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update 27/07/2018

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Example Deck

Gishki Ritual Version

Evigishki TetrogreEvigishki TetrogreEvigishki TetrogreGishki PsycheloneGishki PsycheloneGishki Psychelone
Sonic BirdSonic BirdSonic BirdTribute to The DoomedTribute to The DoomedHey, Trunade!
Hey, Trunade!Hey, Trunade!Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerGishki PhotomirrorGishki Photomirror
Gishki PhotomirrorTreacherous Trap Hole

Cyber Dragon Version

B-Buster DrakeB-Buster DrakeCyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon DreiCyber Dragon Zwei
Cyber Dragon ZweiJade KnightJade KnightCosmic CycloneHey, Trunade!Hey, Trunade!
Cybernetic Fusion SupportCybernetic Fusion SupportFlash FusionFlash FusionFlash FusionWall of Disruption
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption--------
Cyber End DragonCyber End DragonChimeratech OverdragonChimeratech OverdragonPair Cycroid--

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Cyber Style
Can be used each time your Life Points are at 3000 or below. Play 1 "Proto-Cyber Dragon" on from outside of your Deck for every 1000 Life Points below 4000. This skill can nly be used once per Duel.
Zane Truesdale
Zane Truesdale


Hot New Top
Pollo Loco
Skill: Cyber Style

3 Proto-Cyber Dragon
3 Cyber Dragon Drei
3 Cyber Dragon Zwei
3 B- Buster Drake

3 That Grass Looks Greener
2 Cyber Repair Plant
3 Cybernetic Fusion Support
2 Fusion Recycle Plant
3 Polymerization
3 Union Scramble
2 Cyber Network

2 Cyber End Dragon
2-3 Chimeratech Dragon
<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
ObsidianBunny Reply
I like your list. Doesn't it brick though ?
<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
Inky Reply
This is incredibly similar to my current build. It's not the most consistent but it's not been very bricky.
<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
Cyber Lover Reply
Yo Pollo Loco,

This list is fun. testing it at work and the cards have great synergy. Can fusion so many different ways. I took out some spells for Network Trap Hole and protection but it is joyous to use!
<< Anonymous(Pollo Loco)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
Stupid deck
Anonymous 18days ago
What I really like about this skill is that it works really well with cybernetic fusion. just use it and you get free protos. I personnaly use 2 power of guardians to protect my big fusions or keep drei/zwei on the field.
How do you get Cyber Dragon Drei? Cant find any info on the web for it???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
if this site is shit, why are you here? go to your copy decks meta LOL, and no! i dont work for I'm just a user who was raised with education by parents.
you are so WILD kid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People publish good porn here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People publish good porn here.
<< Anonymous(Ryan)
cylum Reply
leveling up zane
i honestly dont know why they have not added cyber dragon ? o.O
<< Anonymous(PuffingBear)
Anonymous Reply
You mean the vanilla 2100 Cyber Dragon that special summons itself and has 0 effects?

It's TOO MUCH for duel links. can't you see it??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They have other cards that do the exact same thing except they arent named cyber dragon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not with anywhere near Cyber Dragon's ATK, however.

Also, the name matters. (We have Future Fusion, so Cyber Dragon would enable dumping any number of Machines via Chimeratech Overdragon.) Also matters if we get Cyber Twin Dragon, since Cyber Dragon + Light Hex is an easy 2800 double-attacker.
the best one i could do
<< Anonymous(Edo)
Valencia Reply
It looks good, but I have a couple of questions: 1. How far can this take you in ranked? 2. Are substitutes that are easier to obtain for some of these cards okay to use? (anti magic arrows, versago, etc.)
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Edo Reply
every single card is essential to the deck except King of the Swamp which is just a poly searcher and +1 fusion material for Chimeratech. Cosmic Cyclone at 3 is needed. Actually im Legend rn and can’t get higher
<< Anonymous(Edo)
Valencia Reply
Thanks for explaining. I've seen some of these types of decks in Legend and casual before and I haven't lost to one yet. I wish we had more to work with here.
<< Anonymous(Edo)
Anonymous Reply
No Flash FUsion?
Hmmmmm........ !random attack with some monsters and then during battle phase chimeratech overdragon lol
I hope we'll get the other support for cyber dragon
Future fusion is almost worthless without cyber dragon
<< Anonymous
Rhysk Reply
Future Fusion is actually pretty great, especially in Destiny Heroes. Toss a couple Celestials to the grave, and even if they destroy Future Fusion, you still got card advantage and deck thinning from it.
<< Anonymous(Rhysk)
Anonymous Reply
That's assuming you get a chance to send them. Remember that you don't get to send until your next turn.
<< Anonymous
LordToxic Reply
Future Fusion is a skill and acts pre-errata in Duel links
<< Anonymous
Diaage Reply
Actually I use Future Fushion in a Hieratic deck with Chazz's Dragonic Fusion skill. You can get two Five Headed Dragons out in 1 turn this way
Angry, they are about to reskill this tributing will no longer be possible damn near if it ain't broke don't try to fix it, they are only doing this because. The skill wasn't intended to be used in other means than fusion summoning. Duel monsters is about to put upside down.
<< Anonymous(Bubbad)
Anonymous Reply
Went to tribute today and saw that it went into effect. So pissed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude, they've announced it for more than a week. Your own fault for not knowing when the nerf will happen.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean, I bet you're one of many players who keeps skipping any announcement in the game.
When the event available again?
<< Anonymous(Kiarash )
Anonymous Reply
Hopefully never
I'll post my spicy Cyber Style deck when I get the cards I need.
Why is no one using Three Of A Kind?
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
maybe because its quite hard to pull of, youll need to have 1000 or less if you dont use other cyber dragons.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am it's good.

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