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update 14/06/2017


Using the clowns and putting defensive spell/trap cards, the clowns will have decent survivability, and will be able to destroy your opponent's monster easily. This can open up your opponent to some direct attacks. Using the skill to summon Barrel Dragon at the right time can let you end the duel early.

SkillThree-Star Demotion
Essential cards
CostBudget - Expensive
(Box reset)
The Ultimate Rising

Example deck

Barrel DragonBarrel DragonBarrel DragonSphere KuribohSergeant ElectroSergeant Electro
Sergeant Electro4-Starred Ladybug of DoomDream ClownDream ClownDream ClownSupremacy Berry
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror WallSecurity OrbSecurity OrbCurse of Anubis
Windstorm of EtaquaTragedy--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Three-Star Demotion
Can be used by paying 2000 Life Points. Until the End Phase, reduce the Level of all monsters in your hand by 3. This skill can only be used once per turn.

Paradox Brothers

How to use this deck

Using the lower levels

What you summon early in the duel mostly depends on what you get in your starting hand, but there are some things to consider before choosing which one to summon. 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom can be a safe option if you get first turn, while Barrel Dragon and Sergeant Electro are for when you want to use their effects. In most cases, getting some defensive spell/trap cards is good for Dream Clown so you can destroy your opponent's monster. Follow it up with Sergeant to start locking your opponent's spell/trap cards, then Barrel Dragon to finish the duel.

Barrel Dragon

With only 1 Supremacy Berry in the deck, you can only use the skill once or twice. Instead of summoning early, it's recommended to either wait until you get Berry in your hand, or when you can finish off your opponent. You will also have to pay attention to the matchup. If you see your opponent using normal monsters, it can mean they might have an Order to Charge, or a Champion's Vigilance when going against a 3 star demotion decks and a high level dragon deck. Use the skill cautiously and summon early to prevent a Vigilance, while using it later to avoid a Order to Charge.

Other useful cards

Crass Clown
Crass Clown
Alternative to Dream Clow, which will have somewhat of a similar effect still.


Hot New Top
Mark 1hour ago
Cool deck but 3 electros is hard to get, I only have one. don't really intend to go for a second, any good alternatives?
Anoymous 15hour ago
damn, this deck is awesome, just a little bit expensive. dammit!
Anoymous 1days ago
it works!!! Just reached KOG with it!!!!!
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23hour ago Reply
Anoymous 4days ago
Anyone made KOG with this deck this season?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
Yeah, i did
maalsenu 4days ago
I think the machine version with rare metalmorph is better in the actual meta
Anoymous 5days ago
LMAO a 9.0? Lololol whoever admin is is a joke lol
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
somebody's salty that he cant make this deck
<< Anonymous
Haitham 4days ago Reply
a joke ? i played 12 games with it i lost only 2 games lol
Busterblitz 6days ago
Wow, I ran this throughout the KCGP, but I'm suprised to see it as a "thing". I'm a f2p player so its definitely obtainable for all with an amount of grinding. My build was 1 Barrel, 1 econ, 1 4star and 1tragedy less (mostly because I don't have them) and instead flash assailant, double berry vs burn and half shut. I had problems v Mako if I didn't get econ/curse n clown but overall it was superb, and I'd never had got so far without it!
<< Anonymous(Busterblitz)
Busterblitz 6days ago Reply
*WC2017 not KC
Saladfingers 6days ago
In my own experience, running Cocoon instead of 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom helped me more in the long run against Parasite Burn and Normal Monster Variants that use OTC. Granted it's only a Wall, but it also serves as tribute fodder for those Barrel Dragons and stops Panda right in it's tracks.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Anoymous 6days ago Reply
Cocoon is much better in Parasite Burn (the only downside is that it will be Econ-ed). If not for Cocoon, maybe the Ladybug Healer is the better alternative imo (for stall just in case of Burning Land shenanigans).
Anoymous 7days ago
sergeant electro replacement?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Sergeant electro is vital in this deck, try to get 3 of them. However you can replace them with swarm of locust (weevil counter), or amazoness sage
<< Anonymous
Saladfingers 6days ago Reply
Since there is no actual machine support cards, Mirage Dragon might be a decent replacement. It won't get over E-Con, but it will bait them out at least.
Anoymous 7days ago
The box reset needed is Tyrant. So you can have 3 srgt electro
Anoymous 7days ago
a weapon to surpass metal gear
Anoymous 8days ago
This is a cool deck. When I saw machine 3SD, I just thought it was machine beatdown or something.

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