Silent Swordsman deck (~ 2019 Jan)

Duel Links Silent Swordsman deck, Silent Swordsman in the meta, how to use Silent Swordsman cards.
update 31/01/2019


Silent Swordsman generally have characteristics that either negates Spells or immune to it. The OTK version of the build has a goal to make use of Secret Pass to the Treasures on Silent Swordsman Lv3, with Backup Rider and Silent Sword Slash to power up its attack. Silent Sword Slash is a very powerful Spell to make your Silent Swordsman immune to any effect for that turn, at the same time providing a permanent ATK boost, and this card’s activation cannot be negated by your opponent. You can also banish Silent Sword Slash from your Graveyard to search for any Silent Swordsman monster from your Deck.

Note: :To see the latest update of Silent Swordsman Decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Grit Version

SanganSilent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Dark World DealingsDark World Dealings
Into the VoidInto the VoidInto the VoidRiryokuRiryokuBack-Up Rider
Back-Up RiderBack-Up RiderSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashSecret Pass to the Treasures
Secret Pass to the TreasuresTreacherous Trap Hole-----

Mid Expensive OTK Ver

Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Dark World DealingsDark World DealingsDark World Dealings
Back-Up RiderBack-Up RiderSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashAssault Armor
Broken Bamboo SwordBroken Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo SwordCursed Bamboo SwordGolden Bamboo Sword
Secret Pass to the TreasuresSecret Pass to the Treasures-----

Expensive OTK Ver

Snoww, Unlight of Dark WorldSnoww, Unlight of Dark WorldSnoww, Unlight of Dark WorldSilent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3Silent Swordsman LV3
Dark World DealingsDark World DealingsDark World DealingsInto the VoidInto the VoidBack-Up Rider
Back-Up RiderSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashSilent Sword SlashMagical MalletSecret Pass to the Treasures
Secret Pass to the TreasuresSecret Pass to the Treasures-----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
If you had 4000 or more Life Points at the start of that turn, you Life Points will not fall below 1 for one time only. This Skill will only activate once per Duel.
Jesse Anderson
Jesse Anderson
[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.
Tea Gardner
Tea Gardner

How to Use

The OTK version of the Silent Swordsman Deck revolves around using either the Dark World draw engine, Dark World Dealings and Snoww, Unlight of Dark World, or the Bamboo draw engine, which is less effective at the moment compared to Dark World draw engine, to quickly get the cards required for your Silent Swordsman to OTK. Cursed Bamboo Sword also allows your Silent Swordsman to direct attack by returning another Bamboo Sword from the Field to your hand. This is an alternative to Secret Pass to the Treasures, should you are forced to use Silent Sword Slash early to protect your Silent Swordsman.

The other version using Silent Swordsman Lv5 as main beater, with Sangan as search engine to retrieve Silent Swordsman Lv3 from your Deck. This deck uses Level Up! To quickly get Silent Swordsman Lv5 to the Field, and mainly uses Silent Sword Slash as backrow protection. It offers (optional) tech cards like Offerings to the Doom and Treacherous Trap Hole, to destroy your opponent’s monsters, and Cosmic Cyclone to remove your opponent’s troublesome Spell/Traps, like Amazoness Onslaught for example.

Snoww, Unlight of Dark World & Dark World Dealings

Two very important cards in any deck that relies on Dark World draw engine. You can use Dark World Dealings’ effect to discard Snoww, in order to draw 1 card, then Snoww can activate its effect after being discard this way, to search another Snoww or Dark World Dealings from your Deck. This helps you draw the cards you need faster and more consistently.

