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update 13/11/2018


Bujin is a new archetype that was added in the latest box Resonance of Contrast. In the TCG this archetype has four main monsters (Bujin Yamato, Arasuda, Mikazuchi and Hirume). Each one of the Bujin cards is based on one of the characters from Yu-gi-Oh! GX (Jaden, Bastion, Chazz and Alexis) . The Bujin cards also come with Bujingi cards, which are Beast or Winged-Beast monsters that work well together with the effects of the Bujin cards. In the lore each Bujin monster has Bujingi monsters as their defenders, and in the TCG the art on Bujintei cards (which are XYZ cards) show the Bujin monsters that fused together with their respective Bunjingi monsters and wear them as armor.

Note: :To see the latest update of Bujin Decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Grass Greener Version

Essential cards
(Box reset)
Resonance of ContrastResonance of Contrast
Abyss EncounterAbyss Encounter
Bujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin ArasudaBujin ArasudaBujin Arasuda
Bujin HirumeBujin HirumeBujin MikazuchiBujin MikazuchiBujingi QuilinBujingi Quilin
Bujingi QuilinBujingi HareBujingi HareBujingi HareBujingi SinyouBujingi Sinyou
Bujingi SinyouBujingi CentipedeBujingi CentipedeBujingi CentipedeBujingi TurtleBujingi Turtle
That Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerTies of the BrethrenTies of the BrethrenTreacherous Trap Hole

New Box Cards Added Version

SkillRestart / Duel, standby!
Essential cards
(Box reset)
Galactic OriginGalactic Origin
Resonance of ContrastResonance of Contrast
Bujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin MikazuchiBujin MikazuchiBujingi Quilin
Bujingi QuilinBujingi HareBujingi HareBujingi SinyouBujingi SinyouBujingi Turtle
Cosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerTreacherous Trap Hole

Previous Version

Bujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin YamatoBujin ArasudaBujin ArasudaBujingi Pavo
Bujingi PavoBujingi PavoBujingi CentipedeBujingi CentipedeBujingi CentipedeBujingi Boar
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongMirror Wall
Mirror WallCurse of Anubis

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to Use


Beast-Warrior-type Bujin monsters are the core of any Bujin deck, you absolutely need them to get your deck going. This is especially true for Bujin Yamato, because he is the the best way to cycle Bujingi monsters out of your deck and then discard them to the graveyard where they can activate their effects. You can also search out other Beast-Warrior-type Bujins from your deck and then discard a Bujingi monster with Yamato's effect.
Bujin Mikazuchi is your back-up Beast-Warrior-type Bujin monster. You should always keep a Bujin Mikazuchi in your hand for situations where your face-up Bujin monster gets destroyed and you control no Beast-Warrior-type monsters to acivate your Bujingi's effects. Bujin Mikazuchi fills-in this spot by special summoning himself when a Bujin monster you control is destroyed.

Disruption Bujingi

Bujingi Quilin allows you to destroy a face-up card your opponent controls, no matter if it is a spell, trap, or monster card. This makes it a very versatile form of destruction able to take out any key card your opponent plays on the field. You can use his effect to destroy cards that your opponent built his strategy around like Amazoness Onslaught, Masked Hero Anki, and Cyber Angel Dakini.
Bujingi Sinyou is a powerful tool for both offense and defense. You can attack your opponent's monster and activate Bujingi Sinyou in your graveyard. Your Bujin monster will gain attack equal to the monster it is battling, making for instant battle removal of any monster. You can also use him defensively when your opponent attacks your Bujin monster head-on while Bujingi Sinyou is in your graveyard.

Protection Bujingi

Bujingi Hare protects a face-up Bujin monster you control from battle or effect destruction once during the turn you activate him in your graveyard. But keep in mind this does not protect against banishing.
Bujingi Turtle can protect your Bujin monster from a targeting effect by negating it. A good time to use this is when your opponent tries to take your Bujin monster with Enemy Controller because he wants to stop your Bujingi monsters in the graveyard from activating their effects.

Cosmic Cyclone

Although Bujingi Qilin could destroy backrow, he can only destroy ones that are already face-up on the field making him more of a disruption card than for protecting yourself agaisnt backrow. Cosmic Cyclone is used to fill-in your deck's lack of backrow removal. It banishes any backrow your opponent controls without destroying it, making it less likely you will be triggering effects and less likely for your opponent to get back his card. Another backrow removal option could be Bujingi Centipede, but he is easily stopped by removing the Bujin monster from your field.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller is a great defense card that can be used to stop an opponent's attack. But in a Bujin deck it is also great for offense and sending a Bujingi monster to the grave. First you summon a Bujingi monster, then you activate Enemy Controller to tribute the Bujingi monster and take control of an opponent's face-up monster. This opens your him up to direct attacks and OTKs, and you can use the Bujingi monster's graveyard effect if needed.

