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update 27/12/2017

Our friend Joshua aka Jurassic Impact will be holding a tourney. See the pic above and contact them to participate!

Info from Joshua

  • Raizo is one of our Moderators who is assisting me with the tourney and taking applications.

  • We are taking as many people as possible during the listed sign up dates.

  • The start date is going to be January 28th

  • The requirements are simple, they need to join the discord and all the playoff matches will be aired live on my Youtube channel.

  • Prize will be custom discord role, bragging rights, special 1 on 1 interview with me, deck list featured, and a gift card of their choice. No fee to join.

  • The tourney is a seasonal based one. It will have a regular season and the playoffs.

  • Each player will be in a division. We will have 2 Divisions. Obelisk Fury (Blue) and Slifer rage (Red)

  • Each player will play 2 matches a week for 6 weeks. That is 12 matches in total during regular season. These matches will be announces early to give players time to get a time set up with their opponents. Matches are a best 2/3 (No side decks and only 2 decks can be used).

  • 4 matches will be against players from the opposite division to keep things more diverse.

  • We will share the weekly standings and fan made power rankings at the end of each week.

  • The top 5 players from each division move onto the playoffs. If we have ties they will have a sudden death tie breaker match.

  • The Top player from each division will get a 1st round bye in week 8 and skip to week 10 semi finals. Week 7 is the break week to let playoff contenders get some rest and prepare.

  • Playoff weeks are week 8-11 11th week is the Championship Finals. Playoff matches will be best 3/5 with no side decks and can use 3 different decks.

  • The Championship game will be best 5/7 with unlimited side decks and deck changes. each game will have a 2 minute intermission to allow players to change their decks how they see fit or choose other players or skills.

Top Players' Decks

Will be shared on this page...


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link is invalid
No one gives two shits about the interview, or the bragging rights.
its says the invite is invalid lol
Are we talking about Duel Links?
Team wars ripoff
Hahahahahaha “original” idea. Yea , everything is a complete and utter copy of Team Wars, minus the team part. This guy has always been a joke. You wanna steal ideas, at least throw credit where it’s due

Here is the link to the team wars discord
For those who think this is an original idea
Team wars is about to reach its final match coming soon
Team wars was created in late october early november. This was not an original idea lol. I applaud the want to buikd this tournament, but at least give credit where its due. Thanks
What a team wars rip off!!!
I always appreciate people that donate some bucks for an unoficcial tournament like this. Unlike official konami tournament that doesn't give anything as a prize.
<< Anonymous(BoAFanZ)
4est Reply
What did they donate? All you get as a prize is 'bragging rights, an interview, and a title on Discord'. Sounds pretty whack to me, will not be joining.
<< Anonymous(4est)
Jurassic Reply
You know how those people get money right? Donations. I am funding the winner out of my own pocket. For literally less than an hour of total dueling. It may be 3 months long but your not dueling for 3 months now are you? No!

<< Anonymous(Jurassic)
4est Reply
I count a grand total of 41 straight wins required to win your tournament. Let's assume the winner loses a few along the way, bringing the total number of duels played to ~50. 50 duels x 5-10 minutes per duel = 4-8 hours. This also doesn't include intermissions and pre-duel prepping.
<< Anonymous(4est)
4est Reply
I appreciate what you're trying to do, but maybe you should be asking for donations or at least requiring an entry fee, especially if it's going to require players being able to play weekly for 3 months.

$2 entry fee x 500+ players = $1,000+ which could be given out to the top 4 or 8 players or something would guarantee a much larger turnout.
Could we get a link to the discord?
<< Anonymous
Jurassic Reply
The discord link is in the image.
There should be list of banned cards for this specific tournament.
<< Anonymous
Jurassic Reply
No cards are banned.
Add more specify rules will be good...

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so can someone explain to me how this crystal beast blue eyes deck is supposed to work
The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
gozuki can at least be stopped by canadia and vamps actually run cards like econ very frequently
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