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update 07/09/2016

Card Trooper

Card Trooper
Monster TypeMachine
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Trigger Effect


Once per turn: You can choose a number from 1 to 3, then send that many cards from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard; this card gains 500 ATK for each card sent to the Graveyard this way, until the end of this turn. If this card you control is destroyed and sent to your Graveyard: Draw 1 card.

How to Get

Level-up rewardJaden Yuki Lvl 45
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Mills 3 cards from your deck.
  • Can become a decent beater during your turn.
  • Draw a card when he is destroyed.


  • Weak stats make him vulnerable during your opponent's turn.



  • The wording on this card does not specifically state excavate therefore The effect of most Sylvan monsters would not activate.

Mill cards

Lots of decks benefit from milling their deck which would make this card extremely useful. Additionally, the draw effect also helps you maintain resources once this card is destroyed and is an overall great effect. Any deck with graveyard effects or lots of revival can use this card.





Interesting lv 45 reward... it just leaves me thinking a lot
I know this is a universal card, but. i see a lot of potential for sylvans.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, it doesn't work with Sylvans, only with Rose Lover.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Card trooper does not excavate but only sends and in order o activate any sylvan effect you must excavate first
questa carta non funziona con i silvani perchè per loro servono carte che dissotterrano e mandano al cimitero, truppa carta manda solo al cimitero senza dissotterrare e quindi non funziona
Such good news for Sylvan players. Damn you Konami. But well... Since they have such tiny brains, maybe they'll struggle to level up Jaden.
<< Anonymous(KaibaSucksDecks)
KaibaSucksDecks Reply
Oh wait. Just realized the wording.
<< Anonymous(KaibaSucksDecks)
Anonymous Reply
it isn't work for sylvans
I think Lyla is better than Card Trooper. Stats are too weak
<< Anonymous(Oksy)
Malefic Reply
While this card is +1 for player, Lyla is also -1 for opponent every 2 turn. But this one is free so I can tell both are good on its own
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous Reply
Lyla’s effect forces her into defense position, which prevents her from attacking and leaves her just as vulnerable as card trooper. Card trooper can attack with 1900 ATK and still get his “draw 1” effect.
<< Anonymous
Malefic Reply
Well, thats right. But against burn/stall deck, this isnt really effective since most of these decks running lots of attack-negater cards such as Massivemorph, Draining Shield, Windstorm, etc. It would be better to pop them backrow first before going aggresive
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lyla's mill can be negated. Trooper's mill is cost. 3 cards to the graveyard is garantized.
Pro Duelist
I like the card and I'm going to get it and add it to my emperor archfiend deck.
The sad thing is that this is honestly one of the best new reward cards we got, but at the same time, it's a real missed opportunity for more elemental hero support. A single copy of a powerful card like e - emergency call or miracle fusion would have been so cool.
Poors man Lyla.
This card works at 1, but it would be a lot better if we can have 3 copies instead of just 1.....since it's a Machine Duplication target.
Pairs well with limit reverse.
This is a very good generic floater for a lot of decks
Very nice card for any deck that uses the graveyard. Sadly since this on Jaden it means he's E heroes get shafted again.

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As mentioned before full field or as a discard cost for some cards such as "tribute to the d...
Oh really? Too bad I don't believe GameA's comments. I think Dartz will be added anyway...
I wonder where is Kuribabylon
Wow you must be very dumb, my guy. Don't tell me you keep losing to econ, that's sad.
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