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Tristan Taylor event has started!
update 19/01/2018

Event information

DateJanuary 24 - Feb 5

Announced on Jan 19th, the event will start on the 24th and will last for a little less than two weeks. Players can choose from Yami Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba as their duel partner to progress through the Tag Dueling Tournament. Participate in the event to obtain Tag Coins for a lottery.

Tag Duel Rules

Turn order

A person from a team will be chosen to go first. Afterwards, it will alternate to your opponent, then back to the teammate of the first team. An official rule of the tag duel tcg states that the first duelist who can make an attack is the duelist who goes fourth.

Cards in the deck

Certain rules can vary during this event, but standard dueling rules will still apply. This will mean that both players cannot bring more copies of cards that are limited than allowed, but you can bring 3 of the same card in each player's deck that are not limited, for a total of 6.

Shared Resources

  • You will be sharing 6,000 life points with your tag partner.
  • You can use if you partner's cards if they are on the following places:
    • Monster Zone
    • Spell/Trap Zone
    • Field Zone
    • Graveyard
    • Banished Zone

Individual Resouces

  • You and your partner will have seperate decks, extra decks, and hand cards. You won't be able to look at your partner's hand cards.


Normal: Yami Yugi deck

The Bond We Share

Hard: Joey Wheeler deck

Fusion Tag Deck

Master: Seto Kaiba deck


  • There is a chance that Challengers will appear after a Tag Duel.
  • Duels against Challengers will have a higher coin multiplier than usual, making it a prime opportunity to obtain lots of Tag Coins.
  • Challengers will disappear after a set period of time, so make sure not to miss the opportunity.
  • Duels against Challengers does not require Friendship Letters.


Tag Coins

  • You can obtain Tag Coins by Tag Dueling. Tag Coins can be used at the lottery to obtain cards and items.
  • The higher your Duel Assessment score, the more Tag Coins you get.
  • In addition, your Tag Coin Multiplier will increase at higher difficulties.
  • Players recieve 1 Tag Coin per 100 Duel Assessment score (max. 80)


Hot New Top
Anonymous 13days ago
I hope they introduce PVP tag duels I really want to team up with a friend.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
impossible.. Imagine ur dueling partner got disconnected or leave the game.. That's the main problem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
But I think, this is not a bad idea
isuckdick 4days ago
Team up with Joey wheeler will be the problem.. He will tribute everything to summon his red eyes b. Dragon
Tired of Sylvans -.- 10days ago
With Sylvans is going to be easy, Konami is going to face his own beast.
<< Anonymous(Tired of Sylvans -.-)
Blackmanreturns 8days ago Reply
You better make sure to burn those Sylvans soon before i find you and make you wish you never used them
<< Anonymous(Tired of Sylvans -.-)
Iswallowcum 4days ago Reply
Good luck team up with Joey wheeler.. Your Sylvans will be history
So what triggered the invincible cancer Yugi team pulling a Silent Magician from out of their ass? How was it possible to avoid it?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There was no way of avoiding the summoning unless your attack was less than 1000 lp damage but black brachios was one way to save the day
<< Anonymous
Blackmancomesback 8days ago Reply
Just use some Spicy kuriboh beatdown deck to win, It works everytime
<< Anonymous(Blackmancomesback)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
I use time wizard Beatdown and it f***s me up everytime good stuff boiz
Dickman1234 8days ago
This event better have actual decent rewards and not retarded bots that use your cards for a even weaker card.
Anonymous 10days ago
Reminder that this event was impossible to complete because of the cancer Yugi team and their broken ability "Silent Advent", which special summons one broken invincible monster ignoring any summoning conditions and that can't be negated by any way.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Trap cards say hi
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
sylvan marshalleaf say hi
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Sylvans weren't available then.
Anonymous 10days ago
gives us tag duel pvp mode not this same event evrytime.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
I think they needed more time to gather feedback?

I'm quite curious how will they implement pvp tag duel.

With all the skills that starts with field spell, and limited monster/ ST zone, I don't see how this can be implemented or fun to play
Anonymous 10days ago
I dont care what event konami give as long as it's dropping tons of gems
Proery 23days ago
trying to sell domain name and
<< Anonymous(Proery)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Contact me on
W 23days ago
Hi Wat tag duels ned
Friend list
Not a event
Valencia 30days ago
A fun event for me, and now that they are adding GX for it, here are some of the hilarious problems that could happen: Jesse: You better keep on your toes! Because I know my crystal beasts will do their job and clog up our spell and trap zone for us! Aster: Diamond Dude, use your effect m'man and mill, mill, MILL my deck! Oh s***, I'm out of cards! Ok, it's all up to you now! I'm just giving you a handicap!
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Blasting off Again 30days ago Reply
Jesse with Crystal Beast deck teams up with Jay with a Volcanic deck. Result: Team Rainbow Rocket
<< Anonymous(Blasting off Again)
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
lmao nice one
<< Anonymous(Blasting off Again)
Valencia 27days ago Reply
Lol! They will have a blast whether they win or lose.
wolf 27days ago
i don.t no if i the only 1 but i want pvp in tag duels with friend list like ranked duels and it is not only a event

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