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If you thought Fur Hire puns were bad, you are going to love these cards. Madolche is an archetype of EARTH monsters with various Types that focuses on recycling cards: all monsters are either sent back to the Deck or to the hand after being destroyed.
Madolches have the ability to swarm the field rather quickly and gain control of it with relative ease, but, since Xyz Summon is not in the game, they don’t have their Boss monster yet.

Example Deck

Madolche PuddingcessMadolche PuddingcessMadolche MessengelatoMadolche MessengelatoMadolche MessengelatoMadolche Butlerusk
Madolche ButleruskMadolche ButleruskMadolche MewfeuilleMadolche MewfeuilleMadolche MewfeuilleMadolche Chateau
Madolche ChateauMadolche TicketMadolche TicketDust TornadoDust TornadoWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
The Tie that Binds
Until the end of you turn, the ATK of all face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters on your field times 100. This skill can only be used once per turn.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson

How to Use

Madolche is an archetype that does not mind its monsters being destroyed, it actually benefits from it most of the times; it’s pretty fast once it gets going and it becomes difficult to deal with in the long run because it tends on depleting the opponent’s resources while recycling its own cards repeatedly. While the deck does certainly miss a valid boss monster, it can still be pretty effective thanks to Puddingcess’ effect and the ability to swarm the field: getting everything set up is relatively easy in a 20-30 cards deck format since the deck runs two searchers for its main Spell cards.

Madolche Puddingcess

Madolche Puddingcess is the boss monster of this deck: she has very low stats for a Level 5 monster, but she does gain 800 ATK and DEF while there are no monsters in your Graveyard and, just like all other Madolche monsters, she returns to the deck instead of being sent to the Graveyard when she is destroyed by battle or card effect. When Puddingcess battles with an opponent monster, after damage calculation, she allows you to target and destroy a card your opponent controls.

Madolche Mewfeuille & Madolche Messengelato

Messengelato is a searcher: when he is special summoned on the field while you control a Beast Type monster, you can add 1 Madolche Spell or Trap from your deck to your hand. The cards that you will likely want to add to your hand are Madolche Ticket, the card that allows to swarm the field, and Madolche Chateau, the Field Spell. How do you special summon Messengelato? The easiest way of doing it is to use Mewfeuille’s effect: when he is normal summoned, you can special summon any Madolche monster from your hand, which includes even the Level 5 Puddingcess.

Madolche Butlerusk & Madolche Chateau

Butlerusk is another searcher: his effect adds a Field Spell from your deck to your hand when he is normal summoned as long as you control another Madolche monster. In the context of this deck, Chateau will be your target, but the effect doesn’t state that it has to be a Madolche Field Spell. Once Chateau is on the field, Butlerusk becomes 2000 ATK and 1300 DEF, which is not bad for a Level 4 monster.
When Chateau is on the field, if a Madolche monster is destroyed, you can decide if you want to shuffle it back into your deck or add it to your hand.

Madolche Ticket

Madolche Ticket is the card that will allow you to keep control of the field while Puddingcess and your back row deplete your opponent’s resources: everytime a Madolche monster would be shuffled back into your deck or added to your hand, you can special summon it on the field.

Dust Tornado

The biggest nightmare of this deck is easily Amazoness Onslaught: you can’t recycle your monsters if they are banished. Dust Tornado is your way of dealing with your most problematic matchup; it can be replaced by any other generic form of back row removal.The secondary effect of this card is allowing you to set a Spell or Trap from your hand after activating its effect: this is not too bad since we can add Spell and Traps to our hand during our opponent’s turn with Messengelato’s effect, but the version I’m proposing here does not run any of four Madolche Trap cards from Burning Nova.

Wall of Disruption

Wall of Disruption is always a good form of protection: you can substitute with Mirror Wall, but it won’t always be as effective. Madolche monsters don’t have the highest ATK, so packing this sort of card is a must.

Additional Notes

  • Since the deck does not have trouble swarming the field, The Tie that Binds seemed like the best choice;
  • Restart could be a decent option, but losing a Draw Phase is a bit too high of a cost, even when you factor the added consistency;
  • While you could utilize Balance, ending up with a Puddingcess as the only monster in your starting hand without a way to summon her is pretty risky;
  • Firm as the EARTH is a pretty good skill, since all of the monster are EARTH, but it’s actually worse than Madolches’ own Field Spell, Madolche Chateau.

