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update 23/08/2019


The addition of Snake Rain has given us a fairly easy of filling the Graveyard with Reptile-Type monsters to banish to Summon Evil Dragon Ananta, greatly improving any Deck that featured this Level 8 monster.

  • Essential cards
    CostVery Expensive
    (Box reset)
    Chaotic ComplianceChaotic Compliance
    Generation NextGeneration Next
    Galactic OriginGalactic Origin

    Example Deck

    Evil Dragon AnantaEvil Dragon AnantaGale LizardGale LizardVenom SnakeVenom Snake
    Venom SnakeVenom SerpentVenom SerpentVenom SerpentCosmic CycloneCosmic Cyclone
    Enemy ControllerSnake RainSnake RainSnake RainVenom ShotVenom Shot
    Venom SwampVenom SwampVenom SwampTreacherous Trap Hole--
    [Skill] descriptionUser
    Draw Sense: High Level
    Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random monster of Level 5 or higher
    Tyranno Hassleberry
    Tyranno Hassleberry

    How to Use

    Snake Rain & Venom Shot

    Both Snake Rain and Venom Shot allow you to send Reptile-Type monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard. Before the introduction of these two Spell Cards, you had to rely primarily on Skreech to fill your Graveyard with multiple cards to banish for Ananta, but now we have a way more consistent way of doing so.

    • Snake Rain can be activated by simply discarding a card and it allows you to send 4 Reptile-Type monsters from your Deck to the Graveyard.
    • Venom Shot can only be activated if you control a “Venom” monster, it can send only 1 Reptile-Type monster from your Deck to the Graveyard, but it also allows you to place to Venom Counters on a face-up monsters your opponent controls.

    Venom Swamp

    While Venom Swamp is on the field, all monsters lose 500 ATK for each Venom Counter on them. Additionally, during each player’s End Phase, this Field Spell will place a Venom Counter on every face-up non-“Venom” monster. Essentially Venom Swamp makes Venom Counters work and it also distributes them.

    Venom Snake & Venom Serpent

    Venom Snake is a 1200 ATK monster that, once per turn, allows you to place a Venom Counter on a face-up monster your opponent controls, but it cannot attack the turn its effect is activated. Venom Serpent has 200 less ATK than Venom Snake, the same effect, but it can attack during the turn its effect is activated. Both of these monsters have a ridiculously low ATK, but Venom Swamp, Venom Shot, and their own effect can sort of make up for it.

    Evil Dragon Ananta

    Evil Dragon Ananta is a Level 8 monster that can be Special Summoned by banishing all Reptile-Type monsters on your side of the field and Graveyard. For each monster that was removed from play in order to Summon it, Ananta gains 600 ATK and DEF, which means that, in order to reach a decent amount of ATK, you would probably need to banish at least 5 (3000 ATK and DEF).

    During each of your End Phases, Evil Dragon Ananta allows you to destroy a card on the field. This is the main reason why you would want to run this monster. Even if you end up banishing a single monster to Summon it, Ananta is capable of continuously removing cards from the field, slowly depleting your opponent’s resources.

    Additional Notes


    [Skill] descriptionUser
    Draw Sense: High Level
    Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, draw a random monster of Level 5 or higher
    Tyranno Hassleberry
    Tyranno Hassleberry

    This Skill, in combination with Cosmic Cyclone, will allow you to draw Evil Dragon Ananta when you need it. The recent changes to Draw Sense: High Level are another big improvement that was made to this Deck.


    • Ananta is unfortunately not that difficult to get rid of. Most relevant Decks will have at least a way of removing this monster from the field that isn’t by battle.
    • Venom Counters are pretty inconsistent: if you don’t have Venom Swamp, which can be removed from the field quite easily or prevented from being activated in the first place, they have no effect at all.
    • Ananta’s effect is nice, but destruction by card effect is not exactly the most effective form of removal; Secret Six Samurai - Fuma, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En, Neos Fusion, and Red-Eyes Slash Dragon can all prevent it.
    • You are forced to destroy a card on the field during your End Phase. Ananta can essentially be forced to destroy itself.


    I got Dlv 20 and KoG wih this deck.. thank you gameA you have only amazing decks.......
    what a strange archetype, but it's surprisingly competitive. Ananta + snakes I mean
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    Fun, but not really competitive
    I've been playing around with Ananta in a Venom deck for a little while now. One of the issues is Venom Swamp since Ananta isn't immune to it's counters, so you either Set another copy of Swamp or destroy it.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    I say make an Alien deck for this. You can probably even go with Balance as the skill, with That Grass Looks Greener and A Cell Recombination Device as some of the only spells in the deck. Not saying it'll be the best, but it'll be better than this.
    << Anonymous
    ValleCula Reply
    >What about Worms?
    Synergy is fine, but I just don't think they are good enough. I could still try and pull something off.
    << Anonymous
    ValleCula Reply
    >I say make an Alien deck for this.
    I tried. Ananta feels clunky.
    When you Summon Ananta, it takes away all of your resources in the GY for Ammonite, which makes Grass considerably worse, and all of your face-up Reptile monsters on the field. You need to Summon whatever you want to keep on the field after Ananta, but Ananta is going to remove any monster that Ammonite can Special Summon...
    << Anonymous(ValleCula)
    ValleCula Reply
    You can take away Ammonite, because the synergy with Ananta is just not there, and focus primarily on A-Counters, which would allow you to get Ananta, Alien Overlord, and maybe an Alien Mars on the field. It's decent.

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    because you just need 3 floodgate to shutdown this deck
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