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update 07/03/2020

The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion

The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Monster TypeRock
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeUnclassified Effect / Ignition Effect


You can substitute this card for any 1 Fusion Material Monster, but the other Fusion Material Monster(s) must be correct. You can Tribute Fusion Material Monsters on the field, including this face-up card; Special Summon 1 corresponding DARK Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.

How to Get / rarity

PackDawn of Destiny [SR]
Return of the Red-Eyes [SR]
Sword of Paladin [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • This card can replace 1 Fusion Material Monster.
  • It can Special Summon a Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck.
  • Defense is pretty decent.


  • Attack is quite low which makes it unreliable in battle.
  • Even though the Defense is decent, there are still a lot of monsters that can surpass it.
  • The other monster to be used in Polymerization with this card should be the correct monster.
  • You must tribute this card and a Fusion Material Monster from the field in order to Special Summon from your Extra deck by its effect.
  • It can only Special Summon a DARK Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck by its effect.


Monsters to summon

  • B. Skull Dragon currently has the highest attack out of all DARK Fusion Monsters. Use The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion's effect to tribute it and one of the Fusion Material monster from the field.



ActionsTributes for cost / Tributes itself for cost
Summoning categoriesFusion Substitute Monster / Special Summons from your Extra Deck


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Red Eyes Rule
hi, does hex seal fusion work with other "fusion" card like red eyes fusion which i can get the fusion monster inside my deck instead of and and field? or other fusion type card beside poly
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes Rule)
Anonymous Reply
You can't use fusion substitutes like the Hex-Sealeds or King of the Swamp from the Deck or while banished. Aside from that, you can. (Although for a card like Red-Eyes Fusion, it requires you to use a listed Red-Eyes Monster, so you couldn't use a Hex-Sealed + Summoned Skull to Summon B. Skull Dragon with Red-Eyes Fusion even if the Hex-Sealed was in your hand.)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
(The reverse would be fine, however. You could send a Red-Eyes Black Dragon from your Deck and a The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion from your hand to Summon B. Skull Dragon.) Also note fusion substitutes can only be used over named materials. You couldn't, for example, use a fusion substitute over one of Archfiend Black Skull Dragon's materials, as neither is a specifically named monster.
Dark Paladin??
This is even worse than people panicking about not being able to use it:

the Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion works randomly for Dark Paladin. Why RANDOMLY?!
Sometimes, it works when I summon this first, and then Gaia Origin's effect. Or sometimes the other way.

Is there an unwritten rule that special summoning fusion monsters is once per turn? Because if I'm able to stave them off for another turn, the affect WORKS EVERYTIME?

What am I doing wrong?

(Please, I'm still new to this and a little frustrated I keep losing games recently 'cause the gamble is in the effect working.

If you think someone not understanding this game is beneath you and a disgrace, just carry on. No need to be a wise ass).
<< Anonymous(Dark Paladin??)
Anonymous Reply
Not sure if I understood the situation: If you're using this card + Gaia The Fierce Knight Origin (or any other warrior type monster), you should be able to summon Dark Cavalry because you can substitute Dark Magician.

Did you use any other card effects or skills that prevented you from (special) summoning?
<< Anonymous(Dark Paladin??)
Anonymous Reply
To have a 100% success at summoning Cavalry with this effect you must be using a prismatic copy that you obtained with money. Not one that you obtained with gems.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have 100% rate with regular copy obtained with gems, so :p
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The card works perfectly fine. That reply (2 above) is just a typical troll post.
why cant the dark hex fusion summom Millennium eyes to the field
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
and used your opponent monster as the require effect monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Make sure you use this card as the Relinquished replacement instead of the effect monster.
So when you first summon it to the field, do you need polymerization if you have the other correct monsters, like just machine types affected by dna transplant (tryna summon chimeratech)
<< Anonymous(Tim)
Anonymous Reply
I don't know... As someone who uses the Light version of this card when I had Sparkman in the field to try to summon Shining Flare Wingman it didn't let me tribute to summon it.
<< Anonymous(Tim)
Anonymous Reply
The Hex-Sealeds have two effects. You can use them as a regular fusion substitute with Polymerization (like you would Versago). Or you can Tribute them and the other materials for a Fusion from your field to Special Summon the Fusion.

Keep in mind that second effect is NOT a Fusion Summon, though. So you can't Summon something like Shining Flare Wingman that has to be Fusion Summoned.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also, since the second effect is not a proper Fusion Summon, if the Fusion monster goes to the Graveyard, it cannot be revived, even if it has no summoning restriction.
I can't special summon Red Eyes Slash Dragon even when I have this card and Red Eyes B. Dragon on the field. What am I doing wrong?
<< Anonymous(Marcus)
... Reply
if it can substitute anything then it shouldve been able to substite the warrior type too.or change the description as this is misleading.
<< Anonymous(Marcus)
WoodFrJared Reply
Hi, Dark Hex can only be used as substitute for Dark Magician, not for the generic warrior monsters.
<< WoodFrJared
Anonymous Reply
This isn’t right, I’ve tried several times with an assault dragon In hand hex on field and can’t summon with polymerization amulet dragon witch would be using hex as sub for dark magician
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
^Are you sure the fusion summon could be summoned with substitute in the first place?
Pretty sure that card has restriction
I had a face up dark magician and this card in play but it wouldn’t let me fusion summon without poly the dark paladin. Dark Paladin is a dark card and this card would replace the Buster Blader. Why couldn’t I do it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dark paladin must be fusion summoned (1st effect), the effect of any hex allow you special summon a fusion monster and not fusion summon. But you can still use hex as material for fusion summon dark paladin with a fusion spell (poly) and dark magician or buster blade
I wanted to confirm the following:
A monster special summoned using this card has not been "properly" fusion summoned, thus it cannot be special summoned from the graveyard.

Is this right ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If using the second effect of this card? Yes, it's not a proper one, so no revival.
I couldn't FUSION-SUMMON (w/ polymerization) Buster Blader the destruction swordmaster usind this card and an Explosive Dragon in my hand as Fusion Material... anyone knows why? :'(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It wasn't a balance changed. The OCG changed how cards like Destruction Swordsman Fusion work, and Duel Links was updated to follow the change. (For you to use DSF, you need to use Buster Blader, as it can only Summon a monster that requires Buster Blader.)

Pretty easy to tell it wasn't a targeted random nerf by Fusion Summoning it with literally any other card besides Future Fusion or DSF.
<< Anonymous(Kaick)
Anonymous Reply
Buster Blader the destruction swordmaster isn't a fusion monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So, because of the update, it means that the Polymerization magic card is the only one that allows substitutes ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, it's a change specific to fusion spells that specify material like Destruction Swordsman Fusion and Red-Eyes Fusion.

You still can fusion summon using another fusion spell and a fusion sub, as long as the fusion spell does not specify a material.
Why doesn't this work with the buster blader fusion anymore
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Because the new ruling is coming
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What ruleing?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

Scroll down a bit, it's the 6th Q&A.
Why cant I use my opponent's monsters. The text say "on the field" not on "my side of the field"
<< Anonymous(GG)
Anonymous Reply
"on the field" means on your side of the field unless it says explicitly that you can use opponent's monster
Cant use this to summon sky galloping Gaia despite having a dragon monster and polymerization in my hand. Why?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sky Galloping Gaia doesn't have specifically named material.

Read carefully, it ask for a "Gaia the Fierce Knight" MONSTER, it refers to an archetype, it doesn't specifically ask for the vanilla one.
Damn, better than expected

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I'm happy for you. Leave Akiza alone.
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