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Duel Links upcoming events and updates in December 2017.
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Yami Marik event part 2 is live now!
update 27/11/2017

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This coming December is all about getting new characters! As new players will be able to obtain a total of 4 new characters, while current/returning players will get 2 new ones. This will mean a lot of gems and new cards obtainable from level up rewards, and new skills, possibly creating new playstyles.

[Early Dec] Yami Marik unlock event

Yami Marik will once again return to the game! Available for new players to unlock, as well as bringing a new card that was not seen from the previous event.

"Hmm... Maybe it's time for you to witness this card!"

[Mid Dec] Duel-A-Thon + New Character

Coming in mid December will be an "all new Duel-A-Thon." As stated in the in-game announcements, duel to earn points and you will be able to unlock a new character!

"Try not to scream... A real spook is coming your way!"

[Mid Dec] Yami Bakura (Gate)

The next addition to the Gate will be Yami Bakura! Previously an event exclusive character only. In mid December, he will be available in the Gate for everyone to challenge and unlock!

[Late Dec] New Legendary Duelist

Coming this late December is a new unlockable Legendary Duelist. We are given the hints about the upcoming character and that it's from the "Duelist Chronicles! Battle City", which is from the first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! and a quote from the character:

"You're all invited to a show... A show of nightmares that is! Let Battle City begin!"


For the start of the new year, Duel Links decides to improve on some features as well as celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their global release.

[Early Jan] New Character

A new character is set to appear this coming early January. Not much is mentioned in the news, but we are given a quote from the character as the hint:

"All I desire... is victory!"

Improvements, Tag Duel Event, and 1 year Annieversary!

This coming January, Duel Links will be celebrating the 1 year Anniversary of Duel Links' global launch. Giving players many gifts and gem giveaways. There are also going to be some planned improvements, as well a "Tag Duel Event" coming this late January.

Planned improvements mentioned in the notice:

  • Improvement on Deck Editor screen transitions
  • Implementation of a button to change between worlds in Duel World


Hot New Top
Killua1246 1days ago
What would be the best strategy to get the god card from lv 50 marik? Just so stoked for the god card.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Let's Duel 1days ago
Anonymous 5days ago
FINALLY! Cyber Angels are going to get nerfed again but hard. Mind Scan is also getting a nerf too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Im surprised 5 year olds even know what hookers are.
<< Anonymous
Eric 3days ago Reply
Who lied to you?
<< Anonymous(Eric)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Yeah there are many people claiming that like its 100 % true, interesting thing is all of them have NO EVIDENCE, For example one guy claimed his friend worked in the developer team and told him when i asked how he said there was ome survez between 1000 users and 1000 developers BUT BUT BUT when i asked him to show it to me he said it was not for public I CALL THAT TOTAL BS
<< Anonymous
No 2days ago Reply
Mind Scan won't be nerfed. All you have to do is reduce your opponent to less than 3k and away it goes.
Anonymous 16days ago
Do we even know if Yami Marik or Marik Ishtar is the one unlocked? I really think it will be Marik Ishtar and not Yami Marik.
<< Anonymous(Valencia 2.2.0)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
Yo there, alternate me! If you want to think about THAT, then David Boreanaz and Cole Hamels are the way to go! Grade A real time sexiness, ya know?
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Valencia 2days ago Reply
I understand your argument. And I know that the whole thing about Marik probably having Dissociative Identity Disorder makes this more of a gray area for others. But he has been in almost all of the other games, so he should be here, too. Konami added an interesting twist of having Yami Marik first. My guess is that Kaiba added Yami Marik into Duel Links first because he only saw him duel.
<< Anonymous
Also Valencia 2days ago Reply
I want marik to stick his millennium rob up my ass if you know what I mean
<< Anonymous(Also Valencia )
Anonyboy 2days ago Reply
Come on guys, that’s enough.
Anonymous 9days ago
why would konami add more characters to DM while GX only has one event exclusive duelist.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Umm why does it matter. Everyone will be added eventually. They do not seem to be limiting who gets added. If the duelist was relevant, has a fan base, was introduced as being renown or famous for dueling or if there were ever seen dueling then they will be added. These listed reasons explain why everyone thus far has a spot in DL. We also know this game is based on BOTH the anime and the manga.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Most fans are fans from the anime not the manga. The download screen mentions the anime and there are absoluteky no manga onky character in DL. But we can see manga pages shown in the ibfo about new duelist entering the game and we so we def know this has basis from both. Too many of you complain...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
The more character they add the more levels and stuff we have available to keep us busy and the more money they make. We are hapoy so we keep using the app. The app is growing reguardless of what you bitch about. Put up or shut up. They will go crazy with adding GX characters eventually I gurantee you. We went mobths with barely a new character for DM and now we get them like fleas. Be patient.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
There is no such thing as a card being too OP. There are always limits or other cards added to balance. Ra is hard to summon ao it is no more unfair than any other high attack monster. This is nto the anine. It is just a card and can be defeated... People really irritate me. Speculate, have fun and stop bitching about how the game is not good enough or they shouldn't add this or that
kira 3days ago
please konami update legacy of the duelist now
Anonymous 5days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Hell yeah I need this card for my deck
Anonymous 4days ago
Guess it's a good guess that the new duelist we only have a quote for is probably Zane? That sounds like him tbh
Thompson 5days ago
Why would they give us Ra??? The game is already broken with CA and AG.....
<< Anonymous(Thompson)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Really? AG broken? You stuck on plat or what?
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy 5days ago Reply
AG is a darn good deck, but Broken? No.
<< Anonymous
Thompson 5days ago Reply
Im not stuck on Platina =( , but just today battled 5 AG in a row... but don't say CA could be limited more, cause it's red eyes all over again...
<< Anonymous(Thompson)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Lol can't beat ag decks, what a joke
Vizziks 5days ago
Ra is not a good card.. Especially given the way this game only has 3 monster and magic/trap card spaces. Not sure why some people in comments whole complain. If it were the anime version of the card, then yes it would be right to complain xD
Anonymous 16days ago
Marik winged dragon of ra bakura gate arkana and bones merry Christmas to you to konami
<< Anonymous(Ahlixemus)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Im just waiting for satorius
<< Anonymous
God 8days ago Reply
Cant be jam breeding machine, konami said NEW card and the breeding machine is already in game i should know getting at least 50 copies
<< Anonymous(God)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Wow god just like always you responded too late
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
Saiou have a lot of bad card
Anonymous 8days ago
Hey!! Could anybody remove Ads Spammer, about marriage wew

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