Silent Swordsman Lv3 and Silent Sword Slash

Silent Swordsman Lv3 has a base attack of 1000 which allows you to use Secret Pass to the Treasures on it easily. You must use Secret Pass in the Treasures first, before attempting to use any other ATK boost Spells on your Silent Swordsman Lv3. Silent Sword Slash can be activated in response to your opponent’s card effects which might attempt to destroy your Silent Swordsman, such as Treacherous Trap Hole, to prevent your Silent Swordsman from being destroyed. You generally do not worry about Enemy Controller or Forbidden Chalice, or any other staple Spells because Silent Swordsman Lv3 will negate them. However, Spellbook of Fate does not target, so your Silent Swordsman Lv3 may be banished by its effect, unless you chain Silent Sword Slash to your opponent’s Spellbook of Fate. In the event of you unable to use Secret Pass to the Treasures, you are still able to overpower your opponent’s monsters as Silent Sword Slash’s ATK boost is permanent, and generally do not worry about opponent taking control of it via Enemy Controller. In some situations you were not able to OTK successfully, you can also set Silent Sword Slash and use it during your opponent’s turn should they attempt to use monster/trap effects on your Silent Swordsman, or even try to overpower it, it can act as a protection/power increase even during the damage step.

Back-Up Rider

This card acts as another ATK increase card to be used in conjunction with Silent Sword Slash to greatly boost your Silent Swordsman Lv3, but its effect only lasts for that turn it was used. You can keep Silent Sword Slash in your hand, use Backup Rider first, to boost your Silent Swordsman Lv3 to possibly 4000 ATK, and enter Battle Phase and attempt to direct attack with Silent Swordsman Lv3. This is to force your opponent to attempt to use any card effects to disrupt your Silent Swordsman’s attack, and then you can chain Silent Sword Slash to their activation.

Into the Void

Another important accessory card in your draw engine to allow more consistency and draw power.

Cursed Bamboo Sword & Broken Bamboo Sword

This alternative can be used to substitute Secret Pass to the Treasures’ effects, even when your Silent Swordsman Lv3 had increased beyond 1000 ATK, allowing it to attack directly.

Additional Notes

Restart & Duel, standby!

These are the most appropriate skills to be used with a standard Silent Swordsman Deck, for the OTK version you will need Duel, Standby! To quickly draw into the cards you need.

Other Useful Cards

Feast of the Wild LV5
Feast of the Wild LV5
The strength of this card is that it allows you to Special Summon up to 2 Silent Swordsman Lv5 from your Hand or Graveyard, but your Silent Swordsman Lv5 will have its spell immunity effect stripped. You can use this with Level Up! To quickly Special Summon Silent Swordsman Lv7 to the Field
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
Fusion Sword Murasame Blade
This card grants any of your Silent Swordsman monsters 800 ATK, and it cannot be destroyed by card effects while equipped to Silent Swordsman.
Release Restraint Wave
Release Restraint Wave
To be used together with Fusion Sword Murasame Blade, you can efficiently remove your opponents’ set Spell/Trap.
Assault Armor
Assault Armor
Allows your Silent Swordsman to attack twice during the same Battle Phase.


Hot New Top
Why aren'there any legit Silent Swordsman themed deck? A deck that uses LV 5 and 7 and not a 🔥ous OTK deck...
<< Anonymous(Iuo)
G_master Reply
Hi, please tell me which card packs/mini box did u buy ?I started playing for about 3 weeks and need a good deck. Thank u so much,much appreciated
<< Anonymous(G_master)
Anonymous Reply
For beginner, focus on saving gems and only buy packs from relatively new MINI boxes.

Main/ large box have 200 packs and only 1-2 high rarity cards. They are blackhole of gems (and wallet)
<< Anonymous
G_master Reply
Ok, thank you
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Main boxes may be a blackhole for gems but some have 🔥 core but cards that won't / can't be powercrept I.e floodgate

