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update 07/08/2017


This NInja deck report was submitted and shared by Damarian Gaming on August 5th. He used this deck and reached KOG on August 4th.


Black Dragon NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaBlack Dragon NinjaRed Dragon NinjaRed Dragon NinjaRed Dragon Ninja
Senior Silver NinjaSenior Silver NinjaSenior Silver NinjaFlame Armor NinjaFlame Armor NinjaFlame Armor Ninja
Half ShutHalf ShutMausoleum of the EmperorMausoleum of the EmperorNinjitsu Art of TransformationNinjitsu Art of Duplication
Ninjitsu Art of DuplicationNinjitsu Art of Duplication--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Three-Star Demotion
Can be used by paying 2000 Life Points. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can only be used once per turn.

Paradox Brothers

How to use this deck

Main goal

Set Senior Silver Ninja to spam the board with other higher level ninjas and Beatdown the opponent. Use 3SD as a last resort as it is much more preferable to use Mausoleum but don't run Mausoleum at 3 as the draw ratio is perfect where it's at now.


3SD is my personal favorite for this ninja play style and I don't mind playing at 1000lp. Even if I'm up against a burn deck character, I'll be able to win as I won't use my flip to summing anything

Ninjas are also viable with Bandit Keith's Baggy Sleeves skill. I ran into this on my journey to KOG in Legendary Level 2. It's very strong and as potent as my 3SD build.


Play around your opponents cards with Duplication and Transformation.
Always steal a opponents set card during their end phase with a red dragon ninja if you have a viable target and its during the end phase of the turn they set the card through the use of duplication or transformation. That way next turn you can use RDN's effect again off a tribute or flip summon if you have one. That's minus 2 for your opponent typically leaving them weak and open for a Beatdown.


Main three flame armor as it's the only free normal summon able ninja that's viable for transformation and can also increase senior silver or RND to level 7 so you can duplicate them into a BDN whenever you choose. Also if you have a set senior with a flame armor and RND in hand; flip senior face up, only SS flame armor, and tribute summon RND using flame armor to have fodder for RND's ability.


Half Shut is maimed to keep you ninjas alive from battle if their attacked from being face down from senior summoning them. Before this, naturia was a heavy problem as their high attacks could easily kill of the ss'd ninjas due to their low def. Use the half shit on your ninjas when they're flipped face up during the dmg calc. You can also use this as anti mirror wall if you read it as a trap there earlier on in the duel or if your opponent is mako as 90% of the time it is a mirror wall. You can also use this to steal duels to push for damage.

If you don't have two or one half shut, swap in Gamashura as its the second best and I used that before half shut. It can burn your opponent for game and save your face down ninjas as they have high attacks.

If you have two Transformations, play the deck with 21 cards, the current ratio is perfect as is and I wouldn't swap anything out.

Potential Otk

Black Drangon Ninja steals games heavily. Most duelist wouldn't realize this low key tech but I am a avid ninja player in the actual card game and know this tech all too well. Black dragon ninja can send one ninja and one ninjutsu art from hand or field to grave, banish one monster on the field and if BDN leaves the field, special summon those monsters back to the field.

This can be applied several ways. You can interrupt a opponents board by banishing a strong key monster on their field at the right time. But remember you did so try not to lose that same BDN otherwise that same monster banished returns!

The lowkey tech I found out is that BDN can target himself which means he can also resummon himself whenever you choose to do so! This can be done during an opponents e-con eff to take control of your monster. This can be used to STEAL games as if it's done during your BP, you can gain an extra attack with the BDN. The deck is extremely OTK heavy.


Against Tea:

You can still summon flame armor ninja and make plays from there. Flame armor won't ever die as tea burn doesn't have a way to easily kill it meaning a tribute summon is guaranteed for you.

Against Weevil:

Weevil legit GOVES you tribute fodder. Also during their EP if they put a parasite on the top of your deck, if you have a set ninjutsu art you can use it and force your deck to shuffle before your draw phase which can save you the duel. It saved me one time.



