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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 29/03/2019

Hand of the Six Samurai

Hand of the Six Samurai
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeIgnition Effect
ArchetypesSix Samurai
Supports ArchetypesSix Samurai
Related to ArchetypesLegendary Six Samurai


If you control another face-up "Six Samurai" monster: You can Tribute 1 "Six Samurai" monster to target 1 monster on the field; destroy that target.

How to Get / Rarity

PackBlades of Spirits [R]
Warriors Unite [R]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Can destroy your opponent's monster by tributing 1 of your own.
  • Does not require another face-up Six Samurai monster with a different name.
  • Can tribute itself to target a monster.
  • Can use its effect more than once per turn.


  • Requires another face-up Six Samurai monster to enable its effect.
  • Only 1600 attack and low defense.


Since you need another face-up Six Samurai monster on your field, you can easily do that using cards from the same box which are Powerful Rebirth and Copy Knight. They both work for Hand of the Six Samurai's effect. Powerful Rebirth can let you re-use its effect if you tribute itself and have another Six Samurai on your field. Copy Knight can help get Great Shogun Shien to the field to limit your opponent's spell/trap use.

Shien's Footsoldier lets you search for Hand of the Six Samurai from your deck, and since it's a special summon, you only need to normal summon any Six Samurai monster during your turn to activate its effect. Swiftstrike Armor also helps with swarming the field, but it can rely on luck.


Six Samurai



ActionsTributes for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards


Let's quote Alucard from the hellsing abridged version "Ninja Catholic 🔥 Bombers"
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Anonymous Reply
^ what are you talking about you stupid 🔥? nobody is getting your stupid 🔥 point.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, if you don't stop I'm going to make a stinky that smells so bad...
<< Anonymous(NMS)
Box Reply
"Huh, Neat."
Can anyone confirm this :
This card is immune to forbiden chalice if it tribute itself/🔥 since it go to graveyard first then target enemy monster.
I experienced this once but still not sure.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you want to chain Chalice to the targeting, then yes, you cannot, as this card would be in the Graveyard already at that point.

As she is no longer on the field, Chalice is no longer able to target it, and you don't get any chance to chain with Chalice.

You must use Chalice on her when she is still on the field and the player hasn't activate her effect yet.
It's only R(Rare) but why is it so effing hard to get this card, wasted 2000 gems only got 1
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I once went through half a big box just for a freakin' N card.
This cards unlimited tribute to the doom effect makes me such an elite player!! Mwhahaha
whoa damn

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I think he meant the state of duel links as opposed to the scan that is DLM.
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