Always a good card to have and currently on the rise because of Koa'ki Meiru but its a good card to have regardless, Canadia doesnt powercreep it
I wanted a silent swordsman deck that focused on swordsman not the lv swordsman
Ummm... post ban? 3 semi limited cards not legal.
<< Anonymous(Tom)
Anonymous Reply
That was from a previous 'balance', where they semi-limited both Secret Pass and Assault Armour.
Why this card can negate the 3rd effect of Spellbook of Fate, but NOT the 2nd one?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean Silent Swordsman lv3
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lvl 3 cannot be targeted, but it still affected by spells. Fate is non-targeting. Lvl 5 is straight up unaffected by spells, so it survives Fate.
Please Konami.. One card...
<< Anonymous(WVRDEN)
Anonymous Reply
Probably the next EX structure deck that Konami fanatics will defend to the death
<< Anonymous(WVRDEN)
Anonymous Reply
another add like the Silent magician
<< Anonymous(WVRDEN)
Anonymous Reply
At least give us as level up reward Yugi mutou level 50 XD
Enjoy the epicness
i wonder why this is considered a bad deck now. grit is not used by noone and it is a strong otk. it has good draw engine, sure you could lose a few games with a really bad hand but still i don't get why it is not on any tier list, not even 3. and imo it should be tier 2.. what am i missing?
<< Anonymous(Chrisbanlis)
woop woop Reply
I have the expensive version + i use grit + i replaced 3x Secret Pass with 3x Ririoku:

- Its a 4 card OTK (SS + SSS + Backup Rider + Ririoku), and with duel stand-by nerf, I often brick

- Its a OTK that deals exactly 4k LP. If they gain LP (ex.: Fur Hire Wiz) or if they add ATK to their monster (ex.: Chalice), you wont OTK them and will probably lose your monster on their next turn.
<< Anonymous(woop woop)
Chrisbanlis Reply
still with that much draw and if you use a skil like balance or restart with some backrow you wont brick that often.. yes you need 4 cards that you have multiple copies of them.. actually you need ss+sss+ririoku or secret pass and another +1500 attack card which you have 5 more of them in deck. i get that it is not highly consistent but there are decks in tier 3 way worse than this
<< Anonymous(Chrisbanlis)
woop woop Reply
there just isnt space for traps for this deck if u want to run balance :/ ... but yeah i guess it could work if ure not really going for 1turn OTK

secret pass is garbage now : everytime i would summon SS, opponent would chain something (Floodgate, Canadia... thanks to the current meta) and it would force me to chain SSS. SS would now have 2500 and secret pass would become a dead card.

<< Anonymous(woop woop)
woop woop Reply
Adding more info, yes i agree it could be tier 3. Does super well if you open with a good hand. Its basically a you-win-or-you-lose-deck.

I guess its not on the tier list, because not many people play it (due to how expensive it is)

I also combine this otk deck with silent magician and some counter traps.. plus silent duelist skill to summon the lv 4 and lvl up to stall..
Where is the legit version of this deck and not the fake otk version?
Some smuck
People still don't realize that this deck can counter pretty much everything in the current meta right now. I'm running this with anti-trap monster like Wildheart and Tenchiben Shien and the only time I have problems is with bad hands.
<< Anonymous(Some smuck)
Anonymous Reply
How often u get bad hands.
<< Anonymous(Some smuck)
Anonymous Reply
Be "Silent" please...
In starting duel links from the beginning just so i can build the expensive otk version, I've senn videos on you tube and i do believe this deck could be tier 0 because all effects are negated when using silent slash, you can attack twice with assult armor and silent swordman is inmune to spell attacks and you can raise the attack of silent swordman to over 4000 attack. Case closed.
<< Anonymous(Josh)
Anonymous Reply
Except duel standby is nerfed so hard and make this deck almost unplayable
<< Anonymous(Josh)
Anonymous Reply
No man, Duel, Standby is going to be nerfed, which mean it won`t work as intended anymore. If I were you I'd save my gems for the new upcoming box.
<< Anonymous(Josh)
Josh Reply
Oh no it will be nerfed 🔥, im putting hours into this deck that would have been successful against sylvans, amozness and mask hero but they are doing this to my deck ughhhh
Since this deck is hitting the bin post nerf can we get a more control oriented build of silent swordsman?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or a Silent Swordsman build that actually makes use of LV5 and LV7.

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So happy this card is in the game as I played this dragon alot in Power of Chaos: Yugi the Destiny.
I challenge you. 221-212-149 My waifu is Jesse Anderson.
But not being an equip spell is much better. MST is useless against this card.
There's a new playable archetype in Duel Links now. It is called Skype Stalkers.
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