Raid Duel - The Netherworld Cometh: Wireqocha Rasca

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30th Mini Box: Voltage of the Metal
update 19/03/2020


2020 March 16 - 2020 March 24

How to Unlock Rex

Earn 1,500,000 points and Defeat Earthbound Immortal 1 time(s) in Raid Duel - The Netherworld Cometh: Wireqocha Rasca.

How to Unlock Rex's Exclusive Skill

Summon Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca 3 time(s) while playing as DS Rex Goodwin, in a Duel against Yusei Fudo. You can unlock the skill, Ultimate Earthbound Immortal.

[Skill] descriptionUser
Ultimate Earthbound Immortal
Can be used if you control "Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha Rasca" on your Field. Instead of conducting your normal draw, reduce your opponent's Life Points to 1 and skip straight to your End Phase.
DS Rex Goodwin
DS Rex Goodwin

Mission Deck

You can summon the Eathbound Immortal 3 times in one duel with this deck.

SkillNo Skill Necessary
Essential cards
(Box reset)
No Box Reset Neccessary

Example Deck

Earthbound Immortal Wiraqocha RascaIl BludInfernity PatriarchInfernity PatriarchInfernity PatriarchArchfiend Soldier
Archfiend SoldierArchfiend SoldierZombie WorldZombie WorldZombie WorldDifferent Dimension Capsule
Different Dimension CapsuleDifferent Dimension CapsuleThe Regulation of TribeLegacy of Yata-GarasuLegacy of Yata-GarasuJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed

Earthbound Immortal Lvl 2000

From 19 Mar 2020, a massive duel against Earthbound Immortal Lvl 2000 will be available at random! Defeat it to obtain Black Salvo.

Turbo Duel

Speed Counter

In the Turbo Duels, you will gain or lose Speed Counters based on the conditions below:

  • At the beginning of each standby phase. (+1)
  • When you Normal Summon monster but Special Summon and Flip Summon are not included. (+2)
  • When you Synchro Summon monster. (+3)
  • When a monster you control is destroyed. (-1)
  • Maximum Speed Counter is 12.

Special Skill

Majestic Star Dragon deals 5* damage.

Special Skill
A New Miracle!
If you have an empty Monster Zone at the beginning of your turn on turn 6 and onward, play 1 "Majestic Star Dragon".

Exclusive Skill: Speed Spell - Acceleration R

Skill Details:

  • In Turbo Duels, you can remove Speed Counters to use the Skill "Speed Spell - Acceleration".
  • You can use both your EX Skill and the skill that you have set to your Deck in Turbo Duels.


  • Can be used by removing Speed Counters. Effects vary depending on how many Speed Counters you removed:
Speed Spell - Acceleration
Remove 2 Counters
Until the end of the turn, All monster you control will inflict piercing battle damage when attacking a monster in defense position.
Remove 4 Counters
Play 1 Tuner Monsters from your deck or hand.
Remove 6 Counters
Draw 1 Card.
Remove 8 Counters
Double the ATK of monsters you control until the end of the turn.

Forbidden Skills

The following skills can't be used in Raid Duel.

Forbidden Cards

The following cards can't be used in Raid Duel.

Featured Rewards

Black Salvo [UR]

Black Salvo
Black Salvo
DARK Machine ★3
ATK 100 / DEF 1100
Raid Duel (DS Rex Goodwin) [UR]
When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 Level 4 DARK Machine-Type monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in Defense Position, but its effects are negated.

Oracle of the Sun [UR]

Oracle of the Sun
Oracle of the Sun
LIGHT Spellcaster ★5
ATK 1000 / DEF 2000
Raid Duel (DS Rex Goodwin) [UR]
If your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand). When this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard: You can add 1 "Fire Ant Ascator" or "Supay" from your Deck to your hand.

Passion of Baimasse [SR]

Passion of Baimasse
Passion of Baimasse
Counter Trap
Raid Duel (DS Rex Goodwin) [SR]
If you control a face-up "Earthbound Immortal" monster, negate the activation of an opponent's Effect Monster's effect and destroy it.

Moon Dragon Quilla [SR]

Moon Dragon Quilla
Moon Dragon Quilla
DARK Dragon ★6
ATK 2500 / DEF 2000
Raid Duel - The Netherworld Cometh: Wireqocha Rasca [SR]
"Supay" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card is targeted for an attack: Gain LP equal to half the attacking monster's ATK. If this card on the field is destroyed: You can target 1 "Sun Dragon Inti" in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

Apocatequil [SR]

LIGHT Thunder ★4
ATK 1800 / DEF 1200
Raid Duel - The Netherworld Cometh: Wireqocha Rasca [SR]
While this card is face-up on the field, it is Level 5 if you control a face-up Tuner monster. When this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can select and Special Summon 1 "Oracle of the Sun" from your Graveyard.

Sun Dragon Inti [SR]

Sun Dragon Inti
Sun Dragon Inti
LIGHT Dragon ★8
ATK 3000 / DEF 2800
Raid Duel (DS Rex Goodwin) [SR]
"Fire Ant Ascator" + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
If this card is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard: Destroy the monster that destroyed this card, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half the ATK that monster had on the field. If this card on the field is destroyed, during the Standby Phase of the next turn: You can target 1 "Moon Dragon Quilla" in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target.

