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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 14/05/2019

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Deck was created by and credited to THUNDER STUD

A high-risk high-return type of deck, similar to older Archfiend decklists. It can sometimes be bricky but really powerful with the right cards. This deck quickly runs through it's resources, but if your combos are successful, will be able to earn back those losses while putting powerful monsters on your field.

Example Deck

Evilswarm SalamandraEvilswarm SalamandraMasked Beast Des GardiusMasked Beast Des GardiusMasked Beast Des GardiusRelinkuriboh
RelinkuribohRelinkuribohDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosDoomdog OcthrosThe Mask of Remnants
Dark BribeDark BribeRebirth of ParshathRebirth of ParshathRebirth of ParshathDark Illusion
Dark IllusionDark Illusion----
Avenging Knight ParshathAvenging Knight ParshathAvenging Knight Parshath---

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Masked Tribute
Return 1 card from your hand to your Deck. Then, randomly play 1 "Grand Tiki Elder" or "Melchid the Four-Face Beast" from outside of your Deck. You cannot Summon any monsters other than "Masked Beast Des Gardius" during the turn you activate this Skill. This Skill can only be used once per turn, and twice per Duel.
Umbra & Lumis
Umbra & Lumis

How to Use

Masked Beast Des Gardius

Masked Beast is the main boss monster of this deck, your first goal every game would be to put him on the field. He has incredibly high stats, and can steal your opponent's Monster when he is sent from field to graveyard. And for such a powerful Monster, he is fairly easy to summon with this deck. In case you draw multiple copies of him in your starting hand, return one to the deck to activate your skill or use as cost for Rebirth of Parshath. His summoning is tied to how many times you can use your skill. So in a long Duel, drawing your third Masked Beast Des Gardius can be dead in your hand.

The Mask of Remnants is what allows Masked Beast Des Gardius to steal your opponent's Monsters, but by itself is the worst card to draw. If ever you draw into The Mask of Remnants in any stage of the duel, activate it to return itself to the deck or return it to the deck via your skill. Do not use it as cost for Rebirth of Parshath because you will not be able to recover it and your Masked Beast Des Gardius won't be able to steal Monsters.


Masked Tribute puts one Grand Tiki Elder or Melchid the Four-Face Beast on your field. The monster put on your field does not matter because you will always use this skill for summoning Masked Beast Des Gadius.

The best cards to return to the deck when activating this skill are extra copies of Masked Beast Des Gardius or The Mask of Remnants.

Tribute Fodder

Use these monsters alongside the Monster put on the field by your skill to summon Masked Beast Des Gardius. Relinkuriboh lets you draw a card when he is tributed while also acting as protection while in your graveyard. Doomdog Octhros lets you search out another copy of Masked Beast Des Gardius. Use the card you gained from these effects as cost for Rebirth of Parshath.

Rebirth of Parshath

A powerful card capable of negating anything upon it's activation. Make sure you keep one of your Counter Trap cards in your hand when you set Rebirth of Parshath, in some situations you will have to discard the Counter Trap card you revealed but it is best to discard something like an extra copy of Masked Beast Des Gardius.

You are then able to Special Summon Avenging Knight Parshath from your Extra Deck. He is essentially a beater for the deck but being summoned like this nets you advantage. Additionally, his effect can be helpful for dealing damage or when an opponent's Monster has disproportionate stats you can take advantage of.

Counter Trap

Dark Illusion is great in this deck because it can negate anything targeting your Masked Beast Des Gardius or other DARK monsters. It also costs nothing to activate. The only monster it will not be able to protect is your Avenging Knight Parshath.

Dark Bribe can negate any Spell/Trap card activated by your opponent. But lets them draw a card which can be harmful to you. If Dark Bribe is not your kind of Counter Trap you can replace it with Spell Shield Type-8, Seven Tools of the Bandit, etc.

You will sometimes need to keep these Counter Trap cards in your hand to activate Rebirth of Parshath.


something wrong for me..i attacked a skelegal. its effect to draw a card activates. i used the rebirth parshath counter and negated it but it did not special summon partshath from my extra or even ask me to. any ideas???
<< Anonymous(miri)
miri Reply
never mind. just figuredit out.. i dont think it works during the "damage step" or whatever that moment is. cause i was able to use it against the AI when they used the u.a. stadium
<< Anonymous(miri)
Anonymous Reply
It has nothing to do with the Damage Step. It has to be able to shuffle the card into the Deck to get the Summon. A monster that was destroyed in battle can't be returned to the hand/deck, even during the period it's still on the field after Damage Calculation. Similarly, you can't Summon if you negate something like Sphere Kuriboh or Bacon Saver that changed location from where it activated.
You're going to need more than 1 copy of The Mask Of Remnants. Only because if a 2nd or 3rd Masked Beast gets destroyed by battle or card effect (despite dark illusion,) you won't be able to use it's effect to gain control of their monster since remnants is in the gy.
<< Anonymous(Brishawn)
Anonymous Reply
I believe the 3 copies of Des Gardius doesn't mean that you are going to summon all 3 of them.

It is to increase the chance of you drawing it early and also to give Doomdog more targets to search.

Admin even suggested to discard Des Gardius (for Rebirth of parshath) if possible because you are likely not going to summon 2nd or 3rd copy.
I used Dark NecroFear as my support....

Masked Beast Des Gardius 2x
Dark Necrofear 2x
Sphere Kuriboh 3x
Doomdog Octhros 1x
Galaxy Cyclone 1x
Night Beam 1x
Grand Tiki Elder 2x
Melchid The Four-face Beast 2x
Mask of Remnants X1
Archfiend Palabyrinth 2x
Swamp Mirror 2x
Dimensional Prison 1x
Sakuretsu Armor 1x
This is pretty similar to the deck design I went with, although I didn't go with a Counter/Parshath underbase:

Masked Beast Des Gardius X3
Relinkuriboh X3
Doomdog Octhros X3
Bacon Saver X1
Galaxy Cyclone X2
Enemy Controller X2
Mask of Remnants X1
Paleozoic Canadia X3
Powerful Rebirth X2

Probably gonna replace the Galaxy Cyclones with Dark Illusion and see how it plays out. Either way, the deck's based on coming up with ways to compensate for how expensive Des Gardius's summons happen to be, along with possibly reviving one of the masked tributes, so the third Des Gardius doesn't go to waste.
This is an interesting idea.
Change Salamandra to Ace

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Good first limiting cyber style for summoning Laser and Barrier, now limiting attacking with this...
In the end, the only way to have a Twin Burst in your extra deck is by using the skill? Oh well.
You called for me?
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