Treacherous Trap Hole

Since this deck uses no other Trap cards, one copy of Treacherous Trap Hole could be a good choice for easy monster removal. But remember it requires you to destroy 2 monsters on the field when activated. If your opponent only controls 1 monster, you will be destroy your own too. In some situations you can summon a Bujingi monster and destroy it along with your opponent's monster. The Bujingi monster, now in the graveyard, can be used as support for your face-up Bujin monster.

How to Use (Old Version)

A Bujin deck works like a control deck. You defend your Bujin Yamato with strong backrow like Super Rush Headlong, even if he does get destroyed you can special summon another one from your deck thanks to Bujingi Pavo, and pick of your opponent’s spell/traps thanks to the effect of Bujingi Centipede, slowly putting you into a position where you can finish of your opponent’s monsters and his life points.

Bujin Yamato and Bujingi Centipede

Two very important cards in a Bujin deck and a must-have at three copies for maximum consistency. Bujin Yamato, during the end phase, can add one Bujin monster from your deck to your hand and then send one card from your hand to the graveyard. Often you’ll use this effect to add a Bujingi Centipede to your hand, and immediately send that Bujingi Centipede to the graveyard which will allow you to destroy one of your opponent’s spell/trap during your next main phase 1 by banishing that card from your graveyard. If you have a Bujingi Centipede in your hand you might want to add a Bujingi Pavo to your hand but discard the Bujingi Centipede, which will give you some extra protection thanks to the effect of Pavo.

Don’t forget you must control a Beast-Warrior monster to activate Centipede’s effect, which means you must control either Bujin Yamato or Arasuda.

Even if you don’t have any cards in hand during your end phase and no more Bujingi Centipedes in your deck, you still might want to activate Yamato’s effect just to thin your deck.

Bujin Arasuda

Besides Bujin Yamato, this is the only other Beast-Warrior Bujin monster that is currently available to play. You can special summon this card in defense position when a Bujin monster is banished from your graveyard, which means you’ll be able to special summon this monster whenever you banish Bujingi Centipede from your deck.

Its second effect works well together with Bujin Yamato, because every time you add a Bujin monster from your deck to your hand (and send one card from your hand to the GY) you’ll be able to draw a card and send one card to the graveyard.

This means you can quickly fill up your graveyard with Bujingi Centipede, thin your deck (to quickly draw your Enemy Controllers and other backrow) and optimize your hand by choosing which cards to keep and which to send to the graveyard.

Bujin Pavo

Whenever you have Bujingi Pavo in hand and either Bujin Yamato or Arasuda on the field, you can safely attack your opponent’s monsters, because even if they have a way to destroy your monsters by battle (Mirror Wall, Wall of Disruption) you can just discard Bujingi Pavo from your hand to special summon another Bujin monster from your deck. Because you can only control one Bujin Yamato and one Bujin Arasuda at a time, you actually want to use this effect because it means you ‘remove’ spells/traps from your opponent and it allows for your other Bujin Beast-Warriors to actually get played on the field. (you basically would trade 1-for-1 because the Bujin monster gets replaced from your deck)

Bujin Boar

This card can be banished from your graveyard to put one of your opponent’s monsters in defense position and their defense becomes 0. This card could help you to get over strong monsters, but you shouldn’t use more than 1 copy of this card because you can easily get it in the graveyard thanks to Bujin Yamato and let it sit there until you need it.

This is an ignition effect meaning you have to activate it during your main phase 1, so unlike Enemy Controller you cannot activate this effect during your attack as a quick effect.

Enemy Controller

Even though more and more people are moving on from Enemy Controller because of the recent nerf to Cyber Angels, this card has great synergy with this deck and allows for many strong plays.
For example if you have Bujin Yamato on your side of the field at the start of your turn, and Bujingi Centipede in hand, you can normal summon Centipede, tribute it to take control of one of your opponent’s monsters, and then banish the Centipede in your graveyard to destroy one of his spells/traps.
Enemy Controller also works well when you have Bujin Arasuda in your hand; if you banish a Centipede to destroy a spell/trap card you can special summon Arasuda in defense position and tribute him for the effect of Enemy Controller, then if you didn’t use your normal summon yet you can have a full board which could mean you win if you took care of their only backrow (or their most important backrow) with Centipede.

