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update 08/07/2017


Like many gemini decks, this deck focuses on sending monsters to the graveyard to later revive with card effects. But unlike other gemini decks which focuses on bringing out one or two monsters, this deck swarms the field with gemini monsters like to use as beatsticks.

Example deck

Phoenix GearfriedKnight of the Red LotusDarkstorm DragonDarkstorm DragonBlue Flame SwordsmanBlazewing Butterfly
Blazewing ButterflyBlazewing ButterflyWoodland ArcherKnight Day GrepherKnight Day GrepherKnight Day Grepher
Brushfire KnightSuperviseSuperviseSuperviseWonder BalloonsWonder Balloons
Mirror WallGemini Booster----

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.


How to use

Search monsters

Woodland Archer would be your main search card in this deck. Use him to search for high-leveled geminis to use for Wonder Balloons, Blazewing Butterfly to revive gemini monsters, or Knight Day Grepher to retrieve Supervise from the grave.

Send monsters to the graveyard

Revive monsters

Reviving monsters from your grave would be your best option to swarm the field.

Activate gemini effects

Both Supervise and Gemini Booster can turn gemini monsters into effect monsters when equipped. Aside from that, both have effects that support gemini monsters well.

  • Supervise can revive normal monsters when sent to the graveyard while face-up on the field. And can be activated when used as cost for Phoenix Gearfried or Darkstorm Dragon.
  • Gemini Booster boost the attack of the equipped gemini monster by 700 points. And when sent to the graveyard can permanently activate a gemini monster's effect, note however that this effect will not activate when used as cost for Darkstorm Dragon as it needs to be destroyed while equipped not sent to grave.

Destroy/Negate enemy spell/traps

Luckily, the two strongest monsters in this deck also have effects to handle your opponent's backrow. But be sure that the effects of these gemini monsters are already active.

Notice that Supervise can be used as cost for both of these effects. Use this chance to send Supervise to the graveyard and special summon another gemini monster.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu
Use this card to search for Supervise.
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
Superalloy Beast Raptinus
Activate all gemini effects while it is face up on the field. Can be special summoned with any two gemini monsters as fusion materials, which will also help you send Phoenix Gearfried or Darkstorm Dragon to the grave.
Advance Draw
Advance Draw
Might be worth using to draw more cards, but only use if you are able to revive Phoenix Gearfried or Darkstorm Dragon immediately.
Wild Tornado
Wild tornado
Destroy this set card with the effect of Darkstorm Dragon to trigger it's effect. Use it to destroy one of your opponent's face up monster.
Dimension Gate
Dimension Gate
Different Dimension Gate can be used to protect your monsters from cards like Enemy Controller and Soul Exchange. Then you can send Different Dimension Gate to the grave as cost for Darkstorm Dragon's effect to special summon your removed from play monster.
Soul Resurrection
Soul Resurrection
Can revive any normal monster in your graveyard. Useful since your strongest monsters are normal monsters.(Gemini monsters are counted as normal monsters when in the grave.)


Hot New Top
Brushfire knight bukannya Blum ada y?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
solution for trash.joking right
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mommy shark du du dudu du dudu
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
necroing dead post good job trash
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Daddy shark du du dudu du dudu
badump bum
idk why symbols of duty are not listed as a must have card in this deck. Sure fire way to get your big Geminis on the field.
<< Anonymous(badump bum)
badump bum Reply
use double summon as a sub for supervise
Can you guys give me some advies with this deck.

ps* I am free to play. ^_^
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Anonymous Reply
Heavy knights. Take out kidmodo dragon. also 3 supervises. I took out woodland archer because he only adds to the chance of getting bricked.
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Sal Reply
Dude, you cant include all this different play-styles in one deck. you either go for kidmodo-darkstorm or you go warriors. to have consistency.
<< Anonymous(Sal)
Sal Reply
Kidmodo-darkstorm is strong af btw, consider having 2 kidmod and 3 darkstorms and if you pull that combo off with either balloons or vanguardof the dragon, ur good to go xD..
went straight to platinum with this deck, lost like once. Made some crucial tweaks. Advice?
1x Phoenix Gearfried
1x knight of the red lotus
2x windstorm dragon
2x heavy knight of the flame
1x blue flame swordsman
2x blazewing butterfly
2x knight day grepher
1x brushfire knight

3x supervise
1x tribute to the doomed
1x super rush headlong
1x polymerization

1x mirror wall
1x windstorm of Etaqua

3x superalloybeast raptinus

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok I took out 1 knight day grepher and 1 darkstorm dragon to add a super rush headlong and a chiron the mage. I'm really liking this deck. Gemini's are underrated for sure. supervise is such a good card. I wish I had another phoenix gearfried and also I wish they would add featherizer. that would work better than brushfire knight.
<< Anonymous
mohi Reply
love you bruh i reached platnium for the first time cuz of ur deck <3 i dont have heavy knight of flame so im using 3x blazewin and 3x kinght day grepher
Can this deck deal with Toon Kingdom?
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous Reply
If you add in a Heavy Knight, definitely.
<< Anonymous(PK)
Anonymous Reply
Absolutely. 2x heavy knights. I love seeing toons when I use this deck.
Storm with supervise is a dirty combo use it to 🔥 on makos lmao
This deck is without ranking
I am now using destiny draw but is there a better skill to use with this kind of deck?
KOG Hunter
Is this KOG?
<< Anonymous
PK Reply
Please also give me 500 euros so I can get my hands on 3 tribute to the doomed and 3 phoenix gearfried
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i like more the original deck with 2 tribute to the doom instead of the wonder baggios.. and 1 or 2 super rush headlong.. if you gonna run the zombie gemini maybe could change gearfield for il blud
<< Anonymous(KOG Hunter)
Anonymous Reply
Can a 3rd gearfried be replaced by blue flame swordsman?
<< Anonymous
Anon Reply
Damn that's nasty. Looks good though.
Blue Eyed Dragon
3 supervise is budget?
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
lord2022 Reply
yea it is card trader card no gem needed
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
Anon Reply
<< Anonymous(Blue Eyed Dragon)
Mizu Reply
LOL.. out of all cards including UR pack cards, your problem is with supervise?
Gemini hater
People here really like Gemini decks lol
<< Anonymous(Gemini hater)
Otong Reply
Yep. Gemini deck is fun to play, bro.. Especially Gemini dragon. It's strong enough to stand against harpie and toon
dat triple Supervise doe
<< Anonymous(Rosstein)
Anonymous Reply
I'm down to near zero gold because of this card haha
<< Anonymous
ipo Reply
me too. even if Gemini decks suck, they are a fun deck to play

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I expected the game to crash after this infinite loop.. lol
I did the loop but I didn't get 99999999 points. Why is that? I used Red-eyes deck.
Umm... How many people even still use this card that much?
When you have no card in your hand and you need a card to turn the table you will always draw thi...
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