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update 12/10/2017

Zombyra the Dark

Zombyra the Dark
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect


This card cannot attack your opponent directly. If this card destroys a monster by battle: This card loses 200 ATK.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherTag Duel Tournament




  • Strong starting ATK stats.


  • Cannot attack your opponent directly.
  • Loses 200 ATK everytime it destroys a monster by battle.
  • Weak DEF stats susceptible to position switching plays.


  • Due to the fact that this monster has severe cons in its effects, it is not possible to see much plays with this card.

Attack Augmentation

These are some of the cards to help increase Zombyra’s ATK because its ATK will decrease every time it destroys a monster by battle.


If your opponent attempts to attack your Zombyra after it has lost a significant amount of ATK, you can protect your monster with these cards.





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Why is he wear rugby mask?
Use him on a D Hero deck as he's a Dark effect monster you can fuse for Deadly Guy. This way you can use his high attack power and then not mind the loss as you fuse him after attacking 1 or 2 times.
It is handy as a defense against others lvl 4 cards and even after attacking once it will still have 1900 ATK which is the current upper average. But you shouldn't be attacking with this card unless you absolutely need to.
this shit card not worth SR super rare bullshit my ass!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
it's SR because it's now highest ATK normal summonable 4 star monster, just like UR nyan nyan, spear dragon, dunames, inpachi, axe raider, panther warrior at their times. it's drawback are consequences of it's high atk, just similiar to those 2k beater : SR susa soldier, unfriendly amazon, gaia soul, skull conductor, flash assailant.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We get your point but shitty card is still completely shitty
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Probably because it's the fusion material for this
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They won't release it
So does Forbidden Chalice reset his attack?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And he can also attack directly with it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That can make for a cool surprise but not really worth all the trouble
I don't mind the Attack drop every turn but "can't attack directly" kills it's viability.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That’s the thing with 2k+ 4 star beaters, high att power but shitty effects
fun testing this within tag duels, kaiba's IDMT resets the attack drop
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Kaiba doesn't have IDMT anymore
Wait until they release warrior other planet
Can you revert every minus 200 attack with Reverse Trap?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
try it and see how it goes
<< Anonymous
SmartASS Reply
Yes you can. Text states it "loses" attack instead of like "this monster's new original attack becomes 1900". If latter case, then reverse trap won't work.
Actually good for some reason
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Good reason what a shit card should be like
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Cannot attack your opponent directly, lose 200 atk everytime destroy a monster, easily killed by E-con. and you say its good?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In a basic beatdown deck, yeah, it can take care of a lot of threats & be a sacrifice so your better cards survive.
Shit card. not even worth for SR
This card was decent beater back in 2005s.

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