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update 03/05/2019


Use Challenge Tickets to Duel Yugi Muto and earn great rewards when you win. But beware of the Egyptian Gods that he will use starting the fifth turn. Significant Rewards include the event's Card Sleeve, Game Mat, and Icon. And get a new skill for Jaden the third time you win against Yugi Muto.

Challenge Rewards

First RoundCard Sleeves: Society of Light
Second RoundExtra Card Booster x3
Third RoundSkill: Neo Space
Fourth RoundGems x50
Fifth RoundGame Mat: Society of Light
Sixth RoundResult Booster x2
Seventh RoundIcon: Society of Light
Eighth RoundGems x50
Ninth Round and BeyondLottery Coins x150

Yugi Muto Lvl 50 Deck

Divine Beast Advent (Skill): At the beginning of turn 5 and onward, Yugi Muto will play "Slifer the Sky Dragon," on his side of the field. The Skill can only be used once per Duel.

King of Games: Lvl 50

The Decklist is credited to dgamelinks.blogspot


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What is this boring 🔥
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It is much more fun
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He is harder than last time. I am using same deck as like time but I eekp losing. I guess Kuriboh was changed into dark renewal?
he Black Sun, also known as the sonnenrad (sun wheel) in German, specifically comes from the floor of the north tower of Wewelsburg Castle, which was renovated by SS-leader Heinrich Himmler. The castle was a meeting place of only highest members of the SS, and Himmler considered it the axis mundi (center of the world) for their ideology.

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1st Round and 5th Round rewards were Mokuba's Sleeves and Mat respectively.. I was using him during the event but didnt get the Society of Light sleeves/mat...
<< Anonymous(YoloTroloLoL)
Anonymous Reply
You do get Society of Light sleeve/mat, they are just incorrectly named as Mokuba.
Yubel trash this guy
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
True I win with yubel but can still lose if I'm brick
I got 40 gems instead of 50 for my fourth and eight round victories. Has the same happened to someone else?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Read the issue section at the notification they say they post the wrong amount of gems well komoney don't wanna give us many gems for free I guess
50 gem reward is BS dude
Darklords gg
So not fun. Its worse then the base YGO chronicles event where you had to pray Yugi didn't roll Slifer or Obelisk.

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