Super Rush Headlong

Because Cyber Angels was nerfed, this card suddenly became very strong again and is some of the strongest backrow available in-game right now. One of the reasons for this is that you can chain this card to effects that would destroy it, which you can’t do with cards like Wall of Disruption for example.

Don’t forget that the Super Rush Headlong from the turn-player always has priority, so if your opponent attacks one of your monsters and activates Super Rush Headlong, DO NOT activate your own Super Rush Headlong because it will not work, if you are the one attacking and your opponent tries to defend with Super Rush Headlong you CAN activate it because you will have priority and his monster will be destroyed (while yours will be alive).

Additional Notes

  • Currently the preferred skill is Restart to raise the odds of starting with a Bujin Yamato in your opening hand because he is so important. Another useful skill could be Radiating Light , which raises the attack of all of your monsters by 500.
  • This deck clearly runs more monsters than spells/traps because you want a lot of these monsters for their effects. You can quickly draw them to your hand/ fill your graveyard which means you will thin your deck and raise your chances to draw spells/traps the longer the duel goes on.
  • Even though the main reason Bujingi Pavo and Centipede are in this deck is because of their effects, don’t forget that they both have a decent attack of 1700 (as strong as Gozuki and Samurai skill which are monsters in the strongest deck right now; Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon) so even if you don’t start with Bujin Yamato or Arasuda, you can still attack/defend with these while waiting to draw your other Bujin Beast-Warriors. Also since you can only control one Bujin Yamato and Arasuda at a time there will times that you can’t summon any Bujin Beast-Warriors anymore so your only choice will be to summon a Bujingi Centipede or Pavo.

Other Useful Cards

Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Amazing trap overall and helps against pretty much every deck. Because it doesn’t target it’s also a great card against Hazy Flame.
Windstorm of Etaqua
Wiindstorm of Etaqua
Fills the same role as Curse of Anubis, can be used alongside Curse of Anubis for extra protection.
Wall of Disruption
Wall of Disruption
A devastating card if your opponent doesn’t play around it, the reason this card is losing popularity though is because it cannot be chained to card effects.
Fire Formation - Gyokkou
Fire Formation - Gyokkou
Lockdown one of your opponent’s spell/trap (they cannot chain it to this card) , and has the added bonus that it boosts all your Beast-Warrior Bujin monsters (Bujin Yamato & Bujin Arasuda) by 100 attack as long as it remains on the field.


Hot New Top
This deck is overpowered
This deck is overpowered
which is better? Bujin or gem- knight? And because
Got 3 cranes = 0 regrets.
(Got 3 Ties of the Brethren thanks to Geargia back in the day ^^=.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bujins is quite underrated, dna surgery was supposed to shut them down but it's not a trap that you would see too ofteb.
I use this. It is very fun to play with you wont believe how many players wont read the effects.
Do you have ideas for better bujin decks?
<< Anonymous(Hitile14)
Anonymous Reply
Deck shared! #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe it's just a silly question but... How do you access to those links?, copy pasting never works :o
Soooooo, Anyone got a Crane version? :p
<< Anonymous(Serpi)
Anonymous Reply
Take out 2 or 3 Bujins cards, add Crane. Not exactly rocket science.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol, as for me. I'm a big fan of 3 ties of the brethren so I guess that's how I'm going to play this deck :d!
I run a 30-card Bujin Deck

Do you know any Card to Search Bujin Yamato?
<< Anonymous(SSCH02)
Serpi Reply
Fire formation : Tenki
Another underrated deck, if you start with that grass looks is greener this deck is truly OP 'cause nothing will be able to get your Yamato down.
Somebody managed to get KoG this month with Bujins. Things to note are the heavy S/T removal through Quick-Play Spells instead of Centipede since they can be triggered on the opponent's turn to get rid of things like Onslaught and the rest being protection like Sinyou, E-Con, Sphere Kuriboh and Mikazuchi as a backup Bujin in case the opponent pops Yamato.
How to stop U.A. Mighty slugger when sinyou's effect is cant be triggered?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
best you can do is use hare before attack declaration. Use start of battle phase.
Hare- prevents monsters from being destroyed during battle
What can I do against amazoness and fur decks?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous No. 2 Reply
Get your Bujins to the graveyard and blow up their Wiz/Dyna/Donpa or Onslaught with monster effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The Dyna nerf helps a little to make the matchup with furries not as bad now. I pack 2-3 Chaos Hunter in my Bujin decks specially for Amazoness. They act as free Bujingi discard fuel too and have a decent 2500ATK for other matchups

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I imagine it would be more Backrow focused with Veil, Spear, Helm, and Break Sword
Dark Magician revival?
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