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update 27/09/2018


This deck focuses on Summoning Powerful Synchro monsters such as Junk Destroyer and Armades, Keeper of Boundaries with the help of Junk Synchron and Junk Forward.

Example Deck

Junk SynchronJunk SynchronJunk SynchronSanganSanganSangan
Junk ForwardJunk ForwardJunk ForwardEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerPaleozoic Canadia
Paleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic HallucigeniaPaleozoic HallucigeniaPowerful Rebirth
Powerful RebirthPowerful Rebirth----
Junk WarriorArmades, Keeper of BoundariesArmades, Keeper of BoundariesJunk DestroyerJunk Destroyer-

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski

How to Use

Synchro Summon

  • Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Dark Verger (What Grows in the Graveyard) from your Graveyard and then Special Summon Armades, Keeper of Boundaries or Junk Warrior.

This Level 5 Synchro prevents your opponent from activating card or effects until the end of Damage Step when it attacks or is attacked. 2300 ATK is really not that much, but that's what Paleozoic Hallucigenia is here for. If you activate your cards after Armades has declared an attack, your opponent will not be able to respond to them.

When it's Synchro Summoned, Junk Warrior gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all Level 2 or lower monsters you control. Use Paleozoic Canadia and Paleozoic Hallucigenia to increase the ATK of this monster: if at least one of them is face-up on the field when it's Summoned, it will reach 3500 ATK.

  • Special Summon Junk Forward from your hand, Normal Summon Junk Synchron, Special Summon Dark Verger from your Graveyard and then Special Summon Junk Destroyer.

If you Summon Junk Destroyer using Junk Synchron and Junk Forward, it will allow you to destroy up to two cards on the field. Thanks to this effect, you will be able to get rid of high ATK monsters such as Koa'ki Meiru Maximus and Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon without having to use Paleozoic Hallucigenia.

Back Row

Paleozoic Canadia can be used to flip problematic monsters such as Koa'ki Meiru Urnight and Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon face-down, giving you more time to set up. You can’t rely too much on Battle Traps in the current meta because of all the Ancient Gear and Koa'ki Meiru decks, so Paleozoic Canadia and Floodgate Trap Hole will usually be more effective than cards like Wall of Disruption and Drowning Mirror Force.

Paleozoic Hallucigenia will allow Armades and Junk Destroyer to get over all of the 3000+ ATK monsters that are around right now.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
What Grows in the Graveyard
Begin the Duel with 1 "Dark Verger" in your Graveyard.
Akiza Izinski
Akiza Izinski

Synchro Summoning takes a lot of resources and usually doesn't produce enough of a payoff; although Junk Destroyer is a pretty powerful card, Summoning it is really not that easy. Thanks to this Skill, you don't need to set up the Graveyard for Junk Synchron and you can Synchro Summon even high-Level monsters such as the one I just mentioned with relative ease.


  • The only options this deck has when dealing with high ATK monsters are either using Paleozoic Hallucigenia to weaken them or Junk Destroyer to destroy them.
  • Sangan is the easiest way to search Junk Synchron and Junk Forward, but its effect will not trigger if an Ancient Gear Reactor Dragon or an Ancient Gear Wyvern destroys it.


Hot New Top
Saiki_K 7days ago
An alternative Junk Synchro recipe uses the Armed Dragon engine to consistently summon Junk Destroyer using 3 cards to max out it's popping effect:

3 x Junk Synchron
3 x Ojamatch
3 x Ojama Blue (Lv2)
1 x Ojama Yellow (Lv2)
2 x Armed Dragon Lv3
3 x Desynchro
3 x Cosmic Cyclone
2 x TTH
Extra: Junk Destroyer + Armades
Skill: KC Bling (if you have a glossy Junk Synchron or Ojamatch), or just run Draw Sense: Dark to guarantee a Junk Synchron.

Clear backrow with CC. Play Ojamatch to discard an Ojama and normal summon Armed Dragon Lv3. Summon Junk Synchron, special summon Ojama from grave, synchro to Junk Destroyer, pop 2 cards, play Desynchro to repeat summon Junk Destroyer if you need to pop more cards. Swing. The opponent will be 2+ cards down so you'll have a huge advantage. If you have Desynchro, you can repeat the summon on consecutive turns to wipe their board again.

TTH helps if you brick and need to stall. Set Ojama Blue to search Ojamatch and set up for Junk Synchron. Run GC if you don't have CC.
<< Anonymous(Saiki_K)
Junk Lover 3days ago Reply
Great concept. But it doesn't have any alternate wincons...
Evil Rick 7days ago
Atlantena Pikeman is a Lv2 with 1400 ATK

-Use him and Junk Synchron to Synchro Summon Junk Warrior
-When Junk SHyncron is SHyncor SUmmoned chain a card like Birthright & resurrect AtlanteaN Pickeman
-Junk Warrior's effect applies & now he has over 3300 ATK
<< Anonymous(Evil Rick)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
So then you junk warrior got canadian'd.
<< Anonymous
Evil Rick 7days ago Reply
Well of course, but you at least get to feel cool for like 3 seconds.
<< Anonymous(Evil Rick)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Or you could chain Star Siphon and get a 4600 ATK Junk Warrior instead, with the potential for significantly more if you're using continuous ATK boosters like Mystic Plasma Zone.
<< Anonymous(Evil Rick)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Or use Aquaactress.
Anonymous 6days ago
Kinda funny how Akiza is currently a better character to play the Junk Archetype than Yusei
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
If yusei also have a skill that begins the duel with Speed Warrior in the graveyard, then we might see slightly more yusei with junk deck
Anonymous 7days ago
Yusei have any good skills for this deck? I'd rather run it on him than on Akiza. Flavor purposes and all that.
Anonymous 9days ago
This deck could use an update, now that Mark of the Dragon - Head is no longer necessary.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Yeah, MotD - Head is pretty much obsolete now.
<< Anonymous
ValleCula 9days ago Reply
Will do.
Acceus 30days ago
If you like duel for fun as anime character,This is my deck as yusei fudo.

Main Deck:

-Trident Warrior 3x
-Junk Synchron 3x
-Delta Flyer 2x
-Speed Warrior 3x
-Cosmic Cyclone 2x
-Enemy Controller 2x
-Paleozoic Canadia 3x
-Starlight Road 1x
-Synchro Deflector 1x

Extra Deck:

-Stardust Dragon 1x
-Junk Berseker 2x
-Junk Warrior 2x

You can easly summon "Stardust Dragon"or Synchro Warriors with this deck.
You can also change magic and trap cards with your own if you dont like my version (because my cards is limited XD).
Armades ftw !
New potential top tier? Probably one of the most underrated decks, but thanks to Armades and Junk synchron now it's pretty much playable.
<< Anonymous(Armades ftw !)
Anonymous Reply
I've clapped plenty of cheeks with Armades + junk lmaoooo ! Totally underrated :)
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
"Armades Control" and "Level 5 Synchro Spam" are literally the updated versions of this deck and they are both already on the website.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Anonymous Reply
You are right, sir.
<< Anonymous
ValleCula Reply
Thank you, have a nice weekend.
I know, 3 SR... What a shame
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't include Junk Warrior?

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
+200 ATK for every lvl 2 monsters you control. It never happens.

No effects activated during his battle phase. Very effective.
It's seems like that Prismatic Junk Warrior might get some action in the meta once Junk Synchron arrives to Duel Links !
With Junk Synchron coming soon, this deck might actually be playable
I built an amazing one but can’t get that bersekeer

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