Might of the King (Skill)

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update 13/04/2019

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Can be used when you control "Red Dragon Archfiend". Randomly add 1 "Scarlet Security", "Red Dragon Vase", and "Crimson Fire" to your hand. This skill can be used once per Duel.


How to Get


This skill adds the cards from outside of your deck right?
<< Anonymous(Valewonca)
Anonymous Reply
Don't bother with this skill. It has to activate during your standby phase and it replaces your normal draw. Considering its random it can end up being useless
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not to mention basically needing you to open a main box and get one of its UR to make this skill usable.
How can we obtain the skill? I don't see it in the game rewards
I can come up with a better skill than this.

"Activate if you control a Red Dragon Archfiend and your Life Points are 2000 or lower, add 1 Red Nova Dragon & Two Deep Sea Diva to your deck. Can only be used once per duel."
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
I never payed any attention to it. It be nice if the skill i mentiined us added. More useful than the one they plan ti release. Tea & Ishuzu needs more & better skills also.
<< Anonymous(Brishawn)
Anonymous Reply
>Implying jack used deep sea diva on anime 5ds/manga or arc-v lol.
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
I don't think he used deep sea diva in the anime to summon Red Nova Dragon. I just said deep sea diva as it's an easy special summon to get two on the field & then summon RND
<< Anonymous(Brishawn)
Brishawn Reply
Edit: Synchro Summon Red Nova Dragon with two deep sea diva
Now if only we could summon Red Dragon Archfiend easier.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That would be fantastic thing.
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
Just use the tricky+flare resonator. Or vice dragon. If you want to boost it's attack to beyond 3000, use flare resonator+umbral lv2 fiend (i know i spelled it wrong)+ and the lv3 psychic wheeler (the one that boost is attack by 600
Kind of a worthless skill. The only good thing is to be added to the hand. Wild Tornado/Blast Chain can easily destroy RDA unles you're running several Red Gardna
<< Anonymous(Brishawn)
Anonymous Reply
It's a free card if nothing else. You could use it as discard fodder or something. The fact Scarlet Security's the only useful card does kinda suck, though. Would've been nice if they had at least given something else vaguely useable, like Red Cocoon. Even King Scarlet would at least be an improvement over what we did get.
<< Anonymous
Brishawn Reply
True. But since decks are running 20 cards and if you have at least x2 Red Scarlet, the odds of having it in your starting hand or within a few draws is pretty decent enough and the skill would be pointless. I prefer something like Zanes skill where power bond is added outside of your deck.
Only scarlet security is worth to get.
About time they gave us a reason to play RDA.
Feather duster & pot of greed effect looks good but idk about the spell of pain counter trap. Seems situional. Yet I’ll be open to a RDA deck

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How do u unlock this character
Use a Continous Trap, I like “Skull Invitation” (That is a SR rarity Card) though Odi...
Not to mention Chemistrer itself being a terrible card in general.
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