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update 28/10/2017

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November Events

A recent in-game announcement showed players some of what Konami has planned for the month of November 2017.

A New Character is Coming to Duel Links! (GX World)

Jesse Anderson might be the new character to be introduced into Duel Links' GX World. In that case it is certain he will be using his signature Gem Beast deck.

Event Exclusive Legendary Duelists are Coming to the Gate!

As of early November there will be 2 additional Legendary Duelists that can be found in the gate. Maximillion Pegasus and The Paradox Brothers will be Unlockable and you also be able to challenge them by spending gate keys.

Nov. 17 KC Cup Starting Soon!

The KC Cup is a 2 part tournament where duelists worldwide get to compete for the top spots of their region. It has a point based system where you gain points for winning duels and lose points for losing duels, you also get bonus points for win streaks. there are also many prizes that await duelist who complete this event's challenges.

In addition, the top 500 duelists of each region's rankings will earn spots in the WCS 2018 Qualifiers.

A New Character is Coming to Duel Links! (Duel World)

The announcement text claims that the new character possesses psychic abilities and will appear in Duel World, this is almost certain to be Espa Roba.

Espa Roba uses a machine-type deck with Jinzo as his ace monster. But this was before psychic monsters were introduced into YuGiOh, so the deck he uses in Duel Links might not reflect what he used in the anime and manga.

D.D. Tower Appears

Should be quite similar to the Different Dimension Tower Fire Event held last September. This could be a similar floor clearing event where you must defeat the current enemy to proceed to later floors. You will also need to complete tasks on each floor to gain points that you will exchange for event exclusive rewards.

This time around the theme is WATER monsters. Possible decks we may see being used by the A.I. in this event are:

  • Daedalus deck
  • Hammer Shark deck
  • Frost and Flame Dragon deck


Hot New Top
I really hope they release Yugi Muto again so we can get grandpa’s cards skill. I missed Exodia because I had no phone :/
<< Anonymous(StankiFrankie)
Anonymous Reply
You should read the notifications in the game about upcoming updates. It's already stated there that Yugi will come to the gate Mid January. It also says so here
Luke da thinker
Please someone can tell me when the cyber dragons will come ?
<< Anonymous(Luke da thinker)
Anonymous Reply
How the would anybody here know that?
Yami marik event 2 they should unlock marik ishtar
I hope they add this card
<< Anonymous(Ibrahim)
Anonymous Reply
It has such a short text, lame. Good effect tho
<< Anonymous(Ibrahim)
Deep3eez Reply
But what does it "do"?
Please ditch this DD Tower event so repetitive!!!
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
I agree with you. Personally, DD Tower events are the worst.
Was it Zane for early January?
Please make Yami Bakura Unlockable. bring him to the gate or give us another Bakura event so we can unlock him. alot people havent had the chance to unlock him especially those who recently downloaded the game.
<< Anonymous(Eric)
U Need To Study More Reply
thats not my prob
<< Anonymous(U Need To Study More)
Otong Reply
Konami somehow heard and grant him his request. Not being your problem doesn't mean so for everyone, such selfishness makes me cringe. :|
<< Anonymous(Eric)
DaTaMagician Reply
<< Anonymous(Eric)
Anonymous Reply
what a twat
Yami Marik Event again pls!!! Favorite Character and I missed the event....
<< Anonymous(TheMaggot)
Albedo Reply
He is coming early December
How do you unlock Pegasus? He's at the gate but I don't see how to unlock him as duelist.
<< Anonymous(LordKabuto)
Maarkuuzaa Reply
You need to fulfill unlock missions found by clicking your stage icon
yami marik plsss, I need goblin zombie
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wut m8?? It should be Yami Bakura then..
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Goblin zombies from lvlup yami bakura not marik
<< Anonymous
Otong Reply
But indeed we are gonna get Yami Marik event again soon.
Yeah Please Bring Yami Bakura and Marik to the gate. i really wanna Unlock them both.
please consider adding MP2(main Phase 2) plz...........

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Our last office party,eat your hearts out you worthless plebs PS. buy our shit
Our last office party,eat your hearts out you worthless plebs PS. buy our shit
Nah, there are better cards.
It's yours my friend! As long as you have enough rubies.
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