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update 08/06/2017


By using Gateway to Chaos field spell, you can easily get Gaia The Fierce Knight and Black Illusion Ritual. Summon Gaia The Fierce Knight using Three-Star Demotion skill and set Champion's Vigilance, and ritual summon Relinquished to control the board.

skillThree-Star Demotion
Essential cards
(Box reset)

Example deck

RelinquishedRelinquishedSenju of the Thousand HandsSenju of the Thousand HandsSphere KuribohSphere Kuriboh
Sergeant ElectroGaia The Fierce KnightGaia The Fierce KnightGaia The Fierce KnightGateway to ChaosGateway to Chaos
Supremacy BerrySupremacy BerrySupremacy BerryBlack Illusion RitualBlack Illusion RitualChampion's Vigilance
Champion's VigilanceChampion's Vigilance

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Three-Star Demotion
Can be used by paying 3000 Life Points. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can only be used once per turn.

Paradox Brothers

How to use

Getting Gaia

Use Gateway to Chaos to be able to get a Gaia from your deck. Using it early is more beneficial due to the field spell's effects. Best time to summon Gaia is when/if you get first turn, and you have Champion's Vigilance in your hand. This lets you control what your opponent can summon or spell/trap cards to activate.

  • Using the skill to summon Gaia and attacking right away can make it vulnerable to 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom.
  • You can summon Gaia, set a Champion's Vigilance, and pass the turn to be safe. This allows CV to be ready on the next turn so it can negate monster summons, and spell/trap activation.
  • Pay attention to Gateway's counter. Once it reaches 3, you can activate it to take your ritual spell card.
  • Gateway can be used to also get Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight, but it won't work with CV since it's an effect monster.


Use Sergeant Electro and Champion's Vigilance to limit your opponent's actions. You can put more copies of Sergeant Electro and replace Supremacy Berry. This will make it less reliable on Gaia and CV, as well as preserve your LP.

  • You can't activate Champion's Vigilance the turn you summon Gaia with the skill. This is because the skill lowers Gaia's level.
  • Champion's Vigilance can't negate flip effects, unless they are flip summoned. This means that if you attack cards like Hane-Hane, you won't be able to negate it.
  • Make sure you activate Electro's effect first before performing any action. If your opponent uses cards like Enemy Controller, or Windstorm of Etaqua, then you can at least still switch position after the effect.
  • Best time to use Electro is when your opponent only has 1 or 2 spell/trap cards. This makes it less likely that you target bad spell/trap cards.


As part of the backup to the deck, you can use Relinquished. It allows you to be able to handle monsters that have higher attack than Gaia can handle.

  • If you aren't sure you want to risk Gaia or you don't have CV yet, then summoning Senju can be better. You can use him to attack your opponent's face-down monsters to know what sort of deck they are playing.
  • You can also go for a surprise play by using Gateway to Chaos first. Once it has 3 counters on it, you can activate the field's effect, then summon Senju to get Relinquished when your opponent doesn't expect it.
  • You can use Relinquished's effect to take your opponent's face down card. This allows you to deal damage to your opponent whenever Relinquished takes some damage. This is good for when your opponent has lower LP than you. Attack into their enemy using your 0 or low attack Relinquished to end the duel.

Other useful cards

Since you have a field spell, and more spell cards than you need sometimes, storm can be useful to clear your opponent's backrow.
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Dian Keto the Cure Master
You won't be able to use the skill as easily or frequently using this, but it can be more usable than Supremacy Berry.


Christian H
I made this deck but found it inconsistent with around 45% win rate at best, I changed it to the deck below and have forged this deck through many duels and disasters, this new deck now has an 80 percent win rate all through platinum 3 and got me to KOG.
<< Anonymous(Christian H)
Christian H Reply
... destroy these cards, as said. My reasoning for running storm is that you essentially always have a field spell, which can search for your ritual spell, but also serve as storm-fodder. Wild Tornado pairs very well with Storm as you get a free monster removal. These cards has been very clutch against, for example, Mask of the Accursed in weevil decks.
<< Anonymous(Christian H)
Sovereign Reply
I lost 5 in a row in silver 3. I dont think i did something wrong i was kog at wcs. I personally dont recommend this deck
<< Anonymous(Christian H)
Anonymous Reply
This deck is just weak, any HHG, or control deck makes it hard to even get a card in the table, very hard to make far now days with this deck
<< Anonymous(Christian H)
Anonymous Reply
Will it work with 1 senju and 1 sonic bird?
Any update for this deck?
my take on it
<< Anonymous(ipo)
Really? Reply
No, terrible. Absolutely no control whatsoever. Use Gaia, not REBD.
<< Anonymous(ipo)
Anonymous Reply
It's a mess
With a little change i reached kog with this deck idea, thanks
not consistent at all...
3SD DM/DMG has much better synergy and support...looks like ppl trying to make any deck great by randomly adding relinquished lol
Terrible deck for the cost. Fail.
Was thinking of a similar strategy, only with Garlandolf and other L7 ritual monsters instead of Relinquished.
pretty decent let you draw out the cards you need very fast
I've tried this deck but it isn't powerful at all
ummmmmm doesnt look so great to me

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God you people are stupid it's not even a legendary duelist all this is the boosted duel orb...
Uhh... It's good card
Because face-down Attack position is a good meme.
Considering you must have less cards (in hand / field) than your opponent + a first copy of the c...
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