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Tyranno Hassleberry Event!
update 24/02/2018

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Announced in-game on the 22nd of February, plans for future updates for March have been released!

Early March

Destiny Hero Structure Deck

A new structure deck will be added! This deck will work well with Aster Phoenix's skill! Check leaked information page for possible cards in the deck!

Syrus Truesdale Event

A roaming event duelist will come to Duel World! We suspect its Syrus Truesdale because, in the anime, he feels that he is always in the shadow of his Older Brother Zane. Another possibility is Tristan Taylor, the last main character from the main YuGiOh series that hasn't appeared in Duel Links.

D.D. Tower: WIND and EARTH Dimension

D.D. Tower: WIND and EARTH Dimension are coming! With new decks to challenge and new rewards to get. Aim for the top of the tower, knocking down any formidable enemy that may stand in your way!

Mid March


Duel-A-Thon will be held again in Mid January. During the event period, you will earn points every duel, to fill your "Duel Meter". Gather points every day and get daily rewards, accumulate those points over the course of the event to get even bigger prizes.

A Superb Legendary Duelist?

A superb legendary duelist will be coming to Duel Links. Not much more information is given but this would most likely be a Roaming Duelist Event.

Late March

Jesse Anderson Unlock Event

Jesse Anderson will be returning to Duel Links but this time he will be unlockable, bringing along his ace monster Rainbow Dragon.

Chazz Princeton Skill and Structure Deck

A new structure deck will be added with a new skill for Chazz Princeton working well with each other!


Hot New Top
When the hell u will gimme silent swordsman u i hope konami will nerf the fcking down mako tsunami card fcker...what the heck u always give that water character such an asshole upgrade card effecrs alrady too imba cb
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Since the anon mentioned Mako Tsunami, I'm guessing the anon faced an SSA deck.

Which is a deck that has been a problem for a while.

(Although thanks to Sylvan being broken OP, there are less SSA players now, as the players switched into playing the next broken OP deck which is Sylvan)
When Dr.Crowler event update because I need all the Ancient gear deck Fuison please update one more time
<< Anonymous(Keldeo214)
Anonymous Reply
Do you even play the game

Crowler has been in the Gate for maybe a week now
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
its even featured on the banner list
When Arkana will be available for unlock?
Can anybody explain how the sale event works? I bought like 12 packs and no UR. Newbie here
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
By not bumping old threads
Level cap increase! lvl 50? or 45?. who's care?, gems. probably the lvl max is be a card. i hope we can get these card:
Atem: Magical dimension
Kaiba: Blue eyes alternative white dragon
Joey: red eyes retro dragon
Mai: Amazoness village
Tea: Any of the magician girls archetype
Yugi: Berserkion the electro-magnetic warrior (with the elctro magnetic leveling)
Weevile, rex, mako (I don't know)
Marik: Ra sphere
Bakura, keith, ishizu, odio (i don't know)
Pegasus: Millenium restrict eyes.
Mokuba, arkana, paradox bros (i don't know)
Jaden: Mole neospacian
Aster: D-hero Distopya guy
Chazz: One of the abc monsters or ojama support
Alexis: Cyber angel Natasha
Bastion: Magic cylinder
Crowler: Ancient gear golem - ultimate pound
<< Anonymous
KyanbuXM Reply
Joey's LV50 reward might be Archfiend Black Skull Dragon if the data mined audio is anything to go by.

and if it does, Chazz might be getting Dark Armed Dragon as his 50 reward. I could seem them doing that as a preemptive to keep it in check for the time being.
<< Anonymous(KyanbuXM)
Anonymous Reply
Why are you retards bumping he old event page there's a new one
<< Anonymous(Ra)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To dragoon
Guys i missed the crowler event will it come again ?
<< Anonymous(Zaayn)
Anonymous Reply
It won’t likely happen again but Crowley will be available at the gate with unlock missions the only thing you may miss out on is an additional ancient gear golem maybe but he might have it as a card card drop reward because it was possible to get 3 if you did both events.
Does anybody know which character is obtainable the clues are “I’m ready to take on the world”
<< Anonymous
Winter shadow Reply
My guess would be zane or yubel, but becasue it says take on and not take over then probably not yubel
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When the 5ds will come out
<< Anonymous
Winter shadow Reply
How are we meant to know...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Its all about that ZEXAL
<< Anonymous(Jackz)
Winter shadow Reply
We don’t know, could be next month with the battle city final events, could be 12 years time
New deck when?
They said in an update (Notice: Update to Ver. 2.5.0) that they would increase the maximum amount of Gold and Stones you could carry. I assumed this would include Gems too. But since the maintenance, I tried to claim my gems and it said that I couldn't because it would exceed the maximum. Does anyone know if they implemented this increased maximum update yet? Does it really exclude gems? I have 22 pages of gems in my inbox that are about to expire! :(
<< Anonymous
KyanbuXM Reply
You may as well just use them up on a random set until you inbox is empty.
pls konami make skin update for characters.. like u can dress alexis with just sports bra, make weevil wear a pikachu hat, etc.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Joey wore a dog costume after he lost to Duke Devlin and Pegasus had a stereotypical excavator outfit or whatever it’s called. And Chazz wasn’t in a white uniform after he was manipulated to Sartorius? Or when it was Duel festival where the students shows up in monster costumes (exept for Jaden, cuz dafuq was he trying to look like lol). So it’s a possibility that it’d work
<< Anonymous
Winter shadow Reply
Too much memory for people with smaller storage. Will result in less people being able to play. I’m not one of them but
<< Anonymous(Winter shadow)
Anonymous Reply
Japan is not making money off console games. There is a flux in playing games on a cell phone. Because of this he memory of budget phones has steadily been increasing. I do not feel this is a long term issue and I feel that they should not hold back because of shoulda coulda woulda from a small percentage of players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And to add to that, yes it is a smaller percent bc a lot of people fall in the category of being financially okay or they live with mommy and thus can blow money here and there this they get by with splurging outside their means. Not a lot fall in that grey area of just being poor and having bills and having a budget phone. I have a budget phone and run DL just fine bc I budgeted for more memomory

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Deck shared! #DuelLinks
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
Not everyone as rich as you are.. please suggest some deck that don't require us to throw mo...
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