Upcoming events/updates [May 2019]

Duel Links events and updated in May 2019, new legendary duelists, new reward cards, and new events.
Duel Links Breaking News
Blair Flannigan Unlock Event
update 29/04/2019


Upcoming events/updates in May 2019 have been officially announced! Prepare yourself and don't miss chances to get Gems & exclusive rewards!

Note: Exact dates for those updates haven't revealed yet.

Updated Planned On May

Late May

♦ New Feature added to the Duel Room.

  • Duel each other for the points in "Point Battles".
  • The room search feature has been improved.

Early May

Duelist Challenges Event

Complete puzzles similar to the ones in Duel School and win prizes. See our event page for guides on how to complete puzzles if you need some help.

Tag Duel Tournament

Based on the announcement text "Your Egyptian Gods Cards will belong to us ", Umbra & Lumis from DM might be the unlockable!

Solemn Odion Roaming Event

The Odion roaming event brings with it new Continuous Trap monsters. Win Duels to obtain the new UR card "Statue of Anguish Pattern" and SR card "The First Monarch"!

WCS 2019 Qualifier Celebration! Road to the World Champion!

A special campaign is underway in celebration of the WCS qualifiers!

Mid May

Tabletop RPG World Event

Battle with your dice and event-exclusive Deck to complete the various areas!
Unlock Tristan Taylor alongside new Reward cards, and a brand new Skill for Yami Bakura.

In Addition, Tristan Taylor will be unlockable

Tour Guide's Mission Bingo Event

Complete Tour Guide's Mission Bingo to get awesome Rewards such as Gems and SR Card Tickets!

Kalin Kessler's Roaming Event

The event announcement strongly suggests Kalin Kessler to be the roaming character. This is based on the Infernity card rewards, and the text "The clash between the Signers and Dark Signers begins" which Kalin Kessler was the first Dark Signer shown in the anime.

Late May

World Championship Qualifiers

The Duel Links World Championship has begun!
"Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2019 -Duel Links Division-" is coming!
Duelists chosen from around the world will Duel to decide the best of the best!
Make it through the qualifiers and to Germany for Worlds!

1st Stage:

Duration28 May - 10 Jun

2nd Stage:

Duration7 Jun - 10 Jun

Duel Quest Event

Advance Through the Dungeon by dueling to obtain Rewards such as Card Tickets and Gems!


Hot New Top
Yami bakura Event please
<< Anonymous
Konami Reply
add some toon events but big event not like this for 2 cards
We need 3 events:
-Superb Tea return.
-Aster Phoenix Event: We lack D-Hero cards like: Destiny Hero Dreadmaster, Dread Servant, Clock Tower Prison & Destiny End Dragoon. Also Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer & Shining Phoenix Enforcer (Flame Wingman & Shining Flame counterparts)
3. Zane event: To release Cyber Dragon & Cyber Twin Dragon
<< Anonymous
Arya Stark Reply
A few months ago, there were rarity changes to clocktower prison, eternal dread, dread servant, and d-counter. And they also found the phoenix enforcers along with alternate artwork versions of avian and burstinatrix to look like Aster's in the files. So they may be trying to plan an event or box cards for it. The problem with an event is that they probably don't even want to make one too "fun".
<< Anonymous
Arya Stark Reply
Unless they either increase lp or possibly where the game gets to a point where it is almost impossible to get it out on time, I can't see them giving us dragoon. The Weevil skill and lava golems seem to have made Konami shy away from more direct damage to the point where even a second copy of fire princess is unacceptable to them. Sadly, it also gives little hope for dystopia, dynatag, dunker.
<< Anonymous
Arya Stark Reply
And we probably won't ever see this card either.
<< Anonymous(Arya Stark)
Anonymous Reply
Looks very weak to be honest.
Dark Signers unlock event will be the best.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes but you didn’t list the cell saga
<< Anonymous(<3)
Anonymous Reply
It really picked up in season 2
<< Anonymous(<3)
Anonymous Reply
Maybe it's true that is 3rd in japan but look at google ratings , imdp znd my anime list , it has very low rank
<< Anonymous(<3)
Anonymous Reply
100% agree.
It’s time for cyber dragon and cyber twin dragon to come. We waited long enough
Yubel Event soon plz???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
We already had it twice. It's not coming back. We need her at the gate already. It has almost been a year and this is getting ridiculous.
What's the point of getting the infernity archetype kalin uses but not unlocking his character?? The other character's skills wouldn't support the zero card handless combo strategy and a character archetype is best used with their own characters
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
We can unlock him next month. We get a roaming event almost everytime before we get to unlock the character
My wish is a Cyber Dragon Structure Deck with
1 Cyber Dragon
2 Cyber Dragon Core
1 or 2 Cyberload Fusion
2 Cyber Twin Dragon

Core and Cyberload Fusion make the Cyber Dragon Deck better
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
unlocking zane is a pain
<< Anonymous
Tkn Reply
Yes i hope
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Drei have no effect of real cyber dragon which is special summon from hand
Link summoning is the best.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Revolver best character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
After what happened in the latest episode, no, Revolver isn't the best character.

He's just going back to being dumb as usual, and it's even worse this time because it's due to plot. At least back then he was being mislead by incorrect testing. But now he knows he's wrong, yet still insist he's right, all because of plot demands (Ai being a future opponent).
We need special duel with no banlist So we can find out the best between CA, Red-eyes, Sylvan, Fur Hire, Vampire, Koaki, Six Sam and Subterror
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bring back full power Tea Burn too
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude, none of them, no deck has ever been as op as bamboo otk
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Bamboo + woodland OTK >>> all of these
Toon cyber dragon lol

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why not original cyber dragon f**k konami

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This is one of the best value cards right now. If you don't want it then give it to another...
epic card text lol.. C squad 4life
Probably only to be used by NPCs.
They remade this event just for a crap normal monster... just give Dragonfly already...
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