Hot New Top
I love playing this deck vs CA always steal the game!!
"Use the half 🔥 on your ninjas" GameA, I saw what you did there XD
<< Anonymous
Ryu Reply
""Use the half 🔥 on your ninjas" GameA, I saw what you did there XD"
the deck creator (damarian) wrote that. Note necessarily GameA
this deck is plain trash.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
not playing it right then, went from legend 1 to KoG with this deck alone. Super strong when you're use to all the combos and how to play around your oponents cards.
<< Anonymous
LnrdOrtz Reply
Agree, most awesome deck I have used.

Only have issues dealing with Toons, any advice?
Im running this deck with restart since i do not have 3sd its not a bad deck but i can see why you would need 3sd for backup
You have that it's 2000Lp when it's now 3000Lp.
I was wondering, cause i brick so hard with no trap cards, is balance a better skill? the emperor thing makes up for a lack of Three Star Demotion
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
In that case i suggest bumpin mausoleum to three and decreasing one flame armor perhaps if you're going to try balance out.
how do you get so many ninja cards
<< Anonymous(Amazing)
DamarianGaming Reply
When the Phoenix set came out I was upset I didn't have a lot of gems saved and as a f2p player I wasn't gunna buy packs. So I legit saved gems cause I was super sure they'd drop one more box set before The world tournament. I managed to save 9000gems from leveling characters up, doing the in map gem finds, watching duel replays, and gem drops from skills I already dropped in duel rewards.
Is there any reason of the deck running the flame ninja over Sasuke? Also how often the deck bricks(BDN without its cost cards, Silver ninja without other ninjas, etc) ? Its a combo reliant deck after all
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
Flame armor ninja is the preferred level 4 over sasuke because Flame can increase any of the level 6 ninjas to 7 which could then turn duplication into a way to bring out BDN. In several of my duels I found having that option a very viable play and even though I have 3 sasuke, he isn't so reliable.
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
As for bricking... Every deck can brick. Some more than others but honestly I've only ever bricked ONCE out of all my duels with this deck to now on my grind from gold 4 to KoG. I opened two half shut and two mausoleum xD
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
But there's ALWAYS a way to open. Whether it be the most optimal play with senior and other ninjas in hand, or riding the wave of fate with a flame armor+transformation. Even if you have NOTHING in your hand for senior and he's your only target for 3SD, do it. Pay it. High chance your opponent won't arrack anyways. They'd most likely try to tribute to the doom it if they have it otherwise you'reok
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
Even if they have TttD, you might have a duplication so you can make them go minus two while you're still with a decent monster on board and only went minus one technically. Just never not summon or set anything. You risk a huge chance of not being able to 3SD because the cost is 3000LP after all.
maybe some same video of the deck in action
<< Anonymous(ch3l_ic3)
DalmarianGaming Reply
I can possibly do a screen record and upload to YouTube tomorrow. I'll post the link in this comment section. Not this thread of the comment section but as its own new thread.
Wow a unique deck!
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
Another OP F2P deck, nice try dude, you did it well, a well-balanced deck with only 2 URs, good job
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
DamarianGaming Reply
<< Anonymous(Noobs)
Wrong. 3 UR's. How bout you try again.
<< Anonymous(IDGAF)
DamarianGaming Reply
He wasn't counting quantities. But quality
Damarian or anyone help pls.Finally found tier 1 deck which I would enjoy playing. I just burned out all gems for this and I somehow managed to miss Gamushara and for 2nd Half- 🔥 (as you named it) I need to search in big pack which I just restarted and only by luck will get 2nd until the end of month so is there any card to replace them? Like Time Machine from Keith?
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
You could use a few different things as a substitute. They won't have quite the same protection but it's close.I like the time machine as it counts as a special summon which could potentially trigger Red Dragon Ninja's effect. Regretful rebirth does the same as time machine but it summons it in def mode. But it does still count as a special summon too.
if you happen to have mirror wall that too
<< Anonymous
DamarianGaming Reply
If you have none of these things you could even use the new "troop dragon" monster as its a floater. That means you can keep lacing it to the field so you can use him as tribute summoning fodder if it's destroyed by battle. Just know it's very possible to brick this way and the synergy in the deck could be off. Good luck!!
<< Anonymous(DamarianGaming)
Anita Reply
I have Mirror Wall. Thank you once again :)
<< Anonymous(Anita)
DamarianGaming Reply

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