This skill serves as an alternative win method. By gathering all 5 pieces of Exodia parts in your hand with the effect of Exodia the Forbidden One, you win the duel. This skill will be automatically activated at the start of the duel to add the 5 pieces of Exodia into your deck randomly. In total, your overall deck size will be 25.


Begin duel with the 5 exodia pieces in your Deck.


How to get

  • To be confirmed...

Rating and explanation

As of late, the Exodia event consists of many players running beatdown decks. Hence, the rating might not be accurate. With our current card pool that we have, Exodia decks are not too reliable and might not be worth the trouble to win. They have many flaws like dead-drawing a random part and no known way to search for Exodia the Forbidden One from your deck and put it into your hand.

Available decks

Yugi Muto skills list


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Anonymous 7days ago
I like playing with this skill. However, every time I see players use this with a 35card deck.. it makes me cry a little.
Komoney 24days ago
Begin duel with the 5 exodia pieces in your HAND.

<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
yeah 2 hands and 3 legs good luck winning pal,be specific will ya? Begin duel with the 5 "different" exodia pieces in your HAND. can you please be specific next time??? shake my head
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
that was the most retarded comment i've seen in my life, do you actually play duel links?
<< Anonymous(Komoney)
Mountcooki 18days ago Reply
Possible with duel standby
<< Anonymous(Mountcooki)
FacePalmerPro 7days ago Reply
Really?!!! If your opponent is running a duel standby burn deck this could help you, but you do realize your yugi skill has to be grandpas cards right dumbass
Dan 22days ago
Think I have a decent Exodia deck now. May want to invest in 1 more Wonder Wand and run 2 Wonder Wand 2 Crystal Seer instead of 1 Wonder Wand 3 Crystal Seer, but this deck looks solid to me. 3 Legions and 1 BDS to search out the 4 parts of exodia, Different Dimension Capsule to get the head, Crystal Seers for awesome deck control, jar+shard of greed for draws. Golden Apples is the star of this deck because it pretty much saves you from losing, you're not gonna have monsters in a lot of your draws. Feint Plan + Windstorm for epic stalls. Thoughts? Suggestions?
<< Anonymous(Dan)
Ghoul 18days ago Reply
I have a simmilar deck. You could try to use Regretful Rebirth and Time machine. Every time your jester gets destroyed you'll get 2 Exodia Pieces. The same with dragon summoner.
<< Anonymous(Ghoul)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
WAIT! You can only use jester's effect once per turn, use emissary of the afterlife instead!
Marckith0 17days ago
As we can see, the skill can be unlocked when Yugi reaches the level 4.
If I'm wrong, please tell me (if the level can change or something)
Anonymous 20days ago
lol. this skill is spread out in casual matches. Damn you exodia.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
I can still get this?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Ghoul 18days ago Reply
Unlock Yugi Muto and bring him to lvl 4
A.l 18days ago
How I could get exodia cards??
YouMadBro? 20days ago
just being curious, does the skills has summoning animation? thanks for the info btw
<< Anonymous(YouMadBro?)
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Yes it has. Imo, also THE best animation.
Leukocyte 20days ago
Hello everyone! I've noticed a lack of good decks for this skill, so I came up with one. Hope you like it. (it can be easily countered, but it is VERY fast and quite consistent) Suggestions are appreciated.

x3 Blue Dragon Summoner
x3 Emissary of the Afterlife
x3 Legion the Fiend Jester
x3 Deep Diver
x3 Gokipon
x3 Magical Merchant
x1 Monster Reincarnation
x1 Backup Soldier

The idea is to get a Magical Merchant on the field (by search of Deep Diver/Gokipon, or luck having it in hand) and then it self-mills most of your deck and gets ya your combo pieces to get Exodia back from the grave into your hand in one go.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
ACiDViSiOn 20days ago Reply
I felt the same about the lack of good decks so I created one with the same idea as yours but using tree frogs I do like the idea of yours as well. I might have to give it a try. I have the same trap n spell. I recommend maybe adding 2 necromancer of chaos, simply as a possible sneak attack :p although easily countered in pvp but this deck is easily countered in pvp until new cards or lucky draw
<< Anonymous(ACiDViSiOn )
Leukocyte 20days ago Reply
Thanks for the feedback :) I'll try to tech in a couple Chaos Necros and see how it goes.
Anonymous 24days ago
Just tested this ability when I had 23 cards in a draw deck. Nothing special, just whipped it up real quick so its nothing genius lol. The duel assessment gave me 3000 just for a 'special victory' alone, let alone anything else I did. This could be very good for farming if utilized properly with other aspects of attaining high duel scores, such as prismatic cards and special summons, destroying many monsters, etc.

Once the last piece of Exodia is drawn its a nice animation of Exodia totally obliterating your enemy. Unfortunately I cannot find a way to create a deck for ranked duels as there is no way to protect your monsters. Best thing off the top of my head is Neo Aqua Madoor, with Umi, and plenty of defensive cards alongside guarded treasure
<< Anonymous
madoor 21days ago Reply
Neo is spellcaster... umi? Rly?
<< Anonymous(madoor)
Ur mom 20days ago Reply
"neo aqua madoor"
Anonymous 21days ago
so what's better on average?
heart of the underdog + white elephant normal monsters
legion + BDS draw monsters and traps
.. 21days ago
This skill dosent need to be removed or buffed at any way because you start with 25 cards in your deck. And there is ways 2 get rid of it so nn.

2nd. I like it that exodia is in the game because exodia was always good and dosent matter if this deck is gonna be played often..

And the event is a good idea something new fun and all that but I'm getting pissed about Konami what they are doing it feels like I'm not getting shit I spent more then 6k on event gold and got 1 fucking sr? That's bullshit

Luck is okey but that's getting fucked up fix that or rate it a bit more higher

30 stuff to get from a draw
5 of that are sr and the rest bullshit.

I don't know how you guys feel but it's pissing me really off and makes me wanna 2 quit this game.
Anonymous 22days ago
A complete luck ability. Can be cancer but it has the same weaknesses as it does in the normal TCG. Destiny Board is probably a better instant win in the long run.

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Actually I just tried your deck out and it works way better if you replace the other monsters wit...
You CAN ritual summon this monster. Doesn't have to be ritual summoned
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