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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 20/03/2018

Confronting the "C"

Confronting the "C"
Monster TypeInsect
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeTrigger Effect / Continuous Effect


When your opponent Special Summons a monster from the Extra Deck: You can Special Summon this card from your hand. If you do, this card is unaffected by monster effects that target this card.



How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader
(Trader item)
  • Tradable [SR]
    • SR Jewel x5
    • Stone of Earth x50
    • 40,000 Gold
  • Other--


    • Able to be Special summoned from your Hand, if your opponent performs Special Summon from their Extra Deck.
    • Strong DEF stats.
    • Can be immune to monster effects when Special Summoned correctly.


    • Situational card, can be a dead card if your opponent does not use any monsters from Extra Deck.
    • Requires 1 tribute for Tribute Summon.


    Useful Against

    Destiny Hero Decks - Example

    Destiny HERO - MaliciousDestiny HERO - MaliciousDestiny HERO - CelestialDestiny HERO - CelestialDestiny HERO - CelestialDestiny HERO - Decider
    The Dark - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Dark - Hex-Sealed FusionVision HERO - VyonVision HERO - VyonVision HERO - VyonDestiny HERO - Dreamer
    Cosmic CycloneCosmic CycloneDestiny DrawPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
    Powerful RebirthPowerful Rebirth-Destiny HERO - DangerousVision HERO TrinityRed-Eyes Slash Dragon

    Gladiator Beast Deck - Example

    Gladiator Beast LaquariGladiator Beast LaquariGladiator Beast LaquariGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast BestiariGladiator Beast Bestiari
    Gladiator Beast MurmilloGladiator Beast MurmilloGladiator Beast DimacariHalf ShutEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
    Enemy ControllerFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleImpenetrable AttackImpenetrable Attack
    Impenetrable AttackWall of Disruption-Gladiator Beast EssedariiGladiator Beast NerokiusGladiator Beast Heraklinos

    High Defense

    High defense can also mean high attack if you use Inverse Universe. Special summon your "C" in attack position when your opponent fusion summons if you have Inverse Universe already set, this will switch your monster's stats as well as your opponent. If you want to play it defensively, Spikeshield with Chain can also deal some good damage since it will increase "C"'s defense by 1600, making it 4100 defense. Take control of your opponent's monster with Enemy Controller and tribute set your "C", pair it with cards like Ghosts From the Past and you can have yourself some OTK.

    Special Summon

    Against decks that don't summon anything from the extra deck, you can still special summon it if you are using an insect type deck. Gokipon is useful to search for different insect monsters, while Pinch Hopper is to summon them. Alternatively, you can special summon a level 5 insect monsters using any other monster type if you use Insect Imitation, which can be good if you take control of your opponent's level 4 monster for it.




    Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesUnaffected by Monster Cards
    Summoning categoriesSpecial Summons itself from your hand


    Hot New Top
    Confronting the "G"!!!
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    confronting a cockroach from outerspace then.
    We need maxx "c"
    << Anonymous
    Geoff Reply
    That boy is banned from the TCG you really think they're going to put him in duel links?
    << Anonymous(Geoff)
    Anonymous Reply
    We already have TCG/OCG banned cards in DL, though.
    What about confronting the "D"?
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    i confront the D and it got harder and was puslating in my mouth
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Who played this or any of the C's in the anime?
    << Anonymous(Igotaquestion)
    Anonymous Reply
    No one. "C" monsters are card game exclusive, not from the anime.
    Junji Ito's favorite card.
    I love crazy cards like this, Dragon Dwelling in the Deep and Electronic Bagworm where it's a whole scenery thing floating on the field as a monster.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Me too :D
    I just wonder why this Cokroach is pretty strong.
    << Anonymous(Mut)
    Anonymous Reply
    Because it's a terra formars
    good card! but i am not a insect duelist.

    it won't become a dead card if there is another method to special summon this 1500 or less attack from hand/deck.
    I don't think that is a bad card, when the synchro's came will be a really good defence.
    "cons: Requires 1 tribute for Tribute Summon."

    Who the heck is going to Tribute Summon this thing especially when it has a Special Summon effect
    It's so ironic, that its rating is C.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Coincidental, not ironic.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Even coincidental started with C too.
    Would be useful when synchro ,xyz and link come out
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Yes, synchros coming

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    The condition to fusion from deck that is.
    Monster Gate helps, Reasoning would too. There Can Be Only One would make it more troublesome. Wo...
    What? Really? This card counters Floodgate? Those stalls deck give me a nightmare. last wee...
    I like the trading card of Pikachu.
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