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update 23/02/2018

Golden Flying Fish


The strategy of this deck is to destroy your opponent's cards by tributing your own monsters. At first this seems like a 1 for 1 trade, but if done on the right target you can minus your opponent much more than what you are losing making this a powerful control deck.

Sample deck

Hammer SharkHammer SharkHammer SharkBeautunaful PrincessOyster MeisterOyster Meister
Oyster MeisterGolden Flying FishGolden Flying FishGolden Flying FishParallel TwisterEnemy Controller
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerFish Depth ChargePowerful RebirthPowerful RebirthPowerful Rebirth
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami

How to use

Hammer Shark

Hammer Shark is a great card to start your combos. With his effect you can special summon a level 3 or lower WATER monster from your hand. You can use this to special summon Oyster Meister for another beater or Beautunaful Princess to special summon another Fish-type monster from your deck.

Beautunaful Princess

If Hammer Shark is how you start your combos beautunaful Princess is how you extend it. When Summoned you can tribute her to special summon another Fish-type monster from your deck. That could be anything in this deck. From a Hammer Shark, Oyster Meister, or Golden Flying Fish. A combo you can use to fill your field is:

  • Summon Hammer Shark and activate effect to...
  • Summon Beautunaful Princess and activate effect to...
  • Special summon another Hammer Shark from your deck...
  • Activate the effect of the second Hammer Shark to special summon Oyster Meister from your hand.

Oyster Meister

This is the monster you want to tribute if you want to get additional value from your tributes. When this monster leaves the field other than because of battle you can special summon a token to your side of the field. Meaning if you tribute this monster you can special summon a token, which can also be used as a tribute. Use this monster as tribute for Golden Flying Fish, Enemy Controller, or Fish Depth Charge. Other than as tribute, this card also serves as a decent beater with the Umi field face-up.

Golden Flying Fish

Golden Flying Fish is the main control factor in this deck. Tributing another Fish-type monster you control to destroy any card on the field can be great depending on what you tribute and what card you destroy, another advantage is that this effect is not once per turn and can be reused as long as you have monsters to tribute.
The best monster to tribute is Oyster Meister because, after you tribute him, he special summons a token which can also be tributed. Meaning you get to destroy 2 of your opponent's cards for the price of 1 of your cards.
Another factor is what you destroy with your effect. Destroying an opponent's monster that was difficult to summon (i.e. Ritual monsters, Fusion monsters, tribute summoned monsters, etc.) will net you a lot of advantage. You can also destroy spell/trap cards so that you can attack safely with your monsters.


  • Powerful Rebith: Revive monsters to use as beaters with an additional attack. Or to use as tribute for your other card effects, in this case Powerful Rebirth will be left on the field.
  • Parallel Twister: with this card you can get rid of your used Powerful Rebirth on the field and destroy another card on the field.
  • Enemy Controller: Used to change your opponent's monster to defense position, preventing an attack. Or tribute a monster you control to take control of an opponent's monster. Very useful when facing another deck that uses Fish-type monsters because you can take control of their monster and then tribute it for the effect of Golden Flying Fish.
  • Fish Depth Charge: Tributes a Fish-type monster you control to destroy a card on the field, plus you get to draw a card. Really good when used with Oyster Meister and Golden Flying Fish to tribute the token.

Other useful cards

Windstorm of Etaqua
Windstorm of Etaqua

Curse of Anubis
Curse of Anubis
Standard back row protection cards that you can consider in the deck.
Since Hammer Shark and Powerful Rebirth alters your monster's level, this can be a good defensive option against several monsters since it doesn't target as well.
Floodgate Trap Hole
Floodgate Trap Hole
Locks your opponent's monster to prevent them from becoming a threat.
Double Summon
Double Summon
Lets you use Golden Flying Fish with Oyster Meister right away, or go for an OTK once your opponent is out of resources.
Water Hazard
Water Hazard
Cheaper version of Double Summon. Alternatively, Arrivalrivals can maybe work too.
Cosmic Cyclone
Cosmic Cyclone
Since your opponent can still make some counter play with Enemy Controller or Floodgate Trap Hole, you can use this to snipe it off first before summoning your monsters. This also makes it easier if you want to use Bastion's Silent as WATER (skill).
Xing Zhen Hu
Xing Zhen Hu
Still a good option to consider since it means you can focus your resources on destroying your opponent's monster to get a direct attack.

