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Fusion Summon Arcana Knight Joker with King's Knight, Queen's Knight and Jack's Knight. Then use Arcana Knight Joker as a really big beater that can negate effects that target him. Duel Standby helps you get as many cards in your starting hand as possible, because Arcana Knight Joker is essentially a -3 to summon.

Example deck

Blue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerKing's KnightKing's KnightKing's Knight
Jack's KnightJack's KnightQueen's KnightQueen's KnightQueen's KnightFusion Sage
Fusion SagePolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerizationMirror WallInterdimensional Matter Transporter
Interdimensional Matter TransporterWindstorm of Etaqua----Arcana Knight JokerArcana Knight Joker

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Duel, standby!
Gives 1 more card in each player's starting hand.


How to use

The Face Card Knights

Kings KnightQueens KnightJacks Knight

Get King's Knight, Queen's Knight and Jack's Knight anywhere in your field or hand so that you can fuse them together. If Queen's Knight is on the field you can summon King's Knight to special summon Jack's Knight from your deck. If needed The Face Knights can even serve as beaters, but without anything to boost them they are quite underwhelming.

Summoning Arcana Knight Joker

Arcana Knight JokerPolymerization

Arcana Knight Joker can only be special summoned by using King's Knight, Queen's Knight and Jack's Knight as Fusion Materials. (You cannot use fusion substitute monsters.) But after being this difficult to summon, he comes with excellent stats and a protection effect which makes him somewhat worth the effort. You can negate any effect that targets him by discarding a card of the same type.

Deck Search

Blue Dragon SummonerFusion Sage

Dodge effects

Interdimensional Matter Transporter

Arcana Knight Joker can only negate effects that target him and only if you have the same type of card in your hand, so your boss monster might be in danger under some situations. To save him, you can use Interdimensional Matter Transporter to temporarily remove him from play.

Other useful cards

King of the Swamp
King of the Swamp
Searches Polymerization in your deck.
Retrieve monsters used for your fusion summon.
The A. Forces
The A. Forces
Boosts your Knights enough to become decent beaters, boost increases with the number of Warrior or Spellcaster-type monsters on your field.
Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade
Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade
Equip to a Knight to Boost it's attack. Can be retrieved from your graveyard easily since most of your monsters are warrior type.
The Warrior Returning Alive
The Warrior Returning Alive
Retrieve a Warrior-type monster from your graveyard.
Flash Fusion
Flash Fusion
King's Knight and Queen's Knight's combo puts all three Knight monsters in your field making this card usable, use during your battle phase to gain an extra attack.
Fusion Substitute
Fusion Substitute
King's Knight and Queen's Knight's combo puts all three Knight monsters in your field making this card usable, Helps you recover Arcana Knight Joker and draw a card if ever he is sent to the graveyard.
Use to dodge effects or gain extra attacks.


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Here's my version using Last Gamble:

Monsters: 8
- Serket x2
- Dekoichi x3
- Crystal Seer x3

Spells: 9
- Temple of Kings x3
- Celestial Transformation x3
- Storm x3

Traps: 4
- Wild Tornado x2 - 3
- Typhoon x2 - 1

Extra Deck: 1 - 5
- Arcana Knight Joker (max.2)
- BEUD/Master of Oz (not mandatory)
<< Anonymous
Nazarion Yugioh Reply
I study the Arcana Knight Joker more than 5 years i played only that Fusion Monster and i tell u this:
Arcana K.J. is hard monster to play is verry hard to summon this Boss Monster,but it’s have a 2-3 diferent Deck to win with this Monster.
Exemple 1:
Main Deck:
1.King of the Swamp x1
2.King’s Knight x3
3.Jack’s Knight x2
4.Queen’s Knight x3
5.Sphere Kuriboh x2

<< Anonymous(Nazarion Yugioh)
Nazarion Yugioh Reply
1.Polymerization x3
2.Super Rush Headlong x2
1.Mirror Wall x3
2.Metalmorph x2
This is one of combination good for Duel Links. But i have good combo for cards in turnir no duel links.
I has played this deck for a while becouse i love the knights, in sometimes it was a very inconsistent. But now i have the Blue Dragon Summoner with the wonder wand it's very useful, you can add 3 card to your hand, one of them at your choice (queen or jack). I can invoke arcane in one turn. But i still seaching for new cards to improve this deck.

