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update 16/09/2017


Like most other Dinosaur decks, this one is made to beatdown your opponent with easily summoned monsters. With the attack boost from Jurassic World, your monsters will be higher than anything with the same amount of tributes to summon.

Example deck

DestroyersaurusDestroyersaurusDestroyersaurusSergeant ElectroSergeant ElectroDark Driceratops
Dark DriceratopsDark DriceratopsKabazaulsKabazaulsKabazaulsFossil Dig
Jurassic WorldJurassic WorldMirror WallCurse of AnubisWindstorm of EtaquaFossil Excavation
Fossil ExcavationFossil Excavation--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Dinosaur Kingdom
Begin duel with the field spell "Jurassic World" activated.


How to use

Jurrasic World

Having Jurassic World on the field is crucial to playing this deck, because it gives all your dinosaur-type monsters significant attack and defense boosts. This makes them stronger than any monster of the same level which is important for a beatdown deck, otherwise you won't be beating down much of anything. Add extra copies of Jurassic World in case the one you get at the start of the duel is destroyed, and you can search out these extra copies with Destroyersaurus.

Sergeant Electro

Use Sergeant Electro to lockdown your opponent's set spell/trap cards, or force them to activate it early making less than optimal plays. But since Sergeant Electro has below average attack and defense stats, you will need the cards mentioned below to protect him and keep your opponent's backrow locked.


Maintain your field presence is important in a beatdown deck, so you need to use cards that can protect your monsters from stronger monsters your opponent might have.

  • Use Mirror Wall to halve your opponent's attack and cause him to lose his monster. This will also force him to end the battle phase, as any monster that attacks will also get their attack points halved.
  • Windstorm of Etaqua and Curse of Anubis can both protect you from multiple enemy attacks by changing them to defense position, but keep in mind that Curse of Anubis will only change effect monsters to defense position. When in defense position you can attack them with Dark Driceratops to inflict piercing damage.

Revive Dark Dricera

You can send Dark Driceratops to the graveyard and revive him with Fossil Excavation for an easy summon, although if Fossil Excavation is destroyed Dark Driceratops is also destroyed. Keep in mind that if you have a dinosaur-type monster in your graveyard, you can discard Dark Driceratops then revive the same Dark Driceratops you used as cost. You can also simply normal summon Dark Driceratops by tributing 1 monster, although slower this method does not rely on you keeping another card on the field for him to stay.

Other useful cards

Card Explanation
Black Tyranno
Black Tyranno
Strong Dinosaur monster. You may occasionally find an opening to use his effect and cause massive damage to your opponent.
Element Saurus
Element Saurus
Useful for negating monster effects since this deck has many EARTH monsters, also gains an attack boost if Sergeant Electro is on the field.
Dust Knight
Dust Knight
Send Dark Driceratops to the graveyard to be revived later.
Allows you to normal summon Dark Driceratops with no tribute.
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Gravity Axe - Grarl
Attack Boost and can be used to lock your opponent in defense position for Dark Driceratops to pierce.
Hunting Instinct
Hunting Instinct
Special summons a dinosaur-type monster from your hand, but relies on your opponent special summoning first.

King of Games [Mar 2018]

IGNSet SkillDate Submitted
MincuhxDinosaur KingdomMarch 13


Hot New Top
First time I hit kog was with Dino's back before super rush came out. Legend 3 right now pushing for kog again with the new electro hydro deck. Very backrow dependant but it's beaten cyber angels and toons a couple times so I'd recommend it.
Adding Sergeant Electro in a Dinosaur deck is REALLY ugly...
Just got to Legend 5 with this Dino deck - Hydrogeddon and Sgt.Electro are what hold it down.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Legend 5? Are you memer, ma lad??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol shout out to Gunzblazing it's a dope deck
Bastion gave us Oxygeddon and Hydrogeddon which are pretty good for Dino decks. Oxy's just a generic 1800ATK for those who failed to snag Destroyersaurus during Rex's event but Hydrogeddon is really good and easily swarms the field.

Black Tyranno isn't that good but I like to throw in one since it's not hard to summon with Excavation or Hunting Instinct and it's stronger than Driceratops. It has higher DEF than the Jurrac too.
I have been using a kaiba Beatdown dark dricera deck in Plat and it's been getting wins
<< Anonymous(Qu1ckDr@w)
Anonymous Reply
I just got to legend 2 with my dino deck yesterday
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Qu1ckDr@w Reply
Whip that deck out my boi
<< Anonymous(Qu1ckDr@w)
Anonymous Reply
hey man, cool deck! what is the SR spell card on bottom right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Big Evolution Pill
Protip: don't copy paste GameA decks, like this one, they're are usually bad or not competitive enough for pvp. You may use this deck as base idea, but just don't copy paste entirely
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah, they did it on purpose so that no one can beat them. lol
One of, if not even, the best beatdown deck you can have right now. play, summon triceratops, attack and win. if your opponent can't stop triceratops it's practically over: piercing dmg, 2.7K atk, 1.8K def, 1x tribute needed and you can have 3 of them with the greatest of ease. most of your games will be like: Veni, vidi, vici
i like to play it with fitr king island and the bby saurus with 3 fire king and the dino who get atk boost so u summon a 1800 and a 2000 atk monster in one with out spend too many resourses
L Kaiba
I was looking forward to the Ultimate Tyranno speculation, cuz of a Dino Destruction build but Didn't happen XP
<< Anonymous(L Kaiba)
LKaiba Reply
Then I Read Skill Again and It only works on LV 6 Boo
I have had only 4 level 30's during this event but Rex 40 wont drop me the 2 more Destroyersaurus I need! :(
i use storm to clear opponent;s backrow

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