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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 27/09/2016

Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest

Eco, Mystical Spirit of the Forest
Monster TypePlant
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect


When you take damage from an opponent's card effect: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, inflict damage to your opponent equal to the damage you took, also both players take no further effect damage this turn.

How to get / rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [UR]
[Required trader items]
  • 16,000 Gold
  • R Jewel x40
  • Stone of EARTH x30




  • Pretty decent attack for a level 4 monster.
  • You can special summon this card on your opponent's turn by just having this card on your hand.
  • It's a hand trap for effect damage.
  • You are protected from any effect damage on the turn that this card is special summoned.


  • Your opponent must inflict effect damage to activate its effect.
  • It's pretty much a monster without an effect if you normal summon this card.
  • You can't inflict effect damage to your opponent on the turn when this card's effect resolves
  • Defense is low which makes it an easy target when switched to defense position.

Tips, related cards, skills

Restructer Revolution

Often used in Tea burn decks, this card can potentially deal more than 1000 damage per use. Using Eco, you can negate the damage received and further effect damage your opponent does for the rest of that turn.





Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand
LPDamages your opponent / Prevents effect damage

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Hot New Top
That's called double trouble
Pros: Destroys bamboo otk decks
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I approve this!
Hey guys, hope you picked up this card if you want to play ranked this season, bamboo burn is everywhere in higher play
Is this card bugged? I can never summon it.
Oponent had lava golem go of, i couldn't (might be due to LG being under my control, does anyone know?)
Oponent had Black Pendant go of i cound't summon it (no cards that would prevent SS were active at that point).
<< Anonymous
Lord Pancake Reply
LG is under your control, it counts as your monster damages you. But I think you should be able to use it aganis Black Pendant however I have't tried this card yet
Foot stomp
Prepare for marik event, maybe he use burn deck._.
<< Anonymous(Foot stomp)
Royal rage Reply
Des wombat is better to counter burn
Hey when you auto duel with eco, the computer will not play that card for some reason. smh
Auto duel doesn't play this card. It lets the opponent attack in hopes that it will inflict effect damage.
Tea burn counter
<< Anonymous
Moot Reply
Tea burn killer
<< Anonymous(Moot)
Zeratul Reply
If she dont 🔥 you in 3 turns max she is dead
I'm gonna start playing Tea Burn just because I don't believe anyone will tech this card
<< Anonymous
Noobs Reply
Are you sure bout that? I'm playing this card in my main deck for ranked just because a good stats that can be summoned easily, help my GK to reach Plat.3 against tea burn and para🔥
Thank god, so sick of tea burn decks
Thank god, so sick of tea burn decks
its a counter sure, but no one is going to main deck this.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Boii plant deck definitely main deck this. Or people who really hate burn lol
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't actually that suck when facing decks other than burns unlike Lifeforce Harmonizer. 1700 ATK is still tied with some popular unboosted standard beater like Sonic Duck and can get over utility cards like Electro/Mirage Dragon

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