07/2020

Schedule Date

1st Stage25 July 2020

KC GT Main Tournament 1st Stage Info

Match Schedules

Round 118:00
Round 218:30
Round 319:00
Round 419:30
Round 520:00
Round 620:30

Deck Building Rules

  • Main Deck: 20 to 30 Cards
  • Extra Deck: 6 Cards or less
  • Latest Banlist is Enforced.
  • No Limitation to characters, Skills, and Decks you can use.
  • You can use same characters, Skills, and Decks multiple times.

KC GT Decks Breakdown and Win Percentage

These information is credited to MaboちゃんTV.


KC GT Main Tournament 1st Stage Top 16 Decklists

1st Place: KernowKing

RB1st Place: KernowKingRB 1st Place: KernowKing2
IGN: 1st Place: KernowKing, Skill: Shadow Game, Date Submitted: July 30

2nd Place: プレイヤ一 (Kuraki)

Shiranui2nd Place: プレイヤ一 (Kuraki)Shiranui 2nd Place: プレイヤ一 (Kuraki)2
IGN: 2nd Place: プレイヤ一 (Kuraki), Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: July 29

3rd Place: ネットラン@C/C

IGN: ネットラン@C/C, Skill: Restart, Date Submitted: July 28

5th Place: たかひさ@GALAXY

Gouki5th Place: たかひさ@GALAXYGouki 5th Place: たかひさ@GALAXY2
IGN: 5th Place: たかひさ@GALAXY, Skill: Endless Trap Hell, Date Submitted: July 28

6th Place: Sen. GAOV

IE6th Place: Sen. GAOVIE 6th Place: Sen. GAOV2
IGN: 6th Place: Sen. GAOV, Skill: Endless Trap Hell, Date Submitted: July 29

8th Place: マツD

Witchcrafter8th Place: マツDWitchcrafter 8th Place: マツD2
IGN: 8th Place: マツD, Skill: Show of Nightmares, Date Submitted: July 28

9th Place: ふくすけ

WitchcrafterふくすけWitchcrafter ふくすけ2
IGN: ふくすけ, Skill: Show of Nightmares, Date Submitted: July 28

10th Place: DarkRagno

IE,DM10th Place: DarkRagno10th Place: DarkRagno2

10th Place: DarkRagno2
IGN: 10th Place: DarkRagno, Skill: Switcheroo and Restart , Date Submitted: July 31

11th Place: RedY

M HERO11th Place: RedYM HERO 11th Place: RedY2
IGN: 11th Place: RedY, Skill: Bring It!, Date Submitted: July 29

15th Place: シロッコくん

BW15th Place: シロッコくんBW 15th Place: シロッコくん2
IGN: 15th Place: シロッコくん, Skill: Peak Performance, Date Submitted: July 31


Anonymous 12days ago

Lunalight 67%
Witchcrafters 57%
Blue Eyes Trap 56%
Shiranui 30 cards 55%
V Hero 55%
Gouki 52%
Ciber Dragon 50%
Ritual Beast 50%
Cryston 50%
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
where did you get that data?
Anonymous 11days ago
Selection boxes win
Anonymous 11days ago
No Cosmic Cyclone top Decks??
Anonymous 11days ago
Are we not doing the prediction thing like before? If we picked the duelist that'll win we get prizes for that.
Anonymous 12days ago
I sense an era of witchcrafters that will last a lot...
Rocco 15days ago
How can Shiranui from mini box still be meta. It's OP. Do something Konami. I can make better decisions than the goons working there.
<< Anonymous(Rocco)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
WitchCrafter laughs at Shiranui
<< Anonymous(Rocco)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Well. Only 2 players got perfect score in the tournament, and one of them is Shiranui player
Anonymous 15days ago
At this point when all players have the same money, deck, skill, best internet connection and free time to play the game all days, the only difference between the winner and the loser is luck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Can't agree more. Just watch the 1st jap players record on game 5: 3 karma cut at disposal, strong board against nothing, then lose by bad network. Must be annoying happens at times like that.
<< Anonymous
Rocco 15days ago Reply
All have same money. Really bro. I never had any meta deck. I always play with decks that are cheap
Anonymous 16days ago
The rules are less restrictive than previous years. Cant wait to see WC mirror spam the whole event lol.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Anonymous 16days ago
Remember guys always bet on Japanese players because they will win!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Of course, they buy their cards in Yen, which given the conversion makes the cards less expensive for them.

May the most expensive deck win.

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