King of the Swamp x1
Blue Dragon Summoner x 3
Queen x 3
King x 3
Jack x 2
Poli x 3
Wonder wand x 2
Interdimensional Matter Transporter x 1
Blustering Winds x 2 --> Very usefull to improve atk and def for whole turn until your next stand by

Arcane x 2

sometimes i played wiht the magic Reload, it's saved me a lot times.
Your Opinion please sir.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tried joker deck many moons ago, it isn't competitive at all. Too hard to summon. If you want to play slifer, there are other better decks.

Btw, I'm smartass that posted comment below
What should I take out?
<< Anonymous
Poodoo Patel Reply
Everything tbh fam
<< Anonymous(Poodoo Patel)
roach Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Leave Enemy Con., Polymerization, put some deck searching in(Blue Dragon Summoner), you may leave the A Forces, if you have only two Econs, put two Order to Charges, Teva will only be helpful up against certain situations while you have fusion monsters who will take out anyone Teva can or can't. Take out the special summoning of LV 5 warriors and put only three Jack Knight's
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Deck should probably look like something like this:

3 Blue Dragon Summoner's
3 King Knight's
3 Queen Knight's
3-2 Jack Knight's(dependent on how bricky)
2-3 Order to Charge's(if then Birthright should work with combo-ing it)
2-3 Enemy Controller's(also dependent upon how many BR's and OTC's you will have in the deck)
If no Birthright or Order to Charge;
2 The A. Forces
2-3 polymerization(dependn
Just replace the 2 fusion sages with King of the Swamps, and then slap a couple slash dragons in the extra deck. By no means does it make this deck amazing though. Just slightly better
Tested out the deck. Very inconsistent. First off, you need all 3 specific fusion materials (substitute can't work) + 1 poly; thats 4 cards. Then need to protect Queen that only has 1500 ATK so that you can bring out King and Jack next turn. Even if you managed to bring out Arcana Knight, you need at least 1 spell 1 trap and 1 monster in hand to launch a safe attack against enemy. Well, by this point enemy probably has 3 monsters on field waiting for you. 🔥 them 1 by 1? Oh I got 3 more turns to draw more cards and figure out a way to counter attack.

Tested my own version in casual duels. Brick all the time =.="
<< Anonymous(SmartASS)
Luppy Reply
But the deck is cool ._..
What's an alternative for Fusion Sage?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
King of the Swamp - far better.

If you don't have that either, just replace them with whatever 2 cards you think are best.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
King of the swamp doesn't work
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
He means to get poly from deck, not as a replacer for the fusion summon
Any other skills that can be used for this deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can use field-commander rahz to pick queen or king knights from the deck. Perfect if you already have jack and king/queen in your hand alongside poly
I run this deck by replacing the Fusion Sages. I use 1 of the new Fusion Recycling Plant and 1 of the King of the Swamp since I do not have any Fusions. 2 or 3 of all URs resetting and not 1 fusion sage....O_O!!!! But this deck works well.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Be careful with King of the Swamp, it doesn't count as Fusion Material for Arcana due to its effect.
<< Anonymous
K1llua Reply
i think he used King of Swamp for pull out his fusion and thin his deck... might suggest you Skill= Fusion Time from Jaden and Alexis...
This one is better than Tempest
Can it be played with 1 joker instead of 2?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
try it and see how it works
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
absolutely, even if you managed to summon AKJ you probably cant summon another one. Its really hard to summon this bad boy in this game

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