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update 06/01/2018

Berserker Crush

Berserker Crush
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect
ArchetypesSignature move
SupportsWinged Kuriboh
Related to ArchetypesKuriboh / Winged Kuriboh


Remove from play 1 monster from your Graveyard. The ATK and DEF of 1 face-up "Winged Kuriboh" you control becomes equal to the ATK and DEF of that monster, until the End Phase of this turn.

How to get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherPvP R ticket [R]




  • Banishes 1 monster from your Graveyard to grant your Winged Kuriboh the same ATK and DEF stats as that monster.


  • Requires strong monster(s) in your Graveyard to use.
  • Your Winged Kuriboh must be in face-up position to use.


  • This card is only applicable to Winged Kuriboh monster, and does not work with other “Kuriboh” monsters.
  • If you are using Winged Kuriboh to attack, and it was destroyed by your opponent, you do not take any damage during that turn.
  • This card is a quick-play spell, meaning you can put your Winged Kuriboh in attack mode, and if your opponent attacks into it, you can activate this card to have Winged Kuriboh gain ATK and DEF, in order to destroy that attacking monster.

Banish Monsters

These are some of the example monsters you can banish in order to use this card. Lava Golem can be used to tribute your 2 of opponent’s monsters while dealing some damage to their Life Points. If your opponent is able to remove Lava Golem from their field, it goes to your Graveyard, therefore you can make it useful by banishing it to grant your Winged Kuriboh the same ATK and DEF. Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon are commonly used in the meta and these archetypes have easy methods to send their boss monsters to the Graveyard, so as a desperation move, you can banish them to have your Winged Kuriboh gain the same ATK and DEF stats.




Banished categoriesBanishes from Graveyard / Banishes from Graveyard for cost / Banishes from your Graveyard
Stat changesYour monsters gain ATK / Your monsters gain DEF / Your monsters lose ATK / Your monsters lose DEF


Does it work with fusion monsters in the graveyard ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

Zombie King Winged Kuriboh
All kuriboh, prepare too strike!! We show them our true power!!
<< Anonymous(Kuriboh )
Winged Kuriboh Reply
Sir yes sir!
you could either use this card in a rock deck like magnerts and spcial summon the banished card with release from stone, or in a dark deck and summon back the card with escape from dark dimension
otherwise it doesnt make much sense
Meh, econ it and you just banished 1 for nothing...
This would be good if you banish a Rock monster then special summon it again using Release from Stone. Sadly there are not hi ATK Rocks over here.
Lord of all Kuriboh
This is why we really need Obelisk.

Because his 4000 atk would be useful as a fodder for Kuriboh!
<< Anonymous(Lord of all Kuriboh)
NMS Reply
The god cards are fodder for the true god cards, The Kuriboh Archtype!
Imagine your enemy attacking your attack position kuriboh and you use this card to banish something like Valkryion.

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