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update 29/12/2017


Ever since the GX Update to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, people have been trying to get Neo-Spacians to work, since it was one of the archetypes Jaden used in the anime (after his Elemental Heroes). Even though we are still missing some good support cards and the strongest Neo-Spacian, which is Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, with the recent addition of Miracle Contact you can make a fun and functioning version that is able to bring out fusion monsters almost every game (but don’t expect to consistently win games at King of Games rank against decks like Cyber Angels etc).

Remember this deck recipe is meant to give you fun while you bring out those Elemental Hero Neos fusions, this deck is not meant to climb the ladder!

We will list this deck as a F2P deck because the only UR/SR cards from packs are Wall of Disruption and Floodgate Trap Hole, which can be replaced by other cards. All other cards are either N/R (and you only need one copy of Storm Neos).

Example deck

Elemental HERO Neos AliusNeo-Spacian Air HummingbirdNeo-Spacian Air HummingbirdNeo-Spacian Aqua DolphinNeo-Spacian Aqua DolphinNeo-Spacian Dark Panther
Elemental HERO NeosElemental HERO NeosCrystal SeerCrystal SeerCrystal SeerMiracle Contact
Miracle ContactNeo SpaceInstant Neo SpaceWall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionWindstorm of Etaqua
Floodgate Trap HoleFloodgate Trap HoleElemental HERO Storm NeosElemental HERO Aqua NeosElemental HERO Dark NeosElemental HERO Neos Knight


[Skill] descriptionUser
Last Gamble
Can be used in your Main Phase, starting from the fifth turn. Upon activation, reduces your LP to 100 and discards 2 cards from your hand. You roll a die and draw that number of cards. This skill can only be used once per Duel.

Joey Wheeler

How to use

Miracle Contact

The bread and butter of this deck. Without this card it’s almost impossible to currently bring out any of the Elemental Hero Neos fusions. The best way to win duels using this deck is by summoning Elemental Hero Storm Neos, for that you need Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird, Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin and Elemental Hero Neos. Now before it would actually be hard to win a duel using Storm Neos because you would need those 3 cards to be alive on your board, but now thanks to Miracle Contact they can be sent to the graveyard without any worries.
This means Miracle Contact also works great with Joey’s skill Last Gamble, because you can send your Neo-Spacians and Elemental Hero Neos to the graveyard for a chance of drawing more cards. And because you don’t care that they go to the graveyard you basically get to draw free cards.

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird

One of the monsters required to summon Storm Neos, and actually has a useful effect in a deck that tries to stall until turn 5 (the turn after which you can activate Last Gamble). Because you don’t have to worry about him being sent to the graveyard, you shouldn’t hesitate to summon it for either a life point gain, or in defense to absorb an attack.

If you plan on using Miracle Contact to summon Storm Neos, and aren’t planning on normal summoning another monster and still have an Air Hummingbird in hand, don’t forget to first summon it for the life point gain, before fusing together. This can especially come in handy after you’ve already used Last Gamble and only have 100 LP remaining.

Hopefully we soon get the fusion monster Elemental Hero Air Neos, because its effect would work well together with Last Gamble, and because there are occasions where you have Air Hummingbird in your hand/graveyard but no Aqua Dolphin so you can’t fusion summon Storm Neos yet.

Elemental Hero Neos

Even though this card on its own is very bad, you still need it for the fusion summons. Two copies allow you to draw at least one consistently after Last Gamble, one would be too risky and three would result in too many brick hands. This is also the reason why we suggest using two Aqua Dolphins.

Elemental Hero Neos Alius

Even though you’ll rarely normal summon this card two times just to be able to treat it as an Elemental Hero Neos and then summon another Neo-Spacian just to be able to contact fusion, it can be useful just for the 1900 atk body. Having this card on the field together with Wall of Disruption/Mirror Wall can keep your opponent at bay at times.

This card is not at all needed in this deck and can be easily replaced.

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther

The effect of Elemental Hero Dark Neos to suppress another monster’s effect can be very useful but can also be used on your own Elemental Hero Dark Neos so that it doesn’t activate its effect of shuffling itself back into the deck (if you don’t have Instant Neo Space or Neo Space on your field). However when you do decide to use it on your own Dark Neos you won’t be able to use its effect on other monsters anymore.

Elemental Hero Storm Neos

These fusion monsters can be hard to bring out, but can be very easy for your opponent to take out (think of Mirror Wall, Super Rush Headlong, …) , that’s why Storm Neos is one of the few that can actually be worth it to summon because you can destroy all spells and traps on the field, allowing you to safely attack (don’t forget to activate Neo Space and Instant Neo Space after you used his effect already and not before).

Keep in mind that even if you have Neo Space or Instant Neo Space on your side of the field, there can be situations where it’s worth it to activate Storm Neos’ effect (the one that puts him back into your extra deck) during the end phase of your opponent’s turn because that would also mean that all cards on the field get shuffled back into their owner’s decks. If you have the possibility of bringing out enough attack on your turn to attack for game you would be able to attack on an open field and the only thing that could stop you would be Sphere Kuriboh.

Instant Neo Space and Neo Space

Elemental Hero Neos fusions all have an annoying effect that shuffles them back into your extra deck during the end phase. Fortunately there are ways to prevent that from happening thanks to Instant Neo Space and Neo Space.

Neo Space has the added bonus of adding 500 atk to all your fusions monsters that list Elemental Hero Neos as a fusion material, and also boost Elemental Hero Neos himself. That added attack bonus makes it so that your 2500 atk fusions will be stronger than Cyber Angel Dakini and Black Dragon Ninja, and also makes them stronger than a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon with one boost of beatdown.

