Upcoming events/updates [December]

Duel Links upcoming events and updates in December 2017.
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The 5ds world will be available on Sep 25!
update 27/11/2017

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This coming December is all about getting new characters! As new players will be able to obtain a total of 4 new characters, while current/returning players will get 2 new ones. This will mean a lot of gems and new cards obtainable from level up rewards, and new skills, possibly creating new playstyles.

[Early Dec] Yami Marik unlock event

Yami Marik will once again return to the game! Available for new players to unlock, as well as bringing a new card that was not seen from the previous event.

"Hmm... Maybe it's time for you to witness this card!"

[Mid Dec] Duel-A-Thon + New Character

Coming in mid December will be an "all new Duel-A-Thon." As stated in the in-game announcements, duel to earn points and you will be able to unlock a new character!

"Try not to scream... A real spook is coming your way!"

[Mid Dec] Yami Bakura (Gate)

The next addition to the Gate will be Yami Bakura! Previously an event exclusive character only. In mid December, he will be available in the Gate for everyone to challenge and unlock!

[Late Dec] New Legendary Duelist

Coming this late December is a new unlockable Legendary Duelist. We are given the hints about the upcoming character and that it's from the "Duelist Chronicles! Battle City", which is from the first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh! and a quote from the character:

"You're all invited to a show... A show of nightmares that is! Let Battle City begin!"


For the start of the new year, Duel Links decides to improve on some features as well as celebrating the 1 year anniversary of their global release.

[Early Jan] New Character

A new character is set to appear this coming early January. Not much is mentioned in the news, but we are given a quote from the character as the hint:

"All I desire... is victory!"

Improvements, Tag Duel Event, and 1 year Annieversary!

This coming January, Duel Links will be celebrating the 1 year Anniversary of Duel Links' global launch. Giving players many gifts and gem giveaways. There are also going to be some planned improvements, as well a "Tag Duel Event" coming this late January.

Planned improvements mentioned in the notice:

  • Improvement on Deck Editor screen transitions
  • Implementation of a button to change between worlds in Duel World


Hot New Top
I think I am the only one who obtained the winged dragon of Ra
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why? Because you don't see it played? It's its trash as shit. Go ahead and play it, I'll you with goblin thief or Hinotama, dragons fireball etc

Duel links is a retarded choice to willingly drop LP.
<< Anonymous
SliferRaObelisk420 Reply
Youre not the only one who obtained Ra. I also have him, I have Slifer too. The only one left is Obelisk.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude everyone has that trash it was too easy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Slifer is trash ?!!!!!!!!!!!! leave yugioh
Shut the up going on about obelisk. We’ve literally just got slifer for free. No one knows when the card is coming until it is officially anounced. Going on about how obelisk has a base attack compared to the other two. You look like absolute gimps
one retarded kid decide to spam for no reason lol how pathetic can he be
What day is obelisk event will come?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
On kaiba birthday maybe
Why everyone use same decks..when more dark magician support cards yugi use?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What the fuck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
what the fuck
Daniel Luke Simmons
When is obelisk the tormentors Egyptian god card coming out
<< Anonymous(Daniel Luke Simmons )
Anonymous Reply
no one know
Please update
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
An yet, Blue-Eyes Shining is worst than them. Obelisk is the only powerful Divine-Beast in the end.

4K base atk, the only one that can't be targeted, has a "raigeki" effect and don't have any stupid noob condition like Ra and Slifer that limit the plays or affects negativelly the owner of the card.
<< Anonymous
Cr-Kekistani Reply
I have a pretty consistent BEUD deck, I included Shining Dragon on it and I've been able to summon him fairly often, it's ability to negate Enemy Controller was won men a few duels.
<< Anonymous
Cr-Kekistani Reply
Also, you could build a fairly consistent deck for Ra with destiny draw on a LP recovering deck, just add 3 copies of Ra's Disciple, cards like double summon and celestial transformation so you can summon 3 Ra's Disciple and then summon Ra on the same turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
bet i smack that azz w mine .
k 7 (aster pic)
help I want my new shit nothings happened yet
I think I'm the only one that have 3 copies of Judge Man. That card is beast!
<< Anonymous
Proniklas Reply
I had 5 Copies of that card and I converted all but 1 because it sucks
<< Anonymous(Proniklas)
Piroca Reply
You idiot! There is a whole archetype revolving around Judge Man in YGO 5Ds!
<< Anonymous(Proniklas)
Kenanga Reply
Unwise choice, there will be Ultimate Mega Ultra Champion Juge Man Assault Mode which can be XYZ summoned once XYZ hit the game.
Add "final attack orders"
More people who have a slow game? These waiting times are long asf.
Wonder if we’ll get Armored dragon lv10 from chazz

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Even nicer, especially if their ace cards are also likely to only be attainable from boxes. Look at what's in the sample deck for ...
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