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Red Eyes Slash
Red Eyes Slash


The reason why fusion monsters have a hard time being relevant in the meta is because of all the resources that are needed, and in the end the fusion monsters often can be removed easily by your opponent. That’s why fusion monsters need a very strong effect to make them worth it to bring out.

Red-Eyes Slash Dragon fortunately has access to such an effect. Another reason why it can actually be worth it to bring out Red-Eyes Slash Dragon is because he can be special summoned again by the effect of Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Spirit once he gets destroyed.

Multiple versions of a Red-Eyes Slash Dragon deck can be played, there is room for a lot of creativity. If you are missing certain cards (for example Elemental Hero Blazeman) you can try a different version that uses different Warrior type monsters.

Example Deck

Blazeman Felgrand Version

Red-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonKing of the Swamp
Elemental HERO BlazemanElemental HERO BlazemanElemental HERO BlazemanGuardian of FelgrandGuardian of FelgrandRed-Eyes Insight
Red-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes SpiritPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Red-Eyes Slash DragonRed-Eyes Slash DragonMeteor B. DragonBuster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer Swordsman----

Slash and Sky Galloping Version

Red-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes WyvernRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonKing of the Swamp
Swift Gaia the Fierce KnightSwift Gaia the Fierce KnightGateway to ChaosGateway to ChaosSpiral Spear StrikeRed-Eyes Insight
Red-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes SpiritPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Red-Eyes Slash DragonRed-Eyes Slash DragonMeteor B. DragonBuster Blader, the Dragon Destroyer SwordsmanSky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion--

How to Use

The first version with Elemental Hero Blazeman is able to bring out Red-Eyes Slash Dragon much faster than the second version. The second version however leaves room to decide which fusion monster you want to bring out depending on the situation (Sky Galloping Gaia or Red-Eyes Slash Dragon), also with the second version when Red-Eyes Slash dragon dies you can bring out a stronger warrior monster.

Red-Eyes Slash Dragon

The strength of this monster comes from the fact that whenever a Red-Eyes monster attacks (this can be a Red-Eyes Wyvern, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Red-Eyes Slash Dragon or this also counts when your opponent attacks with a Red-Eyes monster), you can equip a warrior monster from your graveyard to a Red-Eyes monster and it will gain 200 attack, also whenever a card you control is targeted by a card/effect you can send 1 equip card to the graveyard to negate and destroy that card.
For example if you attack with your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon into a Man-Eater Bug, you can remove the warrior that you equipped to this card during the attack declaration, to negate Man-Eater Bug’s effect so that your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon survives.
But its effect doesn’t end there, if your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon would be destroyed (for example by running into a Mirror Wall/Super Rush Headlong) you can special summon as many warrior monsters that were equipped to it as possible.

So not only does this card have a built-in way to protect itself, it also brings back monsters when it’s destroyed (as to not leave your field defenseless).

Pro tip: if you are playing against this card and you want to use Enemy Controller on it to stop its attack, put your toggle to “ON” so that you can use it at the start of the Battle Phase, if you leave it on “AUTO” you will only get a prompt once Red-Eyes Slash Dragon declares an attack, at which point it’s too late.

Elemental Hero Blazeman

Besides being a warrior type monster, this card draws a polymerization from your deck when normal or special summoned, so having this card and Red-Eyes Black Dragon in your hand means you can summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon.

Don’t forget if your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon is destroyed with this card equipped to it, you can special summon it and draw another Polymerization.


Storm is already a great backrow removal card in Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon decks, and it works well with this deck for the same reasons; you can chain your Red-Eyes Spirit to it to get both effects and also allows you to get rid of dead cards like Red-Eyes Insight (once you can’t use it anymore). In the Sky Galloping version it also synergizes well with Gateway to Chaos and Spiral Spear Strike.

You can also use it when there are warrior monsters equipped to your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon if you want to clear some backrow or if your spell/trap card zone is getting clogged up.

Guardian of Felgrand

The reason you might want to run this card is that when it’s equipped to your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon and it’s destroyed, you can special summon Guardian of Felgrand from your graveyard and equip Red-Eyes Black Dragon or Red-Eyes Slash Dragon to it and raise its attack to 1700/1900 respectively. Another reason to use this card is that if you tribute this card together with another monster you can special summon a level 7 or 8 Dragon from your graveyard, meaning you can bring back your Red-Eyes Black Dragon or Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with its effect as well.

