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update 30/08/2019

Thor, Lord of the Aesir

Thor, Lord of the Aesir
Monster TypeBeast-Warrior
Card typeSynchro / Effect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect / Trigger Effect


1 "Nordic Beast" Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner monsters
Once per turn: You can negate the effects of all face-up monsters your opponent currently controls, until the end of this turn. During the End Phase, if this face-up card you controlled was destroyed by your opponent's card (by battle or card effect) and sent to your Graveyard this turn: You can banish 1 "Nordic Beast" Tuner monster from your Graveyard; Special Summon this card. If Summoned this way: Inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

How to Get

PackValhalla Calling [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--










Anonymous 22days ago
I've tried synchro summon Thor but the cars that I've used didn't summon Thor what cards should I use
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
1. Read Thor's materials.

2. Make sure the total level of the materials is equal to 10. Cannot be more, must be exactly 10.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
I tried doing that
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
And it didn't work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
You need a nordic beast tuner(the 4 star horse) and two or more non tuners equalling a total of 10 stars(two of the 3 star nordic beasts and the tuner usually)
Anom 31days ago
I literally downloaded the game last night so am still a novice. But I got Thor in a pack last night and am unable to select him to add to my deck? All other cards are coloured but Thor is black and white and I'm unsure why?? I've only just beat Joey for reference
<< Anonymous(Anom)
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
I don’t think you got him then, if you owned a copy he would be colored
White armoured bear (a recent login reward) works pretty well in my aesir deck, I run it at 2, with him and the black goat it’s a 2 card combo into lvl 10 synchro
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I agree. The combination of those two ensure that thor is summoned next turn
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
Indeed. Its cuz of those 2 i ran out of guldfaxe before i could play thor
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
The primary fear would be ancient gears cuz of the mons eff negation
iron man
Hey its pointbreak
Thor, God Of Thunder, Son of Odin and Brother of Loki the Trickster has a bad Synchro card in Yu-Gi-Oh. I M P O S S I B L E
<< Anonymous(D4C)
Anonymous Reply
Odin and Loki are bloodbrothers, but Thor is his son so thats correct. Don't let that marvel 🔥 confuse you with real mythology.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The marvel Norse mythology is pretty spot on for the most part tbf
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Never trust internet comments
<< Anonymous(D4C)
Anonymous Reply
Mythology are just stories from group of people who pray on statue.
I like the artwork
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
me 2
R rarity? AWESOME
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's because he sucks
<< Anonymous
Idan_Armor Reply
Nope. There are many R rarity cards that are incredibly good. I think the one who sucks it's definitely you.
<< Anonymous(Idan_Armor)
Anonymous Reply
There are some good R rarity cards. But this card sucks
<< Anonymous
seriously Reply
Who says it? if it's the typical idiot who complains about this game being "pay to win" when actually it's less expensive than other mobile card games, then your opinion is irrelevant to me.

Learn to play next time.

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