Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem: auto duel deck

Duel Links Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem deck for auto deul, farming standard duelists.
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update 03/03/2018

Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem


Balance skill is unnecessary. It's used to incrase the chance of getting Polymerization or Fusion Sage in your starting hand.

Sample deck

Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear GolemAncient Gear GolemKing of the SwampAncient Gear EngineerAncient Gear Engineer
Ancient Gear EngineerAncient Gear KnightAncient Gear KnightAncient Gear KnightThe Earth - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Ancient Gear BeastAncient Gear BeastAncient Gear BeastFusion SageFusion SagePolymerization
PolymerizationPolymerization--Ultimate Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear Golem
[Skill] descriptionUser
Balance (skill)
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Various LDs

How to use

Main Strategy

The goal is to open with the enough cards to fusion summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem. If ever Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem is destroyed an Ancient Gear Golem will be revived from your graveyard.

Search for Polymerization

Use these cards to search for Polymerization. In addition, King of the Swamp can also be used as a substitute fusion material in place of Ancient Gear Golem.

Fusion Materials

The Earth - Hexed-Sealed Fusion or King of the Swamp can be used as a substitute fusion material in place of Ancient Gear Golem.


  • As an Auto-Duel Deck, this deck is very linear and does not require much strategy to use.
  • Adding Ancient Gear Castle to this deck gives you more options to summon your big monsters, but may mess with your Balance.
  • Fusion Gate can be used as a substitute for Fusion Sage and/or Polymerization, but keep in mind your fusion materials will be removed from play meaning you will have no Ancient Gear Golem in your graveyard to revive.

Other useful cards

Ancient Gear Castle
Ancient Gear Castle
Attack boost and can be used as tribute for Stronger Ancient Gear monsters.
Fusion Gate
Fusion Gate
A fusion spell card, but removes your fusion materials from play.


BlackCat 6days ago
Update it please
<< Anonymous(BlackCat)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Make your own ;)
Would this work with just 1 ultimate? Or even without balance to just level up characters?
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
It should work with only 1 Ultimate. Without balance: You need to test this. Maybe Restart/Duel Standby could be used to have a better chance than no skill at all.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Personally i feel like Duel Standby is the best skill to use with this deck as the extra card helps a lot in getting your combo pieces.

Other than that, the more King of the Swamp, the better (Poly Search and being able to stand in for AGG in terms of Fusion Summoning, huge increase to consistency).
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
You never need to summon more than 1 Ultimate anyway.
Why would you use ‘the earth’ instead of more king of the swamps?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 30days ago Reply
"The earth" has better def
would fusion recycling plant work with this deck???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The risk there is that you do not have enough cards to discard for it to search for polymerisation. You would get a fusion material back on a fusion summon, but how may times do you expect to summon UAG before you win?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
how many times*
is this deck consistent vs Lv 57 SD?

Up to what stage is this deck viable?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am using this at stage 57 and it is really viable,at least 80% winrate to say the least

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