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update 17/03/2020

Six Style - Dual Wield

Six Style - Dual Wield
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
Supports ArchetypesSix Samurai


If the only monster you control is 1 "Six Samurai" monster in face-up Attack Position: Target 2 cards your opponent controls; return those targets to the hand.

How to Get

PackWarriors Unite [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Returns your opponent’s cards back to hand.
  • No cost to activate.


  • Six Samurais will rarely have exactly 1 monster on the field since they specialize in swarming.


  • Returning difficult to summon monsters back to your opponent’s hand can set them back alot. Particularly if you target an Extra Deck monster it would return to the Extra Deck not the hand.

Degenerate Circuit

With Degenerate Circuit on the field, Six Style - Dual Wield turns into a free 2 card banishing effect.

Lava Golem

Summon Lava Golem to your opponent’s field, then return the summoned Lava Golem back to your hand with Six Style - Dual Wield removing a total of 3 cards from their field. The returned Lava Golem can then be reused in later turns.


Six Samurai Synchro Deck



ActionsReturns from your opponent's field to your opponent's hand


Hot New Top
This card is not broken, you need to control only 1 monster and that monster should be a six sam , Floodgate ruin this card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, very broken. That's why Six Sam are tier 0, right?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Dude above me is being sarcastic and I agree with him. Six Sam used to be tier 0 before any banlist and now you hardly see a Six Sam player above Legend. Six Style is still very powerful if you go first but it is no way close to broken as it is completely out-shined by Karmacut, Ballista Squad and Raigeki Break.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They were never tier 0
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah probably was still tier 1. I just felt like they were. It was one of the easiest KOG climb, was super OP and consistent with 3 dojos, 3 Enishi + TTH. Now Six Sam is not even tiered. Still great for Auto dueling though
This card is no longer useful in six samurai deck. It is too situational as you can only activate it when you have exactly 1 monster. I saw people replacing it with Floodgate/ Void Trap Hole/ Dimensional Prison.
If you only have one monster on the field and your opponent has a Shien equipped with power of the guardian and this card face-down, how do you win ?

Once you activate a spell or put another monster on the field you lose.
And if your monster on the field cannot get rid of Power of the Guardian you will never win and he will have the time to counter attack.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Once you activate a spell" - no, you don't lose. If you activate cosmic cyclone for example, dual wield can't target it. It can target continuous and equip cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I would need to be superl lucky then to draw a spell that destroys/banish spell/trap.

I think players that don't like using spell/trap removal won't be able to win against six sam. which is not the case of meta decks.

Thanks for the answer !
People who say card shouldn’t be limited:
Nice card
I don't think it deserves any ban limit.
It needs a face up monster. Floodgate and canadia are popular. Also plenty of cards that detroys monsters like Offerings, Treacherous, Subterrors, etc.
<< Anonymous(Nice card)
Anonymous Reply
Not if they go first because they summon the six sam from the extra deck. That monster wont allow you to pop their back row. :/
<< Anonymous(Nice card)
Anonymous Reply
Are you forgetting how they always have their synchro samurai in the field which negates any trap/spell you use? xD
<< Anonymous(Nice card)
Anonymous Reply
What OP SAID !
laughing at noobs
Whoever wants this card limited never checks opponent's graveyard or doesn't realize it requires just 1 samurai on the field.
The best card in the game ever.
Compulsory when?
Either Shi En (Synchro) needs to be limited to 1 or this card needs to be limited to 1. the con of ''Six Samurais will rarely have exactly 1 monster on the field'' is rubbish, because players use it when they have 1 samurai and then summon the rest. that ''con'' was only true if this trap card could only be activated during the battle phase. You are already laying down extra traps because of Shi En ability and then suddenly the enemy lets you return 4 cards back to your hand because this duel wield card isn't limited as it should be. And then they start to summon other samurais.
this card needs to be limited to 1 honestly bc with the draw power this deck has, they get this card way too frequently
Now that we know Konami is not above limiting main box SR (with Diamond Core getting hit), I can see this card going to Limited 2/Semi-Limited next, after Enishi, if Six Samurai is still a problem. Maybe even alongside Fuma.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
IF they go to limit the card, they might wait some more months just to see how good Six Sams are in the next few metas
Can this card be activated if your opponent only controls 1 card ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, but you activate Enishi or World legacy clash if your opponent controls 1 card, then spicial summon 3 2500+ attack beaters, so control only 1 card is really bad for him
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply

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