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This deck focuses on using effect damage to win the duel, Fire Princess is one of the key card for this deck, it can be obtain by winning one of the Duelist Challenge from Sept 14 - 21. To know more about this deck, check the "How to use this deck" section of this page.

Example Deck

Fire PrincessCrystal SeerCrystal SeerSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerGoblin ThiefGoblin ThiefGoblin ThiefSpell AbsorptionSpell Absorption
Spell AbsorptionHinotamaHinotamaHinotamaSupremacy BerryThe Golden Apples
The Golden ApplesWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Draw Sense: Fire
Can be used each time your Life Points decrase by 1500. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random FIRE attribute monster.
Check here!

How to use this deck

Get Fire Princess

Fire Princess is the most important part of this deck's strategy, so do everything to try and get her as soon as possible.

  • Crystal Seer can search a card from the top of your deck and add it to your hand, always get Fire Princess if she is not yet in your hand. This is also a good way to stall if you are trying to set up an OTK.
  • Draw Sense: Fire guarantees that you draw Fire Princess if your LP is reduced by 1500. Just remember to activate the skill before you draw during your draw phase.

Heal yourself

If you have Fire Princess on your side of the field, you can use healing cards to increase your LP and then damage your opponent with the effect of Fire Princess.

  • Goblin Thief Heals you 500 LP while also burning 500 LP from your opponent. With Fire Princess on the field this totals into 1000 points of burn damage.
  • Supremacy Berry heals you a lot of LP, but will most likely be useless during later on in the duel when your LP becomes so much higher than your opponent's. Although Supremacy Berry could be activated and also help you stall early in the duel.

Spell Absorption

Spell Absorption is a really good card to use in this deck. It automatically heals you everytime a spell card is activated, combined with the effect of Fire Princess you could do some really good damage and also discourage your opponent from using spell cards. And using healing spell cards will cause Fire Princess to activate her effect twice, once for the healing spell and once for Spell Absorption.

Defend Fire Princess

Never allow your opponent to destroy Fire Princess. Use spell/trap cards to protect her from your opponent's attacks. Additionally quick-play spells like Enemy Controller and Super Rush Headlong will trigger the effect of Spell Absorption, therefore also triggering the effect of Fire Princess.

Other useful cards

Marie the Fallen One
Darklord Marie
Heals you each of your standby phases while she is in the graveyard. Might be difficult to find as it is out of the card trader's rotation.
Cure Mermaid
Cure Mermaid
Heals you each of your standby phases.
Restructer Revolution
Restructer Revolution
Damages your opponent depending on the number of cards in their hand.
Half Shut
Half Shut
Can be used to protect Fire Princess from being destroyed by battle for one turn.
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Heals 1000 life points.
Solemn Wishes
Solemn Wishes
Heals you everytime you draw.


Hot New Top
Swap out traps for Temple of Minds Eyes and add 3 Shards of Greed: The Field spells can be used to control your damage descent and the excess ones can still be used once you drae your Spell Absorptions (and can be played if you have a full spell zone). The shards almost guarantee you will win if you can survive the first 2 turns until you can draw.
Vagabond dude had a fire princess deck and it destroyed me on the very first turn. I couldn’t even do anything lol...
want to revisit this deck with bamboo draw enginge, would be a lot of spells assuming you draw spell absorb
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The one down side to her already being on the game along with Shadow Ghoul, is apart from Millenium Shield and maaaaybe Cannon Soldier, I’m not sure what else that’s actually a Card could be Rebecca’s Ace. And to those who say she’s impossible, she’s had quite a number of duels throughout the series, and is apparently Bandit Keith’s successor as US Champ.
I got Draw Sense Fire for Aster recently, so I think I will give a Fire Princess deck a try just for fun once I get Solemn Wishes.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Guigeek Reply
Draining Shield is a must have in this deck : protect your Fire Princess, gain LP and inflict damage.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Valencia Reply
I agree. It's another card I gotta get busy on obtaining.
what if you did a burn deck like this except with e-hero lady heat and raging flame sprite
<< Anonymous
Guigeek Reply
Try it
oh man i hate these type of decks! i mean it's brilliant but whether i'm using it or used against me i feel like i'm playing another card game not yugioh that's just me though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i understood you and i agreed you. This deck, standby teas deck not belong in Yugioh lure. A real Duelist should respect their opponent.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
a real duelist would respect any type of deck!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree with you, this deck has lots of weak esse. I think burn decks should have balance of cards(monster,spell,trap, field spell) like Trickstar deck in Vrains.
I want to do this, but the problem is that there is only one of her! If she gets killed, and I can't draw a Monster Reincarnation or something, the whole strategy falls apart. Is there any chance of more Fire Princesses being released?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah. U are probably one obvious troller. You don't have to prove me wrong.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
How come everyone who plays Yugioh is self-righteous as lol
<< Anonymous
MagicPlayer Reply
Because all the decent human beings play magic! The gathering. Lol
<< Anonymous(MagicPlayer)
Anonymous Reply
Mtg players are self-righteous as fuck. Note how every time they are shitting on yugioh. In fact the above guy is yet another mtg player talking down on ygo. Why would a decent dude who plays a game feel the need to constantly talk shit on its competing games? inb4 he answers with more self-righteousness
Bad reaction to simohi + stray admisary will help with burn
Jake B
This deck isnt working well for me -- relies too heavly on starting hand
<< Anonymous(Jake B)
Anonymous Reply
And that's why this is a luck based deck
<< Anonymous(Jake B)
Inti Reply
What do you expect you only get one Fire Princess.
i prefer burn with last gamble..
There is just too much that can go wrong with rng in this deck and its quite easy to counter. Also will be extra hard to get anywhere with it once people recognize the deck.

Nice deck idea though.

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