Tag Duel Tournament [8 Jan - 18 Jan]

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Fanstastic Pegasus event
update 14/01/2019
Round 1Gems x30
Round 2EXp Booster x3
Round 3SR Jewel x1
Round 4Gems x40
Semi-FinalGold x5000
FinalComrade Swordsman of LandstarComrade Swordsman of Landstar

Round Three

Round 1Gems x30
Round 2Gold x5000
Round 3R Jewel x50
Round 4Gems x30
Semi-FinalGems x40
FinalChaos GoddessChaos Goddess

Completion Rewards: Dark Magician Cup

Round One

Round 1Gems x50
Round 2EXP Booster x3
Round 3UR Jewel x1
Round 4Zombyra the DarkZombyra the Dark
Round 5Gold x5000
Semi-FinalGems x50

Round Two

Round 1Gems x50
Round 2Gold x7000
Round 3UR Jewel x1
Round 4KryuelKryuel
Round 5Gold x10000
Semi-FinalGems x60
FinalPrime Material DragonPrime Material Dragon

Round Three

Round 1Gold x7000
Round 2Gems x30
Round 3Gems x50
Round 4R Jewel x50
Round 5Gold x15000
Semi-FinalGems x70
FinalStarlight RoadStarlight Road


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Are Tag team battles also comming for pvp?? (for example: me and a friend VS 2 other online players) that would be Awesome!
<< Anonymous(W.H.)
Anonymous Reply
maybe they will ask for the partner confirmation, or just swap it with AI player.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So don't play..
<< Anonymous
Brian Reply
"Dumb Americans"? You sound dumb yourself ignorant fuk
lol drop rates, i'm out
Last day surprise
A whole of lot of times to use the lottery... yet you only have 1 Starlight Road to all of this...
<< Anonymous(V1perMcKay)
V1perMcKay Reply
list continued...
Garbage! No prisma!!
This just showed the honesty of KONAMI to their customers. Old players cannot disable the old reward cards. So yeah, I had lots of fun keep getting garbage over and over. Here's what I got form completing every stage 3 times.
<< Anonymous(Anoyingmous)
Anonymous Reply
Yes, at the time I posted this, I haven't claim the rewards yet, just to show the correct result to everyone here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Come on man /:
You are complaining before the end of the event with 7 days

And now while there is still 3 days
I am pretty sure that you got at least 2 starlight road

If they gave us all the cards early
Then the game will be boring

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hmm.. my point is to show the ugliness of RNG that Konami have set to get new UR card. Until now, I have spent more than 45,000 coins to open, still got non from reward.

What does that mean? let assume I open 1 pack at the time(30 coins) 45,000/30 = 1,500. That means I opened the pack 1,500 times, still get non Starlight road? so the chance to get it is less than 0.000067% You ok with dat?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're not alone. I also have 1 starlight road the RNG is not balanced
F2P dark magic cup
200 coins most of the time
Third dragon spirit by dream ticket
Can be replaced by any other card
<< Anonymous
Nephalès Reply
"F2P", ah ah ! :p
I can't get my third copies of Unity and Prime, what a pain...
I enjoyed this event. However, maybe I am just unlucky, but when playing against the Weevil team, his skill puts his insect cards most of the times on top of my deck, or very close if not on top.
I built a deck that makes farming the Dark Magic Cup a breeze. The core idea is extremely simple. Use two different Dark Magician decks together, stomp the enemy with the synergy, and stall until you can get Ra on the field. You can use the Dark Magician support cards to clear the field right before summoning it, and attack directly right after. I'm using Marik's Power of the Tributed to ensure that Ra has at least 5000 attack. Make sure you duel the Lv.20 enemies. You'll still have several thousand over 8k points, and you won't have to deal with their annoying skills.
<< Anonymous(Virtus)
Anonymous Reply
this must be your first tag team event.

We use the old style, everything the same except no Ra but use last gamble style for farming 8k constantly.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Old style what?
This is satisfying (;
Starlight road so useless why it Ultra rare is it cause yusei card
<< Anonymous(ItzMolin )
Anonymous Reply
It's a good counter especially with treachourous trap hole with a free stardust dragon. It's not the best card but they've had far worse cards as ultra(blazing impachi)
<< Anonymous
Axe Raider Reply
Hi everyone

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yes, now it's possible
probably you Opponent didn't Special summon... this Card works great in my aromage deck
+ heterochrome eyes
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