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This deck's main objective is to win the duel in one turn, by simply using essential cards like Massivemorph and Amazoness Swords Woman and attacking any face up monster your opponent conrtol to deal massive damage. Consist of support cards such as Half Shut for more ATK boost, or can also be used for defensive strategy.

Essential cards
(Box reset)
Echoes of SilenceEchoes of Silence

Example deck

Amazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanAmazoness Swords WomanField-Commander RahzField-Commander RahzHalf Shut
Half ShutEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerThe Warrior Returning AliveStorm
StormStormDimension GateDimension GateDimension Gate

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Check here!

How to use this deck

Amazoness SW and Massivemorph combo

The main way to deal damage with this deck is to use Amazoness Swords Woman and attack into your opponent's high attack/defense monster. To make the most of a Massivemorph, use both Half Shut and Massivemorph when your opponent attacks your Swords Woman. It won't end the duel right away if the attacking monster's attack is less than 2400, but at least your monster will survive, allowing you to attack during your turn. Using 2 Massivemorph will often lead to a quick OTK. You can also use Massivemorph defensively to prevent your opponent from attacking directly, but you will have to activate it before damage step.

Getting Amazoness

With the help of the skill "Balance", you are guaranteed to get at least 1 of the 5 monsters in the deck. Field-Commander Rahz is a good option to search Swords Woman from your deck in case you don't get it. The Warrior Returning Alive when they are in the graveyard so you can re-use them.

Clearing Backrow

Dimension Gate protects your monsters from card effects like Tribute to The Doomed, or Soul Exchange. Storm to destroy the Dimension Gate, or any unused trap card to clear your opponent's back row. If your opponent's LP is low enough, you want to destroy their back row to make sure they don't surprise you by using cards like Super Rush Headlong to stop you, then you can end the duel by taking control of them with Enemy Controller, or Half Shut your Swords Woman and attack your opponent's monster.

Supporting Amazoness

Half Shut ensures that your monster can't be destroyed by battle, but it also halves your monster's attack, leaving Swords Woman with 750 attack. You can then chain it with Massivemorph to deal some good damage right away. But if you don't have them in your hand, you will want to play more defensively and try to stall the duel by switching them to defense using Enemy Controller.

Amazoness Willpower
Amazoness Willpower
An alternative way to bring back Swords Woman, but it won't work with Rahz.
Sphere Kuriboh
Sphere Kuriboh
Can be activated from your hand,
often making it un-negatable.
Windstorm of Etaqua
Windstorm of Etaqua
A good defensive card when you don't have Half Shut against multiple monsters.
A situational alternative card for clearing your opponent's back row.
Anti-Magic Arrows
Anti-Magic Arrows
Activate your Half Shut and Massivemorph, then use it during your battle phase to almost ensure that your attack will go through.

Other useful cards

For versatile cards which can be used in any deck, check the link below!


Hot New Top
Anonymous 1days ago
Got my 3rd Golden Apple and start using this deck, carefull to use/activate massivemorph when opponent declare attack (directly), its suicide lol. This deck fun and great against CA and other offensive deck.
Anonymous 6days ago
that's not the problem GameA has. GameA is a good place on the internet to look up a card and all it's details. As far as GameA giving you decks. It's not that they are trying to decide between budget and expensive decks, their writers are just not that good. They are not high level players or deck builders, compared to reddit or some of the youtube guys. For example this deck is screaming for Electro.
<< Anonymous
Lol 6days ago Reply
If you want to counter all decks. Good luck.
Anonymous 12days ago
Replacement for 2nd half shut?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Credit card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
with the new box coming out you can easily just replace half shut with draining shield not as efficient in terms of coming in as a surprise factor but definitely make your opponents go fkkkkkkkkk, especially when their monsters have been MASSIVEMORPH-ED
mecamega 6days ago
This deck gonna be forbidden soon.
Anonymous 9days ago
I faced this deck today. I got ruined.
Malefic 12days ago
GameA's dilemma

GameA: lets make a cheap deck without event exclusive cards (lava golem in this case) so everyone can build it
Readers: GameA are so bad at posting decks

GameA: Okay due to the complain, lets make a competitive deck using essential cards from event exclusive and packs no matter how expensive it is
Readers: How can I build this deck?!?!? This is expensive as fuck!! Guess I need to sell my kidney to afford this deck!!
<< Anonymous
Malefic 11days ago Reply
I can only say: stop complaining. Those complain made GameA dizzy
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
yea dont complain about anything ever. everything in the world is good. dont u dare speak up about anything u stupid motherfuckers
<< Anonymous
Malefic 9days ago Reply
Triggered, bruh? Ignorant ppl like you are the worst trash ive ever seen. Only giving insult and never took advice from anyone you confront. Pathetic
<< Anonymous(Malefic)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Y'know I very rarely hear people say "pathetic," but on GameA every other person says it lol. Never change, GameA people!
Anonymous 12days ago
Good anti-meta deck, since 80% of people that I fought on ranked are using CA.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Anonymous 10days ago
This is what I use. Tilted people really hard. Sucks against passive decks unless you lava golem them.
Anonymous 12days ago
This deck is a crime to amazoness.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
what do you mean? is it good or bad for amazonness deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
It's not good or bad. It's a crime! He said. :P
Kemo Sabe 12days ago
It shouldn't be just AMZW alone. I have this deck but better. It doesn't even have LG.. Don't follow their deck its terrible. Just look at Dimension Gate and Rahz
Anonymous 12days ago
Why you build the decks soooooo bad everytime ???
Anonymous 12days ago
Hahaha... good deck

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