Red-Eyes Wyvern and Red-Eyes Spirit

Both these cards are included for the same reason; you can special summon either your Red-Eyes Slash Dragon or Red-Eyes Black Dragon from your graveyard with them to either overrun your opponent or get more use out of your Slash Dragon.

Pro tip: to avoid your monsters being affected by Floodgate Trap Hole, use Red-Eyes spirit as chain link 2 or higher (for example chain it to the activation of your own Storm).

Additional Notes

  • You can fusion summon Red-Eyes Slash Dragon with King of the Swamp and one warrior monster, however you cannot fusion summon Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion with King of the Swamp.

  • The reason there are multiple different fusion monsters included in the extra deck is because they could in certain situations be useful, and with the help of King of the Swamp they can be summoned. You lose nothing by including them since there is room for 5 fusion monsters in the extra deck.

  • If you want more information about the Sky Galloping Gaia version check out this guide; .

Other Useful Cards

Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier
Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier
A very strong warrior monster that can be special summoned through the effect of Red-Eyes Slash Dragon.

Fusion Recycling Plant
Can help you cycle cards and fusion summon more often. Most of the time you’ll want to pick up a Red-Eyes Black Dragon during your end phase because you want warriors in your graveyard for the effect of Red-Eyes Slash Dragon.
Double Cyclone
Double Cyclone
Has the same use as Storm but it’s a quick-play spell card and you only need to send 1 of your spell/trap to the graveyard. However you cannot destroy more than one of your opponent’s spell/trap.


Anonymous 3days ago
I use a red-eyes and buster blader fusion deck and its turning out really well
Comatose-Tea 18days ago
Any improvement or helpful tips for this RESD deck? I tried to copy YTDan's RESD deck because it has an outrageously long win streak in Legend but the thing is, he has 3x Kappa and 3x Exiled Force, both WARRIOR-type which has synergy with RESD summoning. He didn't emphasized Blazeman's usefulness, which I have access to (3x), and he also didn't put Wyvern in his deck. What do you guys think should be the ratios in a competitive RESD? Revival, Fusion-materials, Backrow (like AMA, Xing Zhen), etc? Is Buster Blader needed here for variety, or it will brick further?

I tried the deck in Ranked, first battle won easily against Magnet deck. I'm currently at Plat. I hope to have some success in this season, past AG control and Glad-Beast never worked for me! Thanks!
<< Anonymous(Dvilboy)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
u da real mvp
<< Anonymous(Lurker)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Ur right. It's funny how people talk shit to each other over a card game lol
<< Anonymous(Comatose-Tea)
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
i use buster blader in my RESD deck. it doesnt brick at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Hey this is my comment on kojikocy lol
Anonymous 22days ago
your deck is ass
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
nice ass ;)
Anonymous 10days ago
this deck is beast
Anonymous 22days ago
UGH. Well i missed my chance to build this deck unless i can get another felgrand somehow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
its his lvl 40 lvl up reward
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Felgrand isn't very good at all. Say Slash dies and you get to summon him with slash attached, he's a 1900... what's he going to do?

The main problem is getting those 3 blazemans being pay to win due to 1 structure deck limit.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
You can use alternatives to Blazeman though, Woodsman works for me :) not hard to protect it for a turn if u need too then get that poly, he can also recycle poly cause he lets you add from the GY too
<< Anonymous
Daemon Blitzkrieg 19days ago Reply
Guardian isnt that "good" because he's meant to be played in a certain style & definitely isn't meant to be some comeback monster. He is STILL useful, just sorta situational. There's the slept on Swamp Battle King that actually CAN be a OTKO monster, if you really looking for one.
Anonymous 22days ago
I love how everyone was hating on this card when the pack first launched and now its all the youtubers are playing.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Ya no this card is trash it's for meme decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Looks like someone's doing bad with it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Ok hf being gold forever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Been past gold plenty of times this card's fun though :) actually at plat anyway with the deck been playing the event a lot mostly though

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