Instant Neo Space however allows you to summon an Elemental Hero Neos from your hand, deck or graveyard if that fusions monster it’s equipped to leaves the field. This can very useful to have some extra defense if you lose your fusion monster or maybe even bring out another fusions monster (without this effect you’d probably be left with an empty field).

We’ve included a copy of each one so that you can find out for yourself which one works best for you in most situations.

Crystal Seer

This is the card you’d like to see in your opening hand. Besides absorbing one attack, it also lets you excavate two cards from the top of your deck, add one to your hand and put the other one at the bottom of your deck. This card is incredibly useful in Last Gamble decks because it helps you stall, add a card to your hand (the more cards you have the more choices you have which to send to the graveyard with Last Gamble) and because you excavate two cards you greatly increase the chance of picking up important cards like Miracle Contact.

Floodgate Trap Hole, Windstorm of Etaqua and Wall of Disruption

These of course are all great cards to stall and slow down the game. If you go first that means your opponent will have the opportunity to normal summon two times and attack during two turns (his turn 2 and turn 4) before you get a chance of activating your Last Gamble skill (turn 5). If you go second he can normal summon three times (under normal conditions) and attack during two turns as well (turn 3 and turn 5) before you get to activate Last Gamble (turn 6).

Additional Notes

Elemental Hero Neos Knight is included in the extra deck, because even though he is not a fusion monster like the others (he doesn’t have an effect that sends him back to the extra deck), he can be summoned with Miracle Contact by sending an Elemental Hero Neos and another warrior type monster (Aqua Dolphin, Neos Alius or another Elemental Hero Neos) back to your deck. Even though he can’t deal any battle damage, there could be situations where you need to dish out multiple attacks to destroy your opponent’s monsters and there is no harm in including him in your extra deck. However he will never gain an attack boost because he is special summoned through Miracle Contact, and he needs to be fusion summoned to gain that attack boost.

You cannot send the card Cross Porter to the graveyard with Last Gamble and search for a Neo-Spacian with Cross Porter’s effect.

At the end of every turn you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to activate your fusion monster’s effect, be careful of not clicking ‘yes’ by playing too fast.

Other useful cards

Enemy Controller
Enemy Controller
Even though this card is very good in this meta with all the Cyber Angels running around, you don’t expect to win against Cyber Angels anyway. However it still adds some stalling potential to the deck so it can be used as replacement for another card like Floodgate Trap Hole.
Curse of Anubis
Curse of Anubis
Serves the same purpose as Windstorm of Etaqua to stall for a turn or to protect your monsters.
Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab
Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab
If you don’t like using this deck to summon Storm Neos (because he is harder to summon) you could try a deck with more copies of Flare Scarab and Dark Panther and not run Air Hummingbird (because currently Air Hummingbird + Neos doesn’t allow you to summon a fusion monster).
If you don’t like to rely on Storm Neos’ effect to deal with your opponent’s backrow you could try using Storm in combination with cards like Wild Tornado to do so. Using Storm in a Last Gamble deck was popular back in the day when people ran Darkflare Dragon.
Neo Space Pathfinder
Neo Space Pathfinder
You can discard this card to add a Neo Space from your deck to your hand. If you decide you prefer Neo Space over Instant Neo Space we would recommend running 1 copy of this card with 2 copies of Neo Space in your deck.


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Anonymous 1days ago
Anyone else testing out convert contact? I feel like into the void may be viable, perhaps less pieces of the combo and more draw power is more consistent so to speak. Needs more testing though (as the deck name suggests)
bryan can someone help me whit this deck i want the recepie
The boxes needed is not accurate- Neos Allius comes from the 6-sam box and being a UR it’s probably worth listing on what you need to buy other than just the one currently listed
I wonder if this deck gets any better with the new cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I wish. I feel like the neo-spacians and their neos fusions just don't have good enough effects to ever be worth it unless they get some mad good support
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well, if we get the new support like Neos fusion and Neo-Space Connector that just came out in the OCG, Neos might do something
chaos neos deck
<< Anonymous(suu)
Anonymous Reply
Neos Knight in the extra deck?
<< Anonymous(suu)
OOF! Reply
What's in your extra deck
I use this it nicely one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What are the extra deck
I spend all my UR gems and over 5000 Gems to get together this deck,i can officially confirm that the deck above is useless,it won't win you 2 consecutive matches in platinum rank duels
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So it's pretty much Neo trash then?
hero mask is much better for this deck
<< Anonymous(Beast)
Anonymous Reply
Think thrice. Neos is an 'Elemental HERO' too.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
There's a quick play spell called Contact out when you use contact the fusion summer Neo space have a quick spell card contact out and allow you to diffuse the monster is summoned back to the field of monsters you use during diffusion that's how it works and now you know and knowing is half the battle GI Joe sorry couldn't resist
<< Anonymous
sjp91 Reply
Quit attacking me stay on the subject
<< Anonymous(sjp91 )
Anonymous Reply
that example for Elemental Neo deck you have sucks I could make it better one than that
if a deck has floodgate + wall of d, you know you failed at deck building ...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
we just have to make do until something better comes out
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So you're basically saying world champions failed at deckbuilding because they run the same staple cards as anyone else?
Deck is trash
<< Anonymous
cough cough Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Your brain is trash
Flare neos comes in handy

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Chain scrap storm to it or summon it while having multiple searchers in grave to activate multipl...
destiny heroes are in the meta so its unnecessary
It does work when face-down flipped up from battle destruction.
oh well hes not gonna get added for a long long time i can tell you that much lol
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