Roar of the Earthbound Immortal [SR]

Roar of the Earthbound
Roar of the Earthbound
Continuous Trap
Raid Duel - The Netherworld Cometh: Wireqocha Rasca [SR]
Once per turn, when an opponent's monster declares an attack: Target the attacking monster; destroy that target, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to half the destroyed monster's ATK. You must control an "Earthbound Immortal" monster with ATK higher than the ATK of the attacking monster to activate and to resolve this effect.

Cumulative Points Rewards

470,000Fire Ant AscatorFire Ant Ascator
800,000Passion of Baimasse Passion of Baimasse
1,500,000Exclusive Event Card Sleeves
2,500,000Oracle of the SunOracle of the Sun
4,900,000Exclusive Event Game Mat
8,800,000Black Salvo Black Salvo
11,000,000Exclusive Event Icon
14,000,000Event Complete Achievement

Treasure Box Rewards

All Treasure Boxes Cards List

Missions and Rewards

EX Jewels can only be obtained from event mission rewards (event + weekly), and farming DS Rex Goodwin. You can not save the EX Jewels for the next event because they will expire when the EX Jewels shop closes. It is recommended that you carefully choose what to spend them on, because you can not obtain anymore after the DS Rex Goodwin event ends.

Available From 16 Mar - 24 Mar

Defeat Immortal Earthbound 1 time(s).EX Draw and Summon
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 10 time(s).
EX Jewel x10
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 15 time(s).
EX Jewel x15
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 20 time(s).
EX Jewel x20
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 25 time(s).
EX Jewel x25
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 30 time(s).
EX Jewel x30
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 35 time(s).
EX Jewel x35
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 40 time(s).
EX Jewel x40
Defeat Immortal Earthbound 60 time(s).
Play 15 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted.)
EX Jewel x20
Play 30 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted.)
EX Jewel x30
Play 60 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted.)
EX Jewel x40
Turbo Duel the Earthbound Immortal 10 time(s) (surrenders are not counted.)
Inflict 30,000 or more points of damage in one duel against the Eartbound Immortal.


Hot New Top
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's why piercing equip spell like Big Bang Shot is necessary XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Having 2 Raikiris out is a great way to stop them as well, since you just destroy him with your other Raikiri's effect.
how to unlock the exclusive skill? I dueled yusei 3x using GS godwin and summon 1 earthbound per duel still haven't unlocked
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It has to be in the same duel. Summon them without a field spell and use cards to either special summon them from the GY or cards to return them from the GY to hand and special summon them again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't have to be in the same duel - I battled Yusei at lv.10 at the gate, summoned the immortal 3 times in 3 duels and got the unlock. It has to be Wiracocha Rasca, not any of the other earthbounds.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It does not need to be the same duel. I know, I did it in 3 separate duels.
anon good EGG
I always thought..

If Rex is the creator, the one who reshapes the world, then his earthbound immortal should be the SPIDER and not wiraqocha rasca, the dark phoenix.
<< Anonymous(anon good EGG)
Adam Reply
Yeah, it should be the spider..
<< Anonymous(anon good EGG)
Anonymous Reply
Rex is Yubel = SPIDER
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
TRUE. Rex is Yubel / Yami Marik.
All of them are SPIDER(s).
<< Anonymous(anon good EGG)
Anonymous Reply
I bet all of the above are the same person pretending to be different ones lol

Also, it depends. If you mean the animal choice, then maybe. If you mean the name, nope, Wiraqocha is right for him.

That's a proven information, you can ask any expert on Incan legends.
Black salvo: is released
You: Desperado and Orcust
Me, an intellectual: tier 0 Ally of justice synchro
<< Anonymous(Saibeon)
Anonymous Reply
Try it and show us how intellectual you really are
Holy b@lls best drop rate ever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Epic as hell
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You mean fake as hell, right
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's entirely possible
i've had similar things happen during other events
<< Anonymous
Treo Reply
I got almost as lucky. But nothing more since.
While many people complained that they don't get 3 black salvo, I'm same but don't get 3 passion of baimasse. I already have 5 black salvo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'll trade 2 Passion for Salvos any time. At least Passion is available at Card Trader.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah everytime Konami give event unlock character they always give us previous event UR card in EX trader but not the new one. Well I can trade it to get 3 copy of passion cause I already got 1 from drop
21,000,000 points and only 1 Black Salvo (the one you get for getting 8,800,000 points). Terrible drop rate.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Seriously. And I thought Oracle during the last Rex event had a bad drop rate.
Many people having problems getting this guy dropped! I got it playing vs lvl 700 and 900
It's basically an auto-duel event
Lol. I'm using Lyna, Light charmer to steal his Inti. Protect it with Spikeshield with chain.
Best way to get the drops is farming this event passively. Just use whatever deck you have in auto duel with some tuners and generic synchros monsters and you'll be fine.

Keep doing auto duel after auto duel and you'll eventually get all the drops. Don't waste your time dueling actively; let other players do the job for you instead. Pay the same resprect towards komoney they give to you with the crapchests and play dirty. I got all the drops by doing this even before level 2000.

Vylon prism + archfiend red dragon is easy to summon even for the AI and does around 120000 damage every turn most of the time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Misstyped one 0. Damage is 12000
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nobody can see it
Got my 1st drop of Salvo at 10mills. I hope you guys have better luck. Happy gems farming!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am 🔥ing at 40mil not a single this slavo m*ther🔥er drop

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