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update 13/02/2018


A deck that relies on drawing The Grass Looks Greener early to thin it down. You want to get as many Rock-type monsters into the graveyard as possible, especially the Normal Magnet Warriors, using them as fuel for the effects of your other cards. Use Restart to try and get The Grass Looks Greener in your starting hand.

Example deck

Ver 1.

Gaia Plate the Earth GiantValkyrion the Magna WarriorValkyrion the Magna WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorDelta The Magnet Warrior
Megarock DragonMegarock DragonTackle CrusaderBlock GolemBlock GolemBeta The Electromagnet Warrior
Gamma The Magnet WarriorGamma The Magnet WarriorGamma The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet Warrior
Alpha The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet WarriorThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks Greener
Anti-Magic ArrowsAnti-Magic ArrowsEnemy ControllerTriamid PulseRelease from StoneRelease from Stone

Ver. 2

Gaia Plate the Earth GiantGaia Plate the Earth GiantValkyrion the Magna WarriorValkyrion the Magna WarriorDelta The Magnet WarriorDelta The Magnet Warrior
Delta The Magnet WarriorTackle CrusaderBlock GolemBlock GolemBeta The Electromagnet WarriorGamma The Magnet Warrior
Gamma The Magnet WarriorGamma The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorBeta The Magnet WarriorAlpha The Magnet Warrior
Alpha The Magnet WarriorThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerThat Grass Looks GreenerMonster ReincarnationMonster Reincarnation
Anti-Magic ArrowsAnti-Magic ArrowsEnemy ControllerTriamid PulseTriamid PulseTriamid Pulse

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
Check here!

How to Use

That Grass Looks Greener

That Grass Looks Greener is a very effective card for thinning down your deck. usually a deck with 30 cards would be very inconsistent because your draws become more unpredictable, but That Grass Looks Greener is an easy solution to that problem, milling down your deck to equal your opponent's deck. this could mean sending the top 10 cards of your deck when used at the start of the duel. Some card effects in this deck, like Tackle Crusader and Delta the Magnet Warrior, can trigger even when they are sent from deck to the graveyard.

Tackle Crusader

Tackle Crusader's effect can be triggered when he is sent from the deck to the graveyard by the effect of That Grass Looks Greener. Letting you either change a monster's battle position or send your opponent's face-up spell/trap card back to his hand. Your opponent then cannot activate a spell/trap with the same name for the rest of the turn.

Magnet Warriors

The 3 Normal Magnet Warriors are great cards to send to the graveyard because they can synergize with almost any other effect in this deck.

Valkyrion the Magna Warrior

The Big Boss monster of the Magnet Warriors. Although special summoning him through his own effect is not efficient, summoning him though Delta the Magnet Warrior is very easy in this deck and gives you great field presense. plus if you have Alpha, Beta, and Gamma in your graveyard after activating Delta's effect, you can tribute Valkyrion to special summon all three from the graveyard.

Delta the Magnet Warrior

Delta the Magnet Warrior is the best way to special summon Valkyrion. If you are lucky enough, when you use That Grass Looks Greener, you can send Delta and 3 other Magnet Warriors to the graveyard instantly summoning Valkyrion during your first turn.
Delta is also good for milling your deck, letting you mill 1 Magnet Warrior from your deck every turn, you can use this to mill another Delta from your deck to activate it's effect to summon Valkyrion.
Another way to use his effect is waiting for your opponent to destroy him, sending him from the field to the graveyard, while you have 3 or more Magnet Warriors other than Delta in your graveyard.

Beta the Electromagnet Warrior

Beta the Electromagnet Warrior is mainly used to thin your deck by searching for another Magnet Warrior and special summoning it to the field, and by tributing him you also add fuel to your graveyard for other card effects. You can activate this effect during either player's turn making him great for dodging opponent's card effects.

Block Golem

Block Golem revives 2 low leveled Rock monsters from your graveyard, but they cannot activate their effects that turn. Special summon the Normal Magnet Warriors to use as tribute for Valkyrion. Revive Delta if you have 3 Magnet Warriors in your graveyard so that you can special summon Valkyrion when your opponent destroys him. Revive Beta the Electromagnetic Warrior and use his effect during your opponent's turn, further thinning your deck.

Triamid Pulse

Triamid Pulse is a great utility card to have face-up on your field. The only cost to activate any of its effects are 2 Rock-type monsters from your graveyard, which you should have plenty of. You can use Triamid Pulse to destroy another face-up card on the field or revive a Rock-type monster in defense position. Note that you can only use Triamid Pulse once per turn.

Rock-type Boss monsters

Aside from Valkyrion, these two are your biggest boss monsters:

  • Gaia Plate the Earth Giant is very easy to summon while being very powerful wall, although as the duel progresses it might get harder to maintain him. To summon him you only have to remove from play 2 Rock-type monsters in your graveyard, and to maintain him on the field you must remove from play 1 Rock-type monster during each of your standby phases. But with 2800 attack and a 'built in Mirror Wall" it would be highly unlikely for your opponent to overpower it in battle.
  • Megarock Dragon is just a really big beater that is easy to summon. With all the Rock-type monsters in your graveyard it would be very easy for him to reach over 3000-5000 attack.

Release from Stone

Your Gonna be removing from play a lot of Rock-type monsters with this deck. To make use of them you can use Release from stone to put them back onto the field.

Other useful cards

Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
Mills deck and good a spell/trap removal.
Attack the Moon!
Attack the Moon!
Good backrow removal card.
Monster Reincarnation
Monster Reincarnation
A good card in case you milled something useful into the graveyard.
Needlebug Nest
Needlebug Nest
Help you mill your own deck.
Jar of Avarice
Jar of Avarice
Returns useful cards you milled back into your deck.
Powerful Rebirth
Powerful Rebirth
A good card to revive monsters from the graveyard.


it is the best magnet greener version. this skill is the key.
Thousands of keys, still only 1 gamma
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...I don't think gamma drops...
I have been waiting 16 days of checking twice per day for a another grass looks Greener card I am losing my mind
One of the rare decks in this game with Graveyard setup. Probably the closest thing to a TCG deck you will ever see in DL.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not really? It utilizes a -1 self random mill. The only TCG decks I've seen using that is LS. Most graveyard setup in TCG is using tutor cards like Foolish Burial, Mathematician, etc or floaters like Card Trooper
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
that's because TGLG is limited to one per deck in TCG because it was OP
This deck relies heavily on your luck to get Grass early. From 5-6 duels with Restart every duel, I don't get one. Sigh...
I have my own variation of the deck
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Razaelriezen Reply
Bacon saver for that one off to protect your monster or you
Spells are obvious on how to use those
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Razaelriezen Reply
Magical stone is used to fill grave with monsters to get spell back that grass may have lost like say a reincarnation for mega rock or Gaia
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
YatsuoKogame Reply
Does it works good ? Enough to climb to legend
<< Anonymous(YatsuoKogame)
Anonymous Reply
with this deck, legend is piece cake..
I feel like I'm the only one who genuinely didn't know what this card was until I saw the art. I've always known this card by the name "Lawnmowing Next Door"

<< Anonymous
PhilosophicalPsycho Reply
Many people refer to it by the Japanese name (Lawnmowing) because it rolls off the tongue easier.
I had this deck with Bonz field skill. It was a fun deck to fuel up Trimid Pulse and destroy anything. Had to abandon this deck because everybody had the same meta deck at rank
When all of your boss monster goes through GY once you activate the spell...

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