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update 04/07/2019

Updated Information

  • Peten & Dark World Dealing combo part has been fixed.


The Main Goal of this deck is to summon your boss monster, Silent Magician LV8, and keep her alive to use as a beatstick. Balance is used to lessen your chances of a dead hand. Ideally, the best starting hand should at the very least have these: 1 Silent Magician LV4, 1 Level Up!, and 1 Dimension Gate, if not you can stall or improvise.

Example deck

Control Version

Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8The TrickySilent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent Magician
Lyla, Lightsworn SorceressLyla, Lightsworn SorceressLyla, Lightsworn SorceressGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's Recruiter
Cosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneForbidden ChaliceForbidden ChaliceSilent BurningSilent Burning
Silent BurningTreacherous Trap Hole--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand. Your first Draw will be skipped if you use this Skill.
Yugi Muto
Yugi Muto

Turbo Draw Version

Deck is created by うなぎいぬ@inunaginu

Silent Magician LV8Silent MagicianSilent MagicianSilent MagicianLyla, Lightsworn SorceressLyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
Lyla, Lightsworn SorceressPeten the Dark ClownPeten the Dark ClownPeten the Dark ClownDark World DealingsDark World Dealings
Dark World DealingsFire Formation - GyokkouFire Formation - GyokkouFire Formation - GyokkouSilent BurningSilent Burning
Silent BurningTreacherous Trap Hole--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. This skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith

Previous Version

Silent Magician LV8Silent Magician LV8Sphere KuribohSphere KuribohSilent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4
Silent Magician LV4Crystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush Headlong
Level Up!Level Up!Level Up!Mirror WallGamusharaInterdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter TransporterWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Check here!

How to Use (Spellbound Silence Version)

Silent Magician

The Non-LV Silent Magician is the core of this deck, she serves as your main beater and protection against your opponent's spells. You are also allowed to summon multiple copies in one turn if you have enough Spellcaster-type monsters on the field guaranteeing that your opponent will not be able to activate their spell cards. But make sure to keep at least 2 cards in your hand so that she stays a decent 2000 attack beater on the field. If ever she is destroyed, you can special summon Silent Magician LV8 from your deck or hand which has 3500 attack and is immune to your opponent's spell effects.

Gravekeeper's Recruiter

Gravekeeper is the best card to use as cost for summoning Silent Magician in this deck because he can easily replenish himself by searching out another copy. If needed he can be used to tribute into the tricky, this might not be as good as special summoning The Tricky with his own effect but could prove effective when trying to maintain your hand size. Also if your opponent controls only a single monster, and you really need to get rid of that monster, you can use Treacherous Trap Hole to destroy your opponent's monster and Gravekeeper's Recruiter then search another copy to minimize the loss.

The Tricky

The Tricky is a good way to easily put a beater on the field while also sending a card to the graveyard. You can send Silent Burning to the graveyard and use it to search out a Silent Magician from your deck. You can also send Peten the Dark Clown to special summon another copy from your deck and use it as tribute for Silent Magician. Although, summoning The Tricky decreases your hand by 2 cards might be bad for your Silent Magician's stats so be careful when summoning The Tricky this way.

Peten the Dark Clown

Peten the Dark Clown is a good card to send to the graveyard because he can immediately special summon another copy of himself to the field. Another combo you can do if you didn't get Silent Magician in your starting hand is to send Peten to the graveyard with Dark World Dealings and draw a card (hoping it's Silent Magician), then use Peten's effect to special summon another copy of himself from the deck.

However, Peten will not activate its effect while it used for the Special summoning of Silent Magician due to the missing timing.

Trap Protection

Silent Magicians are great for dealing with spell cards but are very vulnerable to traps, that is why you need to use these cards to protect your boss monsters. Lyla. Lightsworn Sorceress destroys a spell/trap card on the field but puts herself at a vulnerable defense position after doing so. But since she is a Spellcaster, you can tribute her to summon Silent Magician after she destroys a card. It is best not to let her live till the end phase because she might mill your Silent Magicians, but if she is on your field during the end phase she can mill a Peten the Dark Clown to help you special summon and thin your deck. Fire Formation - Gyokkou pins down your opponent's set spell/trap card. meaning your opponent cannot use it while it is affected by Fire Formation Gyokkou.

Silent Burning

Silent Burning is an OTK enabler. First you special summon as many Silent Magicians as you can and keep beating down your opponent. Then when your victory is guaranteed, use everything you can to deal with your opponent's backrow and then activate Silent Burning. Your Silent Magicians will now be 4000 attack monsters, enough to finish off your opponent. Treacherous Trap Hole might be useful for clearing your opponent's monsters so that you can attack directly.

How to Use (Old Version)


If you don't immediately get Silent Magician LV4 and Level Up! in your starting hand, use draw cards to help you get them. Crystal Seer adds one of the top 2 cards of your deck to your hand. Prioritize cards that would help you summon Silent Magician LV8 first, then try to get Dimension Gate or a defense card.

Level Up

Getting 5 spell counters on Silent Magician LV4 is really slow and unrealistic, even with cards that help you gain spell counters, so using Level Up! on Silent Magician LV4 to special summon Silent Magician LV8 is the main play of this deck.


Defending Silent Magician LV4 while she still has few counters, or when she is changed to defense position, is really important.

Dodge harmful effects and attacks

Silent Magician LV8 is only immune to spell effects, which is really good but sometimes not enough. She is still vulnerable to trap and monster effects, especially ones that change her battle position. Gamushara fixes this and punishes your opponent for attacking her by doubling the damage. For harmful effects like "return to hand" or Mirror Wall, use Interdimensional Matter Transporter to dodge those cards. Interdimensional Matter Transporter can also be used to dodge an opponent's attack but you will still receive the attack directly or with another monster.

