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update 23/04/2018

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The goal of this deck is to FTK your opponent. It works by increasing your opponent's hand and then activating Restructer Revolution to deal massive amounts of damage. Another thing is that you need to draw Silent Magician LV4 in your starting hand as she is at the center of your strategy. The skill Duel, Standby is used to get as many cards in you and your opponent's hand at the start of the duel.

Note: This deck's winrate is very low!

Example Deck

Silent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4Silent Magician LV4Into the VoidMagical Stone ExcavationArmor Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy
Armor Ninjitsu Art of AlchemyWonder WandWonder WandWonder WandNinjitsu Art NotebookNinjitsu Art Notebook
Magical MalletLevel ModulationLevel ModulationLevel ModulationCup of AceCup of Ace
Cup of AceRestructer Revolution--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.
Tea Gardner
Tea Gardner

How to Use

Silent Magician

Silent Magician is an important card to get this deck running. It is a Spellcaster-type LV monster giving you access to Wonder Wand and Level Modulation.

  • Wonder Wand is used as a draw card. Equip it to Silent Magician to send both to the graveyard and draw 2 cards.
  • With Silent Magician now in your graveyard you can use Level Modulation to revive her for later use and let your opponent draw 2 cards.

Drawing Cards

You also need to quickly run through your deck to get the cards you need. Into the Void is a good card to use because it draws 1 card and it's negative effect will not matter much since you have to win during that turn anyway. Cup of Ace can be used to draw your cards or increase your opponent's hand depending on the coin flip result. Use Magical Mallet to return unusable cards back to the deck and draw new cards. Since you only need 1 Silent Magician, multiple copies you draw can be returned back to the deck.

Ninjitsu Art Notebook searches Armored Ninjitsu Art of Alchemy which you can activate immediately to draw 2 more cards, cycling a total of 3 cards from your deck.

Restructer Revolution

Restructer Revolution is the last thing you will activate. After exhausting all your draw options and making your opponent hand at least 10 cards, activate Restructer Revolution to burn your opponent a large amount of LP. If still not enough you can activate you can retrieve Restructer Revolution with Magical Stone Excavation and activate it again.


Hot New Top
Level modulation wasnot working perfectly..

What a has avtivated for twice max, sometimes only once...neither deck more than 5's bug konimo? Or this deck was nerf again?
<< Anonymous(Bugged)
Anonymous Reply
Level Modulation can only Special Summon if the LV monster has been Special Summoned properly first.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And it's not just Level Modulation, pretty much all cards that SS from graveyard ignoring summoning condition, has the same ruling.
<< Anonymous(Bugged)
Thanks Reply
But i have discard 2 LV monsters to GV, and only once was working properly..
<< Anonymous(Thanks)
Anonymous Reply
Keep in mind it's only the ones that can only be Special Summoned by certain methods that need to have been correctly Summoned first. You can discard a Silent Magician LV4 or Dark Lucius LV8 and Level Modulation it back. But you can only use it on a monster like Silent Magician LV8 or Armed Dragon LV10 if it was properly Summoned first.
face one opponent who use this. I already know what he is up to. Toggle the confirmation to off and do something else. When I am back, he already surender.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
...and that's how you get reported for slow play...
<< Anonymous
you dense Reply
he said opponent surrended he quit, disconnected , left , etc. it's not hard to read!
<< Anonymous(you dense )
Anonymous Reply
Why would the opponent surrender if he only toggled the confirmation to off? He obviously meant he toggled it on and did something else.It's important to read,but it's more important to understand what you're reading.
This deck is only good when you are already KOG and just need to get wins for the Map Fragments or whatever items are given daily, etc.
I'm confused, how does Ninjitsu Art Notebook work in this without no ninja monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't work, yeah. Hello, Gamea staffs?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The issue is, they suggest it as a way to SEARCH Alchemy, which doesn't work without a Ninja monster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Oh. They're just wrong yet again then. I don't even read the articles anymore.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, you can't search Alchemy using Notebook without a Ninja monster.

Using Notebook as sacrifice for Alchemy is a valid move in this deck, but......searching Alchemy using Notebook can't be done in this deck since there's no Ninja monster at all.
For one Restructer Revolution to kill the oponent, you would need him to have 20 cards in the hand.
At that point it is just better to pass the turn and mill him out.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
10 you can play it twice with the magical stone
Just encountered one of these on ranked. Thank goodness I had an Ultimate Providence set and he just fed me the draws I needed to get a Spell card to negate his Magical Stone Excavation.
aceh san
need lucky to use this deck
Why show this bad And bricky deck?
Basically Restructer Revolution FTK, take two
Oh no no no no no, we're not doing this shit again...
>Note: This deck's winrate is very low!
I chuckled
Bricky as hell.

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This game is a biggest cash grabber in history
You were right, thanks.
It could go either way, but I'm leaning towards him being a starter. We've already esta...
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