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update 23/05/2019

What is Special Gift Campaign?

For the duration of the campaign, a Special Gift will appear in Duel World. By selecting the Special Gift icon and choosing a Magical Hat, you can obatain unique item.

  • Obtain 1 random item out of 8 possible items every time you open a Special Gift.
  • You can obtain up to 8 items during the campaign.
  • When and where the Special Gift will appear differs from person to person.
  • Special Gift will appear randomly once every 1 to 5 days.
  • Special Gift will disappear when the next Special Gift appears.
  • Be sure to open Special Gifts as soon as you see them, so you can obtain as many items as possible!

Unique Item List

  • SR Ticket
  • SR Jewel
  • UR Jewel
  • Gems
  • Gold
Please note that the expiration date for the SR Ticket you can obtain from the Special Gift Campaign is 27 Jul 2019 12:59


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This game have so many giveaway campaign, dunno why people keep saying DL is p2w
<< Anonymous
Silent 4hour ago Reply
Getting top rank(kog) isn't that expensive earlier it was purely f2p with sylvan, fur hire,koaki.. now a little more expensive but samurai did the job and budget investment like ancient gears also competitive. Right now there's no low budget kog worthy deck available i think.. maybe darklords or something from new box like metaphysics or something became top tier
<< Anonymous
Pez 1hour ago Reply
It does, and the balance isn't too far off really. I think the right level of gems given out should equal enough to get 1 copy of each card in a box (not more) when they are released. To get more copies you should either need to pay or skip a previous box to save gems. Right now I think there is just slightly too few gems given or boxes released slightly too often for this to be the case.
<< Anonymous(Pez)
Anonymous 1hour ago Reply
I do not know why people say this game is not free

If you level up all your characters to the max level you will get the amount of gems which is enough to buy 41% of each pack in the game once!
<< Anonymous
Darth 1hour ago Reply
Because the game has global reach, and not all players come from Countries with currencies with appreciation close to that of DOLLAR. What makes the game is on average 3 to 8 times more expensive in this Countries. Therefore, gems are more fundamental to some than to others.
Mars 3hour ago
Meh, standard
<< Anonymous(Mars)
lenovogreeceg770 1hour ago Reply
i gained SR ticket and now i have all cards in SU list mission accomplished
Got the SR ticket but no toon dark magician toon girl.
<< Anonymous(Edwin )
Anonymous Reply
Feel u
i noticed something. like when u keep playing at Gx world. the special gift appear at dm world. same if u keep playing at dm world and special gift appear at gx world.
50 gems in the last hat.
The worst part about this event is that they'll either show up in DM world OR GX world. So you have to log on then check both worlds every time. So annoying.
<< Anonymous(Scorn)
Anonymous Reply
Oh no, you have to check like 8 screens once a day. The horror. And really, most people probably go to both worlds anyway just to beat the LD that shows up in the world they weren't already on.
<< Anonymous
Xenon Reply
That's not the problem alone. The problem is, that they still didn't implement simple icons to show things on the zones! This put the cherry on the cake.
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous Reply
I have notifications on, the game tells u when a hat shows up, it says it in the details of the event
UR gem.
Got 50 gems
Got 100 gems yesterday
100,000 gold 3rd gift within one week
Hats did not refresh each time after selection? I expect we can get more than one SR ticket from this event... :D
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
No you can only get 1

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Otherwise it's Necro Fleur + Fire King Island / Fire King Avatar Yaksha / Disciple of Nephth...
Can you share your recipe?
Oh too bad ): so we just got the annoying kalin than calm and cool ones
Missed only one Ghost ship, my boy!
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