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Yami Marik event part 2 is live now!
update 29/11/2017

Event information

DateLate January

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is planning on having it's first Tag Duel event coming this late January! Not much detail is shared about it, but it's possibly only a limited time event, similar to the previous "special duels event 1 & 2." This page will be updated as soon as more details are revealed from the game.

How it works

Tag-Team Duel is a 2v2 Duel using either the same LP as usual duels, or a combined of 2 players. In Duel Links' case, it's either 4000 LP, or going to be 8000 LP. Each team shares the same field but uses their own cards from their decks.


Cards in the deck

Certain rules can vary during this event, but standard dueling rules will still apply. This will mean that both players cannot bring more copies of cards that are limited than allowed, but you can bring 3 of the same card in each player's deck that are not limited for a total of 6.


In Tag Duels, you can work together with your teammate through each other's cards, but you are not able to activate their set spell/trap card, as well as their monster's effect during your turn.

Turn order

A person from a team will be chosen to go first. Afterwards, it will alternate to your opponent, then back to the teammate of the first team. An official rule of the tag duel tcg states that the first duelist who can make an attack is the duelist who goes fourth.


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Anonymous 3hour ago
if you could tag team with a friend i think it will be easier
Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Duel 1days ago
<< Anonymous(Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Duel)
killer 1days ago Reply
stop ads, poor kid.
<< Anonymous(Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Duel)
asshole 1days ago Reply
I appreciate your effort spamming this site with your crappy channel, so I'll press dislike on all of your videos as appreciation. :)
Anonymous 12days ago
I don't want to get paired with american, they take 3 minutes to draw a card.
<< Anonymous
Josh 8days ago Reply
I don't want to paired up with Japan cause they hack
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
´lol multi-tasking only works if if you do multiple things flawlessly
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Gosh, you don't do multi-tasking when you do PvP, is all ameritard really this disrespecting?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Yes... Yes we are
n00b 9days ago
Wish this is not a a limited time event.

Tag duel is really fun!! (Tag force as base)
1) you don't known your opponents deck x2
2) you don't known your team deck unless you are playing with a friend
3) you can use/activate partner's cards on the field, or use it as fusion summon.... but one wrong move can make your partner deck failed.

Unpredictable duel with many possibility! XD
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Ngjon 9days ago Reply
wont lie, the randomness excites me too
<< Anonymous(n00b)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
You cant activate partner's cards on the field
Anonymous 8days ago
Lol CA and REZ
MMASniper 8days ago
Who wants to be the Dox to my Para?
Anonymous 10days ago
So if both players used field spell skills, which will activate, or will the field spell take turns, bec that would be stupid!?
I think there will be a sole different skill system cause imagine Guardians Unite!
<< Anonymous
n00b 9days ago Reply
Team A(1&2) Vs Team B(1&2). Order: A1 > B1 >A2 >B2 and A1 again!! Therefore, **One** field spell slot for each team.
Jose 12days ago
Help me please, I need Toon Dark Magician Girl, how to get the card now?

<< Anonymous(Jose)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
It's unavailable at the moment unless another Toon World event shows up. Or, I believe you can get the card in a PvP match.
<< Anonymous
Anon 11days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Jose)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Since Pegasus is at the gate now we will probably get this card as a lottery drop from an event or duel a thon so yea. Maybe even a ranked ticket
Anonymous 10days ago
So tag force players will be very good at this and they won't have awful A.I partners this time.
Benjamin 10days ago
Lumus and Umbra anyone??
Trell 10days ago
Bring it on again
Anonymous 10days ago
How if ur partner lose so u will lose too? If not it will be handicap match XD

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