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A deck with a "protect the castle" type of strategy. Only one copy of Vylon Epsilon is really necessary cause you will most likely only be able to summon one throughout the Duel. Power-up and protect your Vylon Epsilon by putting all Equip Spells on him.

Example Deck

Vylon CubeVylon CubeVylon CubeVylon StellaVylon StellaVylon Stella
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerPower of the GuardiansPower of the GuardiansPower of the GuardiansVylon Filament
Vylon FilamentVylon FilamentVylon SegmentVylon SegmentVylon SegmentVylon Component
Vylon ComponentVylon Component----
Vylon EpsilonVylon EpsilonVylon Epsilon---

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Labyrinth Builder
Shuffle 2 cards from your hand into the Deck to create "Labyrinth Wall" on your side of the field. This skill can only be used once per Duel.
Paradox Brothers
Paradox Brothers

How to Use

Vylon Epsilon

You need to summon Vylon Epsilon immediately during your first turn and keep him on the field. His excellent base stats means, given the opportunity, he can deal a good amount of damage to your opponent. His first effect protects the Equip Cards that are attached to him, which in turn protect and strengthen Vylon Epsilon. With his second effect you can destroy one monster your opponent controls per turn, without worrying about the cost because of this deck's amount of Equip Cards and search ability.

Since your Spell/Trap Zone can only hold 3 Equip Cards the cost of Vylon Epsilon's second effect will also help you clear space for the Equips you currently need.


If you draw any of your level-3 Vylon Tuners you should be able to Synchro Summon into Vylon Epsilon on your first turn. Normal Summon your Tuner monster and use Labyrinth Builder to put Labyrinth Wall on the field for a first turn Vylon Epsilon.

Depending on the Tuner you use you can gain different kinds of effects. Vylon Cube lets you search an Equip Spell from your deck. Vylon Stella can equip itself to your Vylon Epsilon. Vylon Stella's effect is not really that useful on Vylon Epsilon so she might be the the best cost for Vylon Epsilon's effect.

Equip Spells

All these Equip Spells are to be put on Vylon Epsilon which protects them and can be used as cost to destroy an opponent's monster. The Vylon Equip Spells can then search out more Vylon Equip Spells when they are sent to the graveyard which means you never have to worry about running out of cards to use as cost.

Power of the Guardians protects Vylon Epsilon from destruction and can steadily boost his attack. Vylon Segment protects Vylon Epsilon from opponent's Monster and Trap Effects. Vylon Filament protects Vylon Epsilon from Spell/Trap Effects but only while he is battling. Vylon Component lets Vylon Epsilon inflict piercing damage, which is helpful for dealing damage when you only have one monster on the field.

Enemy Controller

Enemy Controller can be used to stall when you don't draw your Tuner. But it's most practical use in this deck would be to change your opponent's battle position for Vylon Epsilon to maximize damage. If Vylon Epsilon is equipped with Vylon Component, you can change an opponent's monster to defense position and inflict piercing damage.


Jamatora 11days ago
How can i get the labyrinth builder?
Hello, 11days ago
can i use other cards than the power of guardiens? And do i need 3x Vylon Epsilon or is one enough?
Anonymous 18days ago
I'm using these dudes to farm the Earthbound Immortal lol
Jamatora 19days ago
I don't find the pack boxes of power of bravery.
Clearly better...

I used "Spiritism" when 6s was tier 0 to counter Shi En effect
"Skull Master" is not necessary
<< Anonymous(Arikaran)
Arikaran Reply
Ghost Ship make it better
<< Anonymous(Arikaran)
Anonymous Reply
Hmm nice deck, it looks a bit more consistent in the 2nd version.
<< Anonymous(Arikaran)
Arikaran Reply
Final version
<< Anonymous(Arikaran)
rgplayer 21days ago Reply
Can you give me the name of the cards you used in this deck?
So I built this deck but realized I don't have the paradox brothers what should I do
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
play without them
<< Anonymous
Sans 25days ago Reply
Just unlock them, its not that hard
Guys check out my version that I posted here on the kc cup of April...I suggest to have trunade and ninja/ anteater to have the chance for a 2nd synchro. So surprised to see I'm the only one who use anteater ,he's a free summon by usig the vylon equip as tribute, he can also either pop one back row and support epsilon to go for OTK. Ghost ship is not optimal since needs the cube already in grave
Thanks for posting my deck :)
<< Anonymous(Playmaker )
Fajar Reply
Any giveaway?
<< Anonymous(Playmaker )
Anonymous Reply
all 6 of the monsters are tuners- fix the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Labyrinth Builder"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am using 2 tricky and 1 ghost ship as backup, but I don't know if it works most of the time...
If epsilon got hit by floodgate, it's game over
<< Anonymous(ZX)
Shiro1 Reply
That's why there is just one lucky KOG with this deck so far.

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