Other useful cards

Magical Exemplar
Magical Exemplar
Can be used to revive Silent Magician LV4.
Alchemist of Black Spells
Alchemist of Black Spells
Helps Silent Magician LV4 Gain spell counters, great defense for a low leveled monster.
Mirage Dragon
Mirage Dragon
Silent Magician LV8 is already immune to spells, add Mirage Dragon to your field to make her almost unstoppable.
Half Shut
Half Shut
Prevents one monster from being destroyed by battle for that turn.
Silent Burning
Silent Burning
Can be used to quickly gain counters for Silent Magician LV4 or if you want to deck out your opponent, otherwise it is not recommended to use this card.
Diffusion Wave-Motion
Diffusion Wave-Motion
Combo with Silent Magician LV8 to clear your opponent's field of all monsters.
Level Modulation
Level Modulation
Can be used to revive Silent Magician LV8, but only if she was sent to the graveyard from the field.
Level Down!?
Level Down!?
Special summon Silent Magician LV4 from your graveyard by sending Silent Magician LV8 back to the deck. Used when you need a little more attack to finish your opponent.
Spell Power Grasp
Spell Power Grasp
Gain Spell counters without losing card advantage, and also helps thin your deck.
Cup of Ace
Cup of Ace
Depending on the outcome of the coin, can be used to draw cards or give Silent Magician LV4 a spell counter.
Pitch-Black Power Stone
Pitch-Black Power Stone
Easily gain 3 spell counters.
Magician's Circle
Magician's Circle
Can special summan a spellcaster type monster with 2000 or less attack from your deck, when a spellcaster on the field declares an attack. Usually used to special summon another Silent Magician LV4.


Hot New Top
peten will not activate its effect when used to special summon silent magician due to miss timing. please fix the guide
<< Anonymous(mike)
ValleCula Reply
The information on the page is correct: if you Tribute Peten to Special Summon Silent Magician, its effect will miss the timing.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
mike Reply
look at the peten/DWD combo part:

"You can tribute Peten for the summoning of Silent Magician, then banish the Peten in your graveyard to special summon another Silent Magician from your hand and repeat"
<< Anonymous(mike)
ValleCula Reply
I'm sorry, I misinterpreted your comment: I thought you were referencing the article with that first line. I'm going to ask for it to be corrected. Thank you for pointing out there was a mistake!
This card be iz da mostest Opiest card in duh gaeme
You can’t use ‘Diffusion Wave Motion’ on your lvl8
because it’s.. immune.. to.. m a g i c
<< Anonymous(Swiperthefox)
Anonymous Reply
The ONLY scenario where its immunity to Spells would prevent Diffusion Wave-Motion from working on Silent Magician LV8 is if they chain a control changing card to Diffusion Wave-Motion and then you take control of it back in the same turn.
This deck is still good in the current meta, I don't understand why people don't use it.
Great Card
This Silent Magician card is 100% ever lasting, spellbooks might be gone (after they were viable and top tier for almost a whole year) but this card will never stop being meta/KoG material, there are just plenty of ways to play it. Often with transcendental crystals, show of nightmares, TTB, etc.

I know plenty of people @Duel Links Meta who reach kog with silent magician deck for ENDLESS months. I think it is/was one of the most solid investments in the game.
<< Anonymous(Great Card)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, thanks to their mistake of not making it available with gems since the beginning, now they can't hit it at all, to avoid backlash from hitting a money-only card.

Even though we already have 2 Dream Tickets with Silent Magician in them.
Nerfing the deck 🔥 them
Needs the deck people pay 50$ for including me just take are damn money and ditch us. I see you yugioh duel links
So dudes, I decided to destroy the myth behind Silent Magician and the "pay to win" issue; I tested if it was true, so I choose Cyber Angels, a Spell based deck. Took out Saffira and started playing, and guess what EVERY SINGLE TIME I FACED THAT POOR WIFE, I ENDED WINNING; because she's only able to negate spells ONCE PER TURN.

How do you say the card is too op?
I don't bother if these EX packs become series, they are exclusive cards for fans, who want to support the game. No one is forcing you to buy it, because it's not by any means "Overpowered".

So that's it, even Handicaped, with a Spell-based deck, and NO SAFFIRA AT ALL.
You can win against Silent Magician.
And these haters, yeah, these people that keep complaining. I'm afraid they have never played duel links; but they keep hating, trying to boycott the game for no reason.

Anyway, leaving these raging and incoherent folks aside, I wish you all happy dueling !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Brain dead" descriptive enough I'd say
<< Anonymous
AK-47 Gold Reply
You cannot expect people to carry more spells on their deck. Some players do not even draw spells at all. Overall, silent magician and LV8 combos are too darn broken in this game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I been winning so far with my new build and the fur deck is only a problem when I don’t get the right hand which is like 60/40 of the time
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
pay 2 win will always be that way since this game release.
how can i make this deck better? i dont have cyclone btw.
<< Anonymous(mvpdr0se)
Ddt Reply
In my case I have blue dragon summoners and legions and also some vanilla beaters to power up the non lv silent magician. Remove peten since you can’t use his ability when you tribute him and maybe get some better spell/trap protection
I believe here is the answer
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
It could only either be that i misunderstood or made a mistake by doing it or the article above is wrong or invalid.
I based this from the articles above:

1st under the Peten article states that:

You can tribute Peten for the summoning of Silent Magician, then banish the Peten in your graveyard to special summon another peten to be use in special summoning another Silent Magician from your hand and repeat. Which dont work under my experience.

2nd under the the Tricky article states that:

You can also send Peten the Dark Clown to special summon another copy from your deck and use it as tribute for Silent Magician. Which again does not work under my experience.

Note: Same issues says the same notice "You missed the activation timing".

Commens and feedback


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