Fortune Lady Every

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update 03/09/2019

Fortune Lady Every

Fortune Lady Every
TypeSpellcaster, Synchro, Effect


1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner Spellcaster monsters
This card's ATK/DEF become its Level x 400. Once per turn, during your Standby Phase: Increase this card's Level by 1 (max. 12), then, you can banish 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. During your opponent's End Phase, if this card is in your GY: You can banish 1 other Spellcaster monster from your GY; Special Summon this card. You can only use this effect of "Fortune Lady Every" once per turn.

How to Get

PackValhalla Calling [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Increases own stats every turn.
  • Banishes an opponent’s monster every turn.
  • Self revival effect.


  • Attack gain is slow.
  • Only revives during your opponent’s End Phase.
  • Can be difficult to use outside of Spellcaster decks.


  • Works in any Spellcaster deck that can make a level-7 Synchro monster.

Fortune Lady

The archetype Fortune Lady Every belongs to. They only have 1 Tuner monster in Fortune Lady, and their constantly adjusting levels could either assist or hinder Fortune Lady Every’s summoning. On the other hand, the shared support can be good for Fortune Lady Every, and the Fortune Lady monsters banished to revive Fortune Lady Every can be revived with Fortune Lady Rewind.


An archetype of Spellcaster monsters, although they do not have their own in-archetype Tuner. They don’t interact much with their monsters in the graveyard so you won’t lose anything by banishing for Fortune Lady Every’s revival.


Special Summon The Tricky with The Fabled Cerburrel as the discard cost. The Fabled Cerburrel with then revive itself, and you can use both monsters to make Fortune Lady Every. Use Doom Shaman’s effect to revive a level-1 Fiend Tuner like Stygian Security, then use both monsters to make Fortune Lady Every.



Hot New Top
Super powerful
People using this deck are gonna cry when Time Passage gets nerfed
Fortune Lady EveryWHERE, especially after the new banlist. I think Time Passage skill should get nerfed, too easy to summon Synchro boss turn 1 just like Six Sam when Dojo was still unlimited
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I reccomend playing around with stun decks, or Millenium Eyes Restrict with Invoked. It's fun to negate all of a Fortune Lady users effects and attempts to synchro summon.
Those cons are just conditions lol, not even cons at all
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
which says a lot about how OP this card is
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
OP? I'm not so sure about that...
1. If every was banished or returned to extra deck, it's game over
2. If light imprisoning mirror is activated, it's a dead card
3. Forbidden chalice negates it's effect for one turn
4. Floodgate it and it becomes a regular wall
5. Oh Drowning... And goodbye
6. Etc
That's all I can work of it's cons. Regardless, a lot of cards can counter this card...
Why Ritual Cage doesnt protect Vendreads from Her effect??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
From an outside perspective that do look the same, but no- they're not. I've already told you how target prevention works, but the other mechanic to it is if something "targets" it does so before the opponent makes a response- so it can be dodged easier (look at Dragon Spirit of White for a good example of how that works)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But non targeting effects need to be negated/dealt with before they go off, as they don't "target" in on something before that point- so they're harder to dodge
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^Desperado Barrel Dragon is a good example for that one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So if I understand correctly you can activate effects in response to targeting but if it doesnt target then not?
Quite a powerful cards but I don't think a vocaloid is a vampire
This card is cool, but can she handle my all-powerful god of destruction Elemental Hero NEOS ???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Every topic is about every Neos FOREVER!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
1.Dark NEOS has "Elemental Hero NEOS" in its name so it still counts since I didn't mention anything about "regular" or "vanilla" just Elemental Hero NEOS in general

2.Who said I had only 1 copy of him in my deck? An almighty powerful card like this needs to be kept at 3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And with ours at 3 we can beat your neos every time- hold that L :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not if I beat you first, HAH!
awesome archetype
I don't thin they will touch these cards. I mean, Triamids and Vendreads remain as playable and they are not getting any limit.

Same thing will happen with these cards.
This card is the perfect against Yubel and Barrel Dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and Odin father of the Aesir
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
more like Fortune Lady Everyone Will Play It
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Welp, i really like Fortune Ladies so i actually spent around 10€ for the pack and yet recieved no Fortune Fary Card whatsoever. Afterwards i grinded for some gems to slowly squeez out the chase cards as i usually do and it took me another 30 packs to finally get an Every. No sign of the others. Maybe it's just my bad luck (i mean the 3 new supports are SR and UR) but i believe these are on purpose the harder cards to get. They might not end up being Tier 1, but will definitely leave their marks in the meta. Wish me luck guys, it will be a long stail road to 3 callings
Nice rewards

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It did affect a little bit, but most BW player only run 1 Raikiri. So now, they can only use 1...
Well, spirit monsters are like that in general. Izanagi and mirror of yata can remove iwato side ...
Meh I'll wait for the mini box.
hahaha he got you there
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