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Duek Carnival Event
update 13/12/2019

Jester's Panic

Jester's Panic
TypeSpell Card
Supports ArchetypesJester
Anti-supportsSpell Card / Trap Card


Select and look at 1 face-down card in your opponent's Spell & Trap Card Zone. Reveal 1 card from your hand of the same Type to destroy the selected card. If a card is destroyed by this effect, all Level 2 or lower Spellcaster-Type monsters you control can attack your opponent directly this turn.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherLeo & Luna Duel Carnival Event [UR]




  • Removes opponent’s Spell/Trap card.
  • Allows multiple monsters to attack directly.


  • Removal effect only activates if you reveal a card of the same type from your hand.


Level-2 and lower Spellcasters

Some level-2 and lower Spellcasters can actually reach good amounts of attack. These can help you take full advantage of your direct attacks.


Nephthys decks have some level-2 Spellcasters with significant attack, particularly Defender of Nephthys and Devotee of Nephthys.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Spell Cards / Destroys Trap Cards
Attack categoriesAllows direct attacks


Level 2 or lower SPELLCASTER >> damn, I would have been playing Wetland Paleozoic with this card if it didn't mention Spellcaster type
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wetland can only boost Aqua monster
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wouldn't it work to first activate this and afterwards activate DNA surgery (NOT as a chain)? Or will the effect of this card disappear? I'm a noob so don't judge me XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry, I'm dumb... You should first activate DNA surgery & declare Spellcaster. Then you can activate this and then you should get rid off your DNA surgery. But this seems to be unnecessarily complicated...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Panic is just a bad card, don't bother create a deck around it. If it works for all Level 2, not just Spellcaster, Konami would have been released it in a big box instead of event reward. Paleozoic can be summoned as LV2 WATER Aqua monster with 1200 ATK, unaffected by monster effect. It will become 2400 ATK under Wetlands, very dangerous if it is allowed to direct attack
Would be so much better as a quick-play spell card. Now, it's just a gimmicky galaxy cyclone.
Relinquished, Millennium-Eyes Restrict & Copycat like this card.
This is pretty good for f2p, it's like a budget galaxy cyclone.
Why this card is even exist as UR??
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I honestly prefer a useless card like this being harder to obtain than a good card being harder to obtain.
Hope DL use the above Tag Force effect instead of anime effect, Tag Force effect is a lot better since we only reveal instead of having to discard.

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A temple is a monster card. Next time they will use a "glass of water" as a level 4 ...
heh what a dud this deck was lol
FYI we still don't have all the Fur Hire cards yet :p But don't worry, they're ...
There's also Weather Painter Rain in the box, who comes without her Canvas.
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