King of Games [Mar 2018]

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HajiMythic DepthsMarch 6

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mr.zeroMythic DepthsMarch 7


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DrecxMythic DepthsMarch 7


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EmperadorMythic DepthsMarch 11


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KratosMind ScanMarch 13


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HinokiMythic DepthsMarch 13

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RCF • DiededMythic DepthsMarch 14


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JGDARKMythic DepthsMarch 15


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MichaelMike1Mythic DepthsMarch 16


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KlejuMind ScanMarch 17


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TotmanMythic DepthsMarch 18


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CissoXD[KS1]Mind ScanMarch 21


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ajuniceMythic DepthsMarch 21


IGNSet SkillDate Sumitted
StuMythic DepthsMarch 23



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Anonymous 6days ago
can shallow grave replace powerful rebirth?
Anonymous 19days ago
Back in the day, this deck made mako really proud :)
Anonymous 29days ago
Already a classic in duel links
Does dna surgery synergize this deck
This deck is lame against Hazy coz Hazy can't be targeted by opp. Cards. Most monsters have lower ATK than Hazy and the only cards that can save them is Wall of D. but speed swarming is similar with Hazy though Hazy just need backrow shut-downers/removals
I kinda miss the days where it was straightforward. Smash big stuff together, and try to summon the biggest baddest motherfucker quicker than the other guy. You know, kind of like how duels went in the original show. That was fun. All of this sylvan and stall stuff is just blueballing. Decks don't feel as fun anymore. I got some decent success with the Geargia deck for a little bit, but the deck just wasn't fun to play. Like, I was winning, but it wasn't satisfying.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Cerberus)
farrel Reply
agree;( i love to play ygo forbiden memorries on playstation 1 when i was a kid. ;(
<< Anonymous(Cerberus)
Anonymous Reply
u piece of grabage fck vegetabale kys for playing slyvans u sob noob
<< Anonymous(Cerberus)
Waffles Reply
I see where you're coming from but I like the meta. Yes there are some decks that are just cancer but I play this game only to think of a counter strategy. You sound like you want to play checkers with people trying to play chess. No disrespect meant.
-> "budget"
-> requires five SR traps, all of them from mini-boxes meaning a required five resets

<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Those aren't crucial cards, you could just use free stuff like windstorm and curse. Powerful rebirth you could replace with swamp mirror.

Mini box stuff are much easier to get than main box SR/URs.
Why isn't swamp mirrorer as a suggested card? To me it works well a bit.
<< Anonymous(Vikhellsing)
Anonymous. Reply
the page was made before swamp mirrorer was introduced as a card trader card.
This deck is underrated just for the fact that it does well against Sylvans. I win probably 80% of my sylvan matches with my golden flying bois. It's not bad against other decks either, I run 3 econs so things like CA and anki aren't too hard to deal with either. Geargias lose attack and def from umi and are a fine matchup if they don't get a god start.
May 8, 2018
Still a KoG Deck. Very strong in the current meta, with the only difficult deck being Mask Hero.
eu sou o nanny nanudo naninho nanice, gosto de 9inhas peludas, bejo
<< Anonymous(nanny)
gio Reply
oiiii, eu sou o gio, giozinho, gioberto, giojao. gosto de velhinhas peludas, bejo
<< Anonymous(gio)
enzo Reply
oi, eu sou o enzo enzinho enzudo enzenildo, gosto de hentai oitentista com tentáculos grandes e grossos, bejo
<< Anonymous(nanny)
nynano Reply
sou nanundo nina eo de 1inha
<< Anonymous(nynano)
Anonymous Reply
Hue br

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