Special Tips

  • If you activate Madolchepalooza while you control Puddingcess and Madolche Ticket is active, you will be able to special summon her back on the field after all the monsters go back to the hand.

Other Useful Cards

Cosmic Cyclone
Cosmic Cyclone
Great option for the Amazoness matchup; generic form of back row removal.
Madolche Nights
Madolche Nights
Can be searched by Messengelo; Counter Trap that negates monsters’ effect as long as you have no monsters in your Graveyard. Madolche Nights has an additional effect if you control a Puddingcess face-up on the field: after activating the effect you get to shuffle a random card from your opponent’s hand into his deck.
Madolche Tea Break
Madolche Tea Break
Counter Trap for Spell and Traps that can be searched by Messengelo; it has the same requirements as Madolche Nights. If you control a Puddingcess face-up on the field, you also get to destroy a card your opponent controls after the first effect.
Both Tea Break and Nights are great, but I wouldn’t suggest using more than one of each: they can be searched anyway and having too many copies of them increases the risk of a dead hand.
Madolchepalooza allows you to special summon from your hand as many Madolche monsters as you want: it’s a great card, especially when combined with Madolche Ticket, but the monsters have to return to the hand at the end of the turn.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 8hour ago
If u attack with puddingcess while onslaught is out u can destroy onslaught before it banishes. I'm my own version of madolches and I'm in leg 2
Anonymous 1days ago
Can anyone post a competetive madolche deck? I dont this this deck useful
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
well of course it's not, they didn't give us enough good cards to make it competitive!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Im running 3 mewfueille 2 pudingcess 1 messenger 1 chouxvalier 1 cruffsant 2 chateu 2 ticket 1 cosmic cyclone 1 super rush 3 nights 1 tea break 1 dust tornado 1 wod with balance any suggestions you have?
Anonymous 5days ago
*puts 3 WoD*
This is a deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Did you prefer 3 Canadia?
Ryan Jacob 5days ago
Please Help My Princess Puddin With My Card.
Anonymous 6days ago
deck can get you some wins but not really meta relevant. luckily they have synergy with psychic tuners w/ hootcake so they still have potential to be realized with synchros. decent rogue deck overall right now but they will get much stronger later
<< Anonymous
Helxabe 6days ago Reply
Classic nobody to nightmare deck. Given some support in future it'll bare down on the meta.
<< Anonymous(Helxabe)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Yeah, there are still a few Beast-Type Madolches unreleased, along with Marmalmaide and Magileine, two of the deck's best supports
Anonymous 7days ago
When you are hyped for the Madolches release and its your birthday and you get this in the first pack
<< Anonymous
DaBlueYou 7days ago Reply
Forgot to add name tho :p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Madolche Bros gotta stick together happy birthday man !
<< Anonymous
Ali 7days ago Reply
Hype ^_^
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
it wants to say happy birthday to you with its cake :D
Andrecito 8days ago
Chouxvalier over Butlerusk. There's no need for it when Messengelato does a better job.
<< Anonymous(Andrecito)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You are right, I will update it in the next few days. I didn't play during that DD Tower event, so I didn't know Chouxvalier was in the game.
<< Anonymous
Andrecito 6days ago Reply
No problemo, chiefo. :)
Anonymous 7days ago
This is not a bad attack variant, I want to test a stall variant with shadow game
Anonymous 7days ago
"If you thought Fur Hire puns were bad, you are going to love these cards."
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
People actually appreciate Madolche puns more because at least it's only in their name and it's consistent with their theme.

I love both archetype's puns, anyway XD
Anonymous 7days ago
you dont need both butlerrusk and messengelato. replace rusk with either chauvalier or chickolates
Anonymous 7days ago
This deck does nothing to Geargia lol. It avoids its attacks also puddings effect with pulse mines, G Attacker destorys it’s support, and G Anchor destroys without battling. Now this deck and amazoness are in its guaranteed win club.
Anonymous 7days ago
Really love Maldoche as an Archetype. Tiaramisu is such a good boss monster and I can't wait to see her dominate when Xyz drops.

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