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update 19/01/2018

Event information

DateJanuary 24 - Feb 5

Announced on Jan 19th, the event will start on the 24th and will last for a little less than two weeks. Players can choose from Yami Yugi, Joey, and Kaiba as their duel partner to progress through the Tag Dueling Tournament. Participate in the event to obtain Tag Coins for a lottery.

Tag Duel Rules

Turn order

A person from a team will be chosen to go first. Afterwards, it will alternate to your opponent, then back to the teammate of the first team. An official rule of the tag duel tcg states that the first duelist who can make an attack is the duelist who goes fourth.

Cards in the deck

Certain rules can vary during this event, but standard dueling rules will still apply. This will mean that both players cannot bring more copies of cards that are limited than allowed, but you can bring 3 of the same card in each player's deck that are not limited, for a total of 6.

Shared Resources

  • You will be sharing 6,000 life points with your tag partner.
  • You can use if you partner's cards if they are on the following places:
    • Monster Zone
    • Spell/Trap Zone
    • Field Zone
    • Graveyard
    • Banished Zone

Individual Resouces

  • You and your partner will have seperate decks, extra decks, and hand cards. You won't be able to look at your partner's hand cards.


Normal: Yami Yugi deck

The Bond We Share

Hard: Joey Wheeler deck

Fusion Tag Deck

Master: Seto Kaiba deck


  • There is a chance that Challengers will appear after a Tag Duel.
  • Duels against Challengers will have a higher coin multiplier than usual, making it a prime opportunity to obtain lots of Tag Coins.
  • Challengers will disappear after a set period of time, so make sure not to miss the opportunity.
  • Duels against Challengers does not require Friendship Letters.


Tag Coins

  • You can obtain Tag Coins by Tag Dueling. Tag Coins can be used at the lottery to obtain cards and items.
  • The higher your Duel Assessment score, the more Tag Coins you get.
  • In addition, your Tag Coin Multiplier will increase at higher difficulties.
  • Players recieve 1 Tag Coin per 100 Duel Assessment score (max. 80)


Hot New Top
Anonymous 19days ago
I battled the Yugi team like 6 or 7 times, and lost every single time. All using decks especially made to beat them. The event is ending and I won’t have beaten it. Why did they make that team so absurdly cheap and unfair.
<< Anonymous
SmartASS 19days ago Reply
Post your deck. I'll help you out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
I dunno why, but my response, as well as all the other helpful comments, just disappeared. Anyway, here again, the deck I used to try to beat them, which failed every single time. Pulling a Silent Magician lv 8 out of their ass was just too much. I didn't want to "farm" them, I just wanted to beat them a single time, to complete the event. I don't have Glad Beasts/CA, I just wanted to beat the AI.
Master card 14days ago
Paul 17days ago
I really hope Tag Duels becomes a thing for PvP. It would be cool to even be randomly partnered with people in that arena. I really thought this was a fascinating idea and hope it comes back permanently inside the PvP.
Baba Yaga 17days ago
Why i can't unlock tag duels...i cant play tag duels because it doesn't appear on my game
KILLA__SWAG 18days ago
Konami please start online tag dueling me and my friends r really looking forward for it ....that would be a whole other dueling experience pls I beg u start it as soon as possible
vroeder 24days ago
Here's a deck to farm tag duels in Master level. You can easily get 8000+ D.A against any opponent. Tried for about 30+ duels and only lost some due bulshits I did by myself :D

1. Play, as soon as possible, Temple of the Mind's Eye and Backup Squad. The opponents won't attack you. Also, this combo makes Kaiba less offensive, helping to hold the duel. If BS is not in your initial hand, use TOME, which can be get more easily, with Pathfinder's effect, to hold 2 attacks and use Destiny Draw to pick BS. Play 1x Solemn Wishes too, so you will start your LP increasing.
2. Hold the duel and draw until you get Ra, 1x Disciple or 1x CC, 1x Double Summon (2x in the finals against Yugis) and another TOME (not needed if Kaiba's Twister is set on the field). Also, make sure you have enough LP to make Ra's attack strong enough for a victory in a single attack.
3. Take out TOME from the field (by setting another TOME or using Twister), play DS, summon Disciple/CC with tokens, summon Ra and activate the effect of exchaning your LP by its ATK and DEF. attack with his large attack to win with LP on a Brink (3000 DA) and 5000+ damage (2000 to 3000 DA). Other bonus will make you reach 8000 DA, the max. conversible in coins.

Ps. This deck works well agains Para and Dox master challeng too.
Ps2. The Yamis (Marik and Bakura, in semi finals) are the hardest opponent to this deck due Marik's skill and Nightmare wheel. For them, I suggest to make a similar deck adding 1x Anti-Magic Arrow (to block NW) and cards to empty your graveyard (to keep your LP high). Hold the duel until Mariks effect make their LP low enough to be defeated by Ra's attack, even if it doesn't get much high (didn't try it)
<< Anonymous
vroeder 23days ago Reply
card breaker and goblin circus seems to be great. I will try that later!
<< Anonymous
vroeder 23days ago Reply
Indeed D.D has this factor, but remember that Kaiba also helps on this setting ECon and Negate Attack. The damage you took you can use to draw SW. As I said, this deck isn't 100% efficient. But I've been winning with 8000+ D.A in about 90% of my duels
<< Anonymous(vroeder)
Nephalès 22days ago Reply
I love your deck but lose or do equal because of Kaiba makes anything and plays like an idiot 15 minutes is pretty annoying ^^
<< Anonymous(vroeder)
Xenon 18days ago Reply
Thank you for the deck!
While I had only ~70% or so WR, it was because of Kaiba(blocking third slot or doing setdraw to get my backrow killed vs. Mai) and lacking 2 summon/wishes/BS, it was good! Sad, that the backrow was only 3 slots...
Anonymous 19days ago
I hate kaiba
Anonymous 20days ago
So Kaiba uses Wall of Disruption, chains Negate Attack and then has the brazen audacity to chain Curse of Anubis after that. What a idiot!!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
That is a load of crap, since you can't chain Curse of Anubis to Negate Attack.
Anonymous 19days ago
I'm trying to use all my letters to get as many coins as possible. And I hope we don't have this stupid event where we have to team up with incompetent AI again in the future.
Anonymous 20days ago
Hope if you can make online tag duel it will be the best update
Anonymous 20days ago
You know you’re gonna lose the duel right away, when you partnering with kaiba against pegasus, and have that cards in the field, especially if you also summon BEUD. Lol
blueyes true master 21days ago
this blue eyes moron
<< Anonymous(blueyes true master)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
would rather save